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Thread: Moving General Fanfic Chatter

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    Moving General Fanfic Chatter

    I don't think that the board General Fanfic Chatter should belong in the Hospitial Wing. That board is mostly for improving fanfiction. The board isn't really improving anything, if it is, then the title is misleading. Instead, the board is more suited for the Burrow, maybe even the Ministrey of Magic.
    If anything of the info is wrong, please tell me.

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    I agree with you. I think that the board should be moved to Hogwarts and Beyond. In that section, most of the stuff is fun, and since that sort of goes hand in hand with The Room of Requirement, it would be an ideal resting place.


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    The correct title of that forum is General Fanfiction Discussion and I think that probably does it more justice that it's subtitle.

    We have always taken a view that there should be a place in the Hospital Wing for anything that might fall through the net of the other forums. Some of the discussions in there have been truly enlightening and contributed a great deal to people's writing. There are threads for dialogue and rejection errors etc which most definately are Hospital Wing issues. I think the notion that it should be a kick-back area for fun and relaxation is not quite the intention of that forum and as such it really should stay where it is. Hate to use the ain't broke don't fix it cliche, but I think this could be one of those instances in which the cliche is justified.

    I completely understand why you would make the suggestion, but we have always tried to keep Hogwarts and Beyond to a minimum to avoid spam issues. Gen Discussion being where it is helps with that. Hope that clarifies our position.
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