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Thread: Snape songfic up for grabs! - ADOPTED

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    Snape songfic up for grabs! - ADOPTED

    Characters involved: Snape, Lily*, Snape’s parents*
    Mood of plot bunny: Dark, wistful
    Plot line: A one-shot songfic to the tune of “Breakaway” by Kelly Clarkson. This song is just perfect for Snape, I think. You can do it centered on one event of his life, or it could cover many. Your choice!
    Other details: Putting up for adoption because I couldn’t make it long enough to submit, no matter how much I tried.

    *Possibly, could fit them in or leave them out.

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    I've never considered this song for Snape before, but now that you mention it, I can see it totally suits him.
    I don't have much written about Snape, but this would give me a good start into the area of fanfiction.
    I would love to adopt this bunny, and I should hopefully have it written and betaed by the first week in January if you let me adopt this bunny!

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    Yay! Teh bunny hath found a home! Enjoy writing it!


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    As no story has yet developed from this bunny and the adopting user has left MNFF, this story is once again up for adoption. If it has not been claimed within one month, it will be deleted.

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    Hey, M_W - I think this would be a great project to take up in my quest to perfect my Snape characterisation, but I have a couple of queries:

    Do I have to have the lyrics in the fic?
    Do I have to base it on the whole song? Because I'm thinking I'd work better with just the first few stanzas/verses.



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    It really doesn't matter to me whether or not you use all of the lyrics or even include them. It's not my story anymore, so you have free reign.


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