To complete the set for Bill's children, here's a thread for Louis Weasley!

Now, for some questions to ponder...

How old do you think Louis is, as the time of the Epilogue? In what year was he born?

What do you think Louis looks like?

Personally, I like to think that Louis inherited all of Fleur's Veela traits, so he looks like a Veela with silvery hair and such, but just male! Let's face it. There HAS to be male Veelas even if they've never been mentioned, because pure Veelas would have just died out otherwise (unless they just spontaneously generate). But I digress...

What do you think his personality would be like? What influence would being Bill and Fleur's only male child have on him?

What house do you think Louis was sorted in?

Do you think Louis would speak French?

That's all the questions I could think of. Cheerio!

Tim the Enchanter