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Thread: How exactly do patronus messages work?

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    How exactly do patronus messages work? exactly do patronus messages work? Jo started using them in a believe Book 5 or 6 (not too sure) but how does everyone think they work?

    Do they actually come up the person the message is for and talk to them? But wouldn't that mean the whole room would hear the message?

    And while we are at it, what do you guys think Remus's patronus would be?



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    She actually started using them in Goblet of Fire, in that scene with Harry and Krum talking in front of the Forbidden Forest...

    This is something that hasn't been made clear in the books, and it is up to us to take it how we like. I, personally used to believe that it went up to the person and talked to them, but as you said, that would mean lavk of secrecy.

    I'll come back with my views later, I really have to go now.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Riham
    Do they actually come up the person the message is for and talk to them? But wouldn't that mean the whole room would hear the message?
    Desn't that happen in DH? Kingsley's patronus warns the whole wedding party that the Ministry had fallen and that Death Eaters were coming. And then when Arthur's patronus goes to Ron, Harry and Hermione hear it too.

    I think that the person conjures the patronus and there's another spell that makes it have the message. But that's just my personal belief.

    Hm, Remus' patronus... I like to think that it might have been a wolf, but then again he might have desperately not wanted to have it be that as it might be one of those things he really doesn't want to think about.
    Again, just my personal thoughts.

    Hope this helps! :]

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    Yes, in DH we see Patronuses addressing multiple people. So their voices can be heard by anyone nearby.

    Can a Patronus "whisper"? Can a Patronus be sent to whisper into a specific individual's ear? That we don't know. I think the answer would be no, in general, though perhaps someone could specifically practice doing that with their Patronus, if they're really, really good.

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    Thanks everyone. I've decided that the patronus would just go up to the person and talk to them only since I can't have the whole room listen in my story. Thanks for the ideas everyone


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