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    How long are each of the Holidays, and when are they.

    I mean, I know the Summer goes for two months, July and August.

    Is Christmas two weeks? Is Easter two weeks?

    I'm from Australia, so I have no idea about the English holiday system. The Easter holidays always seem to be skimmed over in the books. I can never figure out how long the Hogwarts holidays are.

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    Two weeks is probably about right for the Hogwarts Christmas and Easter holidays. That's about what British State schools get at the moment.

    However Hogwarts get a longer summer break than our states schools (8 weeks as opposed to 6) and is more in keeping with the Private school system. Also Hogwarts students don't get half term where they get a week off in the middle of term.

    When Harry and Co. return to HW after one Christmas at the Burrow it's mentioned that they return a few days after New Year so I'd say 3rd or 4th.

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