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Thread: Ask a Moderator: Thread Numero Cuatro

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    Adritha - You need to PM me about this issue. In general, if the site is logging you out so that you can't read what you're attempting to, the best thing to do is restart your computer. It generally solves the problem for me.

    Sam - The permissions on the forums were changed yesterday to better control the content we allow to be posted. As a registered user you should be able to post, but you are not able to post new threads and in most sections of the boards, your posts will be moderated (meaning a moderator has to read and approve them after you post them). After you are sorted into a house, these control measures loosen. The permissions are a work in progress and you should be able to post moderated threads in the hospital wing as of this morning.

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    Lily Windsor
    Okay, my story got rejected from MNFF for bad formatting. But I made sure that it was perfect when I submitted it. I put a paragraph alighnment after every proper sentence but they said it needs double spacing. I thought that was what I did. Does that mean I need to put two paragraph alignments or did my story just not submit properly?

    I didn't actually realise that we had to use html tags when submitting. But when I submitted my fic, it came up with break (<BR>) tags, which each time I edited added more. Eventually, I managed to get it so that it only had one break tag between each paragraph. Then when I previewed it it looked absolutely fiine. But on the submission page it says we must use paragraph <p> tags.

    So I re-submitted it using <p> tags wrapped around each paragraph, but now the gaps look absolutely massive. There is like three spaces but i'm not sure if that means that it will come up differently when validated because when I submitted it first time there was one gap but they said it was bad formatting so I assume it went through as one large paragraph. Do you think that is correct?

    So should I have put <p> tags because when I submitted it I didn't see <br> tags but in preview mode it looks like it has absolutely massive gaps which is just awful. Do I have to <p> tags every time I submit (it was very tiring) or was that wrong anyway?

    Hope i'm not confusing you.
    Please help me, i'm very confused.

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    The year of my birthday is wrong in my profile. It should be 1993 not 1992. Could a mod please change that for me? That would be great! Thanks for all that you guys do!

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    Vindictus Viridian
    Lily Windsor: I found your question in "General Fanfiction Discussion: Reasons For Rejection" first and answered it there. It's a shorter thread, and hopefully more people who need to know the same thing will find it more easily.

    Kayakwriter: I gave it a try, but it looks like a full-scale site admin will have to do it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by deanine
    Adritha - You need to PM me about this issue. In general, if the site is logging you out so that you can't read what you're attempting to, the best thing to do is restart your computer. It generally solves the problem for me.

    I actually found out what was wrong but thankyou anyways!

    Unfortunatly I have another problem, when I make a post in some sections it doesn't show up... so I may be making double posts just cause it doesn't show the first time... or the second time. I am afraing of trying a third time. The only place I have noticed this so far is in the "What I would really like to see thread II". Any specific reason or is it just me?


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    We have recently made some changes to the way posts are displayed. In public forums all posts are now moderated, which means that a moderator has to read them first before we allow them to be seen.

    I know this is a bit of a pain, but we were geting so much unsuitable and disturbing spam that we had to make the changes to keep the site up to the standards we believe are necessary to make this a family friendly site.
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    Mione Granger

    I didn't have very much time to read through all of the threads so I apologize if I have repeated a question that someone has already asked.

    I may seem kind of daft (though I'm in Ravenclaw, believe it or not!) however, I was just wondering how you gained House Points? From what I know, Ravenclaw is losing pretty sincerely, so I was wondering if there was anything/any way for me, or anyone else in my house to gain points.


    -Mione Granger/Lorayne

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    It's wonderful that you want to help your House out, but the House Cup has been suspended for a short while so we can get back to focusing on other things. However, when it does return, things like participating in challenges and submitting helpful posts will earn you points.

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    Zacko Borni
    Heyyyyyyy! I was wondering when the September challenge would be issued? It's September 6th, for goodness sake!

    Edit: Oh, and on the main MNFF site, if you have the layout set to "founder of Hufflepuff", Helga Hufflepuff's hair looks brown on the top of her head but it has like a blonde curl. Will someone please explain that to me?

    Edit: One last question. What's the point of the dueling club?


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    Missing story

    I was sent an email that chapter 14 of my story always and forever had been validated, but when i came to log in i found my story had been completly gone. It is no longer ont he site and i have been getting numerous emails from readers asking why? If my story was taken off then why was i not notified and why was i told that chapter fourteen was validated.


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