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Thread: Ask a Moderator: Thread Numero Cuatro

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    Marauder by Midnight
    Quote Originally Posted by paddlerpen
    How do you change the title of your thread? I have a banner thread in the banner display forum and when I change the title of the post it doesn't change the title of the thread. Is there something else I need to do? Thanks in advance!
    Only mods can do that. As I understand it, you just need to post on your board if your status has changed and one of the Pixel Court or Haley or a passing mod will change it for you. Or you can PM the mod in charge of the forum you want to change the title of.

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    I have been registered for about a month and have done the sorting hat quiz three weeks ago. But i have not been sorted into a house.
    Please help me.
    love sunshine

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    Marauder by Midnight
    Quote Originally Posted by sunshine
    I have been registered for about a month and have done the sorting hat quiz three weeks ago. But i have not been sorted into a house.
    Please help me.
    love sunshine
    Please be patient since these quizzes are scored by hand by only one or two people. Please remember that there are so many more members on these forums, most of whom haven't been Sorted or scored either.

    Plus, we HoHs have to manually add each user to the House and we're not always online or available to add people on demand.

    All of these things take time.

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    Um, I'm not sure whether this has been asked before here but I just noticed today as I posted that the post count for me has gone down by over 30 posts! Last time I was on (last week I think) it was at 143 I think. what's happening??? Could it just simply be that because everywhere is having a sort of "spring clean" particulary in the summer classes that they have been deleted??? Thanks!!

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    The fifth chapter of my story, This Little Thing Called Love was accepted, but I didn't get a letter. I suppose this is just a glitch?

    GORGEOUS banner by Kat/Mistletoe! Thank you so much!
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    he this isn't a major issue but i've just noticed today that no matter how many posts i write and no matter where i make them my post count doesn't seems to be stuck at 4...any explaination?


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    babekitty - If any threads you've posted in have been hard-deleted, your post count will lower. Another moderator would have to confirm that they deleted threads, because I'm not aware of any large amounts of hard-deleting.

    lily_evans - It might be a glitch, or it might be a mod mistake. Validations are a lot faster than rejections and if you're pulling tedious amounts of modding, the process can get murky sometimes. Either way, a missing validation letter is hardly anything to worry about

    heirof_slytherin -- I checked your posts, you have 12 total, and only 4 of them are in post-counting areas. This is something you would have found in the FAQ.

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    I wanted to write a fic, about a person i remember from the 6th book, i just dont know what his name is. Could you tell me wherei could find this information? thanx

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    Well, I would try checking the actual book, or going to the Minor Characters thread in Madam Pomfrey's Character Clinic in the Canon Characters section and providing information about the character to get a name.

    However, if you're having trouble remembering just the name and haven't been able to find it yourself in the book, I'd recommend doing more studying on the character [and his relationship with Canon] before writing and submitting a story about him.

  10. 08-30-2006, 03:46 AM

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    Question about where to submit a story. I thought of Maurauder's era. Here's what it says:

    stories about Marauders and other Marauder Generation characters [Snape, Lily, etc] taking place prior to Voldemortís first fall, typically set during the Marauderís years at Hogwarts.
    I am working on a one-shot that is from Mad-Eye Moody's point of view, and though the maurauders and Snape make very brief (very brief) appearances, it's mostly Moody and an OC.

    Maurader era or General Fic?

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