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Thread: Eliminate Slash Warning

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    Huh, I never thought about it this way.

    I fully support Inverarity's argument, but I cannot see a sane way for the mods to change the warning. I know many people who have a serious problem with homosexuality, and a few who read MNFF. For the mods to take away that warning, no matter how offensive it is, could bother a lot of people.

    Does anybody have any suggestions for how we can get rid of the 'warning' label same-sex pairings have been put under but still make it obvious to the reader that it is there?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Inverarity
    1. "Politically incorrect" is a very mild way of describing the labeling of homosexuality in the same way you describe rape and murder and drug abuse. Yes, I understand you want to "respect everyone," but there are probably people who hate (insert ethnic group here), and would like to see a "warning" telling them that a story is about someone from that ethnic group. I cannot imagine that you'd even consider catering to that wish, would you? By making homosexuality a "warning," you are officially endorsing, as a MNFF policy, the view of homosexuals as an undesirable group. Are you sure that's what you want your official policy to be?
    Then what you are saying is that MNFF is also saying that sex and not sticking to canon are as bad as rape or murder. That;s not the purpose of the warning feature. It;s not in order to say this story is bad, stay away. The warning are there so that you can judge whether or not to read the story. Yes, rape and murder can be a no-no for some people. And so can a gay relationship. I don;t think you need to label it for a passing comment of "oh, yes, didn;t I tell you? I'm gay." It's meant for fics where some of the more major characters are caught kissing.

    Personally, I have no issue with the homosexuals. To each his own. But I also know a lot of people who just see the hint of a kiss in a movie and they freak. The same would apply to reading about it in whatever form.

    And you know what, yes, I find it rather odd that I have to warn people that a person dies in my story,because if it's in D/A then it's dark one way or the other, and you're going to know people who die in your real life as well. But I also know that when I have a romance fic, then yes, I do need to warn people that it is going to be dark, and somebody is going to die, because even I get sick of reading dark fics sometimes, and sometimes a death will just tip you over the edge.

    It;s not being against Homosexuality, or about being homophobic. It;s simply about telling the reader what's in the starter/

    So don;t consider it a warning. Consider it whatever you want to consider it. But I do believe that it should stay there as a "warning".


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    Interesting discussion.

    I agree with those before me that have said that labelling a homosexual relationship with a warning just for being homosexual is politically incorrect and insulting. If it was labelled as such for explicit sexual content then that would be a different kettle of fish entirely.

    Now, I realise the point I'm about to make might provoke a bit of an argument, but it's my personal opinion, and a new slant to the discussion, so I might as well mention it...

    I like having the warning there. For me, it's got absolutely nothing to do with the fact that a story contains a homosexual relationship - I have no problem with gay relationships as apposed to straight ones. My problem comes from the fact that I simply cannot imagine any of the main canon characters in JK's world being gay (excepting, of course, Dumbledore). I'm perfectly fine with gay relationships among OC's or relatively minor characters that haven't been developed in canon. However, as a stickler for canon fiction, and someone who cannot stand OOCness, it bothers me to read a fic that had a blatantly straight charcater in canon acting, to me, OOC - gay - if I have nothing to warn me about it first.

    (Before I get some howlers, though, I want to credit the authors on this site. I'm not trying to give offense, imply your fics are in any way badly written or that your characters are OOC - my opinions come from a lot of experience on other fansites, and I speak as I find. I have never actually ventured into the mugglenet slash archives, but from past experience, I appreicate being warned about impending slash.)

    Then again, Harry/Hermione or Hermione/Malfoy relationships upset me for exactly the same reason and we don't have a warning for these pairings - we have, instead, separate categories. As someone else pointed out, maybe this, then, is the answer?

    (EDIT): I have actually just checked the submission page to check I wasn't talking complete and utter rubbish... and it turns out I am (shows you how much I know!) There is a separate category for same-sex pairings. I would assume, therefore, that any stories that are primarily a romance-slash pairing will go straight into this category, dispensing with the need for a warning in the first place.

    Therefore, it's only really the stories containing a side-pairing or mention of slash that need the warning attached... is this really enough to require the warning?

    On the other hand, I also agree strongly with butter_beer_drinker... any publicity is good publicity after all, so it may not be prudent to argue about a warning that is going to get your story read by someone who loves a slash pairing

    Just my two cents...

    ~Rhi x

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    I was under the impression that threads in the suggestions forum were not to be used for discussion and that once a mod had posted in the thread (in this case Abbi - babekitty_92) that should be the end of it.

    Quote Originally Posted by Roxy Black
    I am fed up with the discussions on all of these suggestions. They are suggestions and will be discussed and decided upon by the moderators. If the moderators reply and answer the suggestion, that should be the end of discussion.
    Everyone has their own opinions on this issue so shouldn't we just leave it to the mods now.

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    Hi coolh5000,

    Congratulations! I didn't realize you'd become a moderator!

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    I'm going to jump in here because I have a few things to say.

    First and foremost, the bottom-line is that the Slash warning is necessary. Period. And I highly doubt the mods will put much consideration into getting rid of it. Whether you like it or not, some people are uncomfortable with reading any sort of slash, whether its a mention or a blantant fic. For their sake, I think its fair that it stays. And personally, I feel like the warning is there to tell about the content of the fic, not necessarily that its warning against the same-sex parings themselves. If that makes sense. lol.

    Quote Originally Posted by Inverarity
    If I write a story about John and his girlfriend, do I need to put a Sexual Situations warning on it if they never do more than kiss? No.
    [cough] Um, yes you would. Technically speaking, that is a sexual situation and you should put a warning. I know I have. The one Sirius/Lily fic I have up only goes as far as kissing, but I put the Sexual Situations warning up.

    Quote Originally Posted by Inverarity
    ]Frankly, I refuse to do that. Because as we've already seen from some of the responses here, a lot of people assume that "slash" == "gay porn." The current policy encourages people to make this association.
    I have to say, I'm a little offended by this. I don't have any problems with homosexual relationships, but reading them is just not an interest of mine. And I have to say that when I see 'slash' I don't at all assume 'gay porn' -- especially for a Genfic. Quite frankly, a lot of stories are 'missing' warnings, and that's at the author's discretion. If you don't want to put the warning, then don't. You don't have to do anything (unless the mods say, of course). But if its in the category, I don't see a need for a warning. And if its genfic, if its slightly minor then you probably don't need it. If its heading toward obvious, then maybe you do.

    Quote Originally Posted by Inverarity
    there are cultures that think Harry Potter is evil in the first place because it endorses witchcraft. There are cultures that would find the behavior of many of the characters (particularly the females) immoral. Going out in public uncovered? Working independently? There are cultures that would find Harry/Cho and George/Angelina's interracial relationships offensive.
    I see what you mean here, but honestly? I highly doubt that any person on a HARRY POTTER site is going to have huge problems with Harry Potter or George/Angelina and whatnot. And if they do, they can just avoid it. Its not that hard, really.

    Quote Originally Posted by Inverarity
    Yes, I understand you want to "respect everyone," but there are probably people who hate (insert ethnic group here), and would like to see a "warning" telling them that a story is about someone from that ethnic group.
    Honestly, I really don't think you can equate these two subjects. The fact is that, yes, there are some people that still believe this. BUT, as far as racial inequality goes, we gotten much closer to acceptance. I hate to say it, I really do, but I don't think we've come as far on the subject of homosexuality. At least from where I'm standing. I don't know, maybe its different for different people. We all live in different parts of the world, after all. I live in a pretty liberal accepting place, so maybe other places aren't the same. Its all a matter of opinion and belief, which is why I think the warning is legit.

    My personal opinion is that yes, it is a bit offensive. But on the other hand, did you ever consider that some people may find that you are being offensive to their beliefs and want of the warning? [shrugs] The thing is, this is a sensitive topic and not everyone will agree. There is no reason to attack the people that don't. I still think the warning stays.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Inverarity
    Hi coolh5000,

    Congratulations! I didn't realize you'd become a moderator!
    You are out of line. Please be nice. Hannah wasn't trying to act like a moderator; she was actually saying that the moderators (i.e. a group that does not include her) should decide what should happen now. She's just trying to be helpful and that is not something that deserves your condemnation.

    We will take all of your thoughts into consideration. Thank you.


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    Thank you all for your input. Perhaps the "warnings" are a bit vague, and we should look at clarifying ALL of them - what warrants a sexual situations tag, what deserves mental disorders, and what should be tagged as a same sex pairing. The mods will take this into consideration, and discussion has already begun on that side.

    I'm locking this thread now. Anyone who has any other concerns or comments which add to this discussion, may privately PM a mod.


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