Quidditch Playa -- the ranks are at random intervals and the post counts are not listed anywhere other than in the system. We'd rather you worry about what you're posting than how many posts you need to go up a rank. The ranks are just for fun

anangelliam - Your question is answered not only already in this thread, but in the FAQ thread in this forum. Please do not abuse this thread by asking repeat questions.

Lurid -- if the system allows coding in the author's note, it's fine. The limit on summary coding is because too much formatting makes a list of stories difficult to read, and it is often abused to bring attention to a story in said list. That does not apply to the author's note, and it is perfectly lovely that you would link to your Beta's author page -- asssuming it's an MNFF link, because outside fan-fiction links are not allowed anywhere on the archive.

As to the song link, that might need to be brought up for discussion. I'll get back to you.