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Thread: Ask a Moderator: Thread Numero Cuatro

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    Quidditch Playa -- the ranks are at random intervals and the post counts are not listed anywhere other than in the system. We'd rather you worry about what you're posting than how many posts you need to go up a rank. The ranks are just for fun

    anangelliam - Your question is answered not only already in this thread, but in the FAQ thread in this forum. Please do not abuse this thread by asking repeat questions.

    Lurid -- if the system allows coding in the author's note, it's fine. The limit on summary coding is because too much formatting makes a list of stories difficult to read, and it is often abused to bring attention to a story in said list. That does not apply to the author's note, and it is perfectly lovely that you would link to your Beta's author page -- asssuming it's an MNFF link, because outside fan-fiction links are not allowed anywhere on the archive.

    As to the song link, that might need to be brought up for discussion. I'll get back to you.

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    This may seem like a strange, yet obvious question...but what are the rules of formatting? I've had chapters that were not approved merely because the formatting was off - specifically because there was only one space instead of two between paragraphs. Since then, I've made sure there were two spaces between each paragraph (more if there's a break in the story).

    I just had a chapter deleted as of this morning, and since I didn't get a notice as to why, I just resubmitted as is, thinking it was a fluke, as that's happened before (it's been beta approved). Now I'm thinking it's because the mod who reviewed it didn't like the formatting. I was browsing through the newly approved stories in my section (H/G/Hr/R romance) and noticed that every one of them has only one line between paragraphs. Still other stories approved recently have far more than two spaces (more like four or five).

    So, here's my question - does each mod have their own preferances for how many lines go between the paragraphs? I though two was the the requirement (as was told to me by a mod, and on these boards) but there doesn't seem to be any strict adhesion to this rule. I just want to do it right so I can get my chapter approved.


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    Feel mildly silly asking this, as I know with the recent hacking there was some trouble with the queue, but I've had a story (The Influence of Wolfsbane) in queue for almost a week and was wondering how backed up the queue is, as I have some chapters for another story that I'd like to submit.

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    I'm sorry to be a bother. I'll make do, and thanks for the help. And actually, I'm not too anxious about getting my results back; I'm just so anal that I like to know exactly what will happen with anything before it happens, lol. I'll be okay, though. My sympathies and thanks to songbook99 as well! All by hand! *shakes head*

    Also, my post count is at zero. Is that because I haven't been posting in areas where it counts? (I saw that it happened to another user who posted about it in this thread, and that was what the answer was). And how exactly do you edit reviews? Deanine mentioned it in one reply, but I can not for the life of me figure out how to do that! Thanks for taking the time to answer.

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    Julybug-- The rules of formatting are in the Submission Rules. There's a link to these on the main Mugglenet Fan Fiction page. (Right now, they're also linked in my signature.)

    There must be one blank line after each paragraph. We require this because it makes reading things on a computer screen 10,000 times easier. It is possible that you've been rejected for too many blank lines between paragraphs, but...unlikely. The reason that you see some stories with many blank lines between paragraphs is that we have a bug in the code that inserts line breaks when people edit their fics. As far as I know, that's being worked on.

    Remember that beta-approved and mod-approved are two different things. You might try finding a second beta reader. If you are rejected again and receive no letter, post in the thread in the Questions forum called "I didn't get a rejection letter."

    anAnochronism-- While the mods try to get to fics as soon as they can, sometimes fics are in the queue for a week or slightly more. I know it can be difficult, but try to be patient.

    Grey Lady-- Indeed, you haven't been posting where the posts "count." The forums in the Hospital Wing is a good place to look if you'd like to increase your post count.

    I'm not really sure if members can edit reviews. If you can, they would only be the reviews that you leave for other members. Look for a link at the end of your review that says "Edit." If that link isn't there, then editing, unfortunately, isn't something you can do.

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    This isn't about the forum specifically, but more about the fanfic section.

    I was following a link to a lost and found story and I really like some of the authors work I wanted to read more but the other two fics say I can't read them unless I am a registered user, then it asks for my username and password, I have given both and even requested an email for a new password... nothing has happened and it still says that my password isn't a match to the one in the database... Is there somewhere else I need to register as well to read these fics?


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    Banner size

    I'm not really sure if this belongs here, as it's not a question specifically for a moderator. But I'll ask it anyway for now.

    I have a beautiful banner (that can be seen in my signature) and I absolutely adore it. However, I would like to add a second banner to my siggy, and want to make this one smaller - I did not foresee this problem when I requested the banner and said size didn't matter.

    Anyway, I'd hate to have to bug lainie xox again, so if anyone knows how I can change this myself, it would be great. By the way, I use Photobucket, if that matters.


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    I have sent you a PM regarding this question.

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    Double-posted Reviews

    Hi. It's me again.
    Firstly, I'd like to thank Asphyxiated for replying to my question!
    Secondly, I'd like to ask how to deal with double-posted reviews. I know this question has been asked before, but the answer seemed to be "just hit delete" and this isn't working for me. I just get a blank screen when I try that and the review stays. Since I have the bad habit of clicking "back" too much (I try not to, but then I just forget!) this is a big problem for me.
    Thanks in advance,

    Edit: Whoops, should have just edited the last post!! Forgot I was supposed to do that, and don't know how to delete a post. I'm really sorry if this causes anyone any inconvinience!

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    Every time I try to post in a forum, I get a message that says I can't view that page! It started when I was trying to post in the OC forum. What's going on?

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