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Thread: Wolfsbane Potion

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    squirrly donut

    Wolfsbane Potion

    They are experimenting with Wolfsbane in my fic. Any ideas on ingredients, brewing times/procedures? There's not much about it in the books so I thought I'd just ask around for opinions. My current ideas: moonstone, ginger, and fluxweed.

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    I don't know much about chemistry or potions, no less, but if there's any ingredient that should be in the Wolfsbane potion, it should be...


    This is a flowering plant called Aconitum, Aconite, Monkshood, and various other names, one of which is Wolfsbane. This plant is supposedly toxic and repellent to werewolves, so I'd imagine that if the potion has too much of it, it would poison poor Remus (who I presume your fic is about), and no one wants that, do we?

    Tim the Enchanter

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    Wolfsbane is obviously the main ingrediant to the potion but as Tim said, its toxic, so maybe you should find an ingrediant to lower its potency. Maybe look for an ingrediant mentioned in a anti-poison potion.

    Ingrediants in it could be:

    mustard seed
    Manedrake root

    Good luck with your fic.


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    Hello! I would like to offer some help since I've done this in one of my classes....
    The following ingredients can be used:
    Armadillo Bile,
    Mice Liver,
    Deer Marrow,
    Salamander Blood.

    For further reference I guess you can check out the Alchemy Class thread.
    Good luck with your fic!

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    squirrly donut
    yip, thanks. I now have a near complete ingredients list from the look of it. brewing will be easy. Just some random hard crap. And yes, it is for Remus (sort of). He's a sort of tester monkey for my main OFC.

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