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    A New Fanfiction

    Hi, I am writting a fanfiction for Mugglenet, but am using the magic's from a TV Drama called Charmed. And Harry will gain an endless stream of magic powers making him the most powerful studednt to have stepped foot in Hogwarts. These powers will help him defend himself against any one or thing trying to kill him and Voldemort. Voldemort cannot be destroyed cause of the Horocuxe's and soon discover's of Harry's new powers and there will be a terrible twist in the plot.

    The book of shadows controlls Harry as it turnes into a gold light and goes into Harry's body giving him the power to Apparate in a blue swirl of lights, he has a blue bubble forcefield to protect himself with and so on. Someone did say that it would be too much powers for one person, but then again Wyatt from Charmed had a long list of powers.

    I am just wondering if I would beable to write this story using Charmed magic. I have already started this fanfiction and someone mentioned that the book of shadows did not look out of place. So if i could do that with the book then i could do that with the magics?

    Please let me know as i amwanting to write my story.

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    It sounds interesting, but Mugglenet really doesn't allow crossover stories. The arcives are about as strict Harry Potter Canon as you can get.

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    In addition to these powers constituting a Crossover, I would also advise against bestowing all these powers on him because I think that defeats the whole purpose of Harry Potter to begin with, both the character and the series as a whole. Remember that Harry never had any extraordinary powers, and was nothing more than an average wizard, yet he faced an enemy far more powerful and terrible than he. The only advantage Harry had in the fight against Voldemort was the strength of his character and the help of his closest friends. I believe that by giving Harry multiple exotic powers, the whole point of the story of good struggling to overcome an overwhelming evil is pretty much rendered impotent.

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    Hi, my story will still follow canon, but Harry will have amnesia and somehow managed to have gained the powers. Throughout the story he will mostly use the Apparation, forcefield, blow some things up. With Dumbledore busy worrying about the Horucuxes, he also has to worry about Harry's amnesia and strange new powers making it take longer for him to search for the Horucuxes. Also Voldemort manages to dent Harry's forcefield. With Harry having amnesia he doesn't know who to trust .

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    The problem is, it's still cliché. Harry loosing amnesia, gaining new powers... many author's have written about it.

    If you really want to bring in some new powers for Harry, make it less obvious it's from Charmed. Try to come up with some special powers of your own, something completely new. Even try to replace the Book of Shadows with another object that could bestow power(s) on Harry. Make it completely new and unheard of on MNFF.

    Good luck.

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