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Thread: Cornelius Fudge

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sapphire at Dawn

    What are the circumstances in your scenario?

    Sarah x
    I have not thought about it completely; this may even sound stupid. Lets just say, its after the second war. Kingsley has been the minister for many years. His term as a minister is coming to an end and Fudge is eyeing for that position. If he manages to discredit Kingsley, maybe he can have a better chance of becoming the minister.

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    Hmm. I'm not sure that would really work. Fudge is going to be very old by then, would he really want all the stresses that the job would bring that late in life? Also, Fudge as a person would probably have changed too, as people do over many years. He's probably seen how wrong he was and perhaps knows that he's not really the right person for the job. He's had his time in power, and it ended disasterously. No, I see Fudge retiring after the war's finished.

    Sarah x

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