Well, luinrina (Bine), cirelondiel (Chelsea) and I had a discussion in the Badger Bar today, about a warning for murder, and here are some points:

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And I just thought of something I forgot to write about when I answered the warnings TQ. What about a Murder warning? We have warnings for Suicide specifically and Character Death in general - but I'm sure some people might be okay with reading a fic where someone dies naturally, but not a fic which features murder. Hmm.
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nods* Makes sense. Maybe someone will one day write a thriller fanfic or something... *babbles* I agree with you, Chels. Some fics might/do have scenes with Death Eaters murdering someone. Character Death in my opinion is too weak as a warning then. Hmm...
I can't help but agree with them. Murder is something that all readers may not be prepared for, and just Character Death is insufficient, sometimes. My own fic, Killer Instincts will have scenes of murder and as the banner says it all, they won't be pretty.

So... I just wondered if we should have a 'murder' warning in the list?

Thank you.