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Thread: How Young Can Hogwarts Professers Be?

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    How Young Can Hogwarts Professers Be?

    Can somebody help me with this please? I'm trying to plan out who all of my professors are in my post-hogwarts story. I want to try and put Teddy Lupin in as Transfiguration professor when he's about 22 or 23 years old, but I'm not sure if this is too young. He will of course, be very bright in that subject and might get in because Harry Potter is his godfather and Remus Lupin is his father.

    I know Tom Riddle tried to apply when he was eighteen and was told to try again in a few years.... I'm not sure though. Help?


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    I don't think Riddle applied when he was 18. He'd been out of Hogwarts for a few years when he came to Dumbledore and applied for the DADA position.

    I've seen fanfics with Hogwarts professors (usually Harry or Teddy) as young as 18, but I think that's pretty unlikely, myself. How could someone who just graduated last year be ready to teach? However, I think someone in his or her early 20s might be considered a suitable candidate if they have excellent qualifications. We don't have any evidence that the wizarding world has any schools of education where wizards go to learn how to be teachers, so presumably professors are chosen based on their expertise -- they certainly aren't chosen based on their pedagogical ability!

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    Well, you could always take Neville as an example. We know he was a professor 19 years after the War, meaning that he was 36. We don't exactly know how long he's had the position for but I would be guessing a few years since he obviously taught James before. And Jo said in an interview that he actually worked as a an Auror for awhile before he took his position at Hogwarts. So I'm sure that if he got to work an an Auror at such a young age, then I think anyone can get a job at Hogwarts young


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    I think that Dumbledore would permit all sorts of things to occur if he saw a neccessity to it. He had to have known that Hagrid was getting a raw deal and protected him, and I think he would have done the same for others. I feel that there could be circumstances that would be compelling to him that would allow him to hire wizards of barely out of school age, beyond the scope of basic competency.

    Edit: Umm, of course Dumbledore was long dead by the time Teddy Lupin reached his majority, but the same spirit would live on.

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    Well, without my books in front of me, I'm going a bit off the cuff, but hadn't Snape been a professor since he confessed to Dumbledore? I seem to recall at one point (I think in Spinner's End) someone asked why he'd stayed at Hogwarts the past sixteen years. If he became a professor in 1979 (the year in which Lily was pregnant) or even 1980 (the year Harry was born), and Snape was born 1959 or 1960, then he would have been at most 20 or 21 when he was appointed as Potions Master.

    However, I think this is probably the exception rather than the rule.

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    The other thing to look at is that it would be very awkward to be a professor of people who can remember you as a student. The less time out of school, the more of those there will be. This may explain a lot about the Snapeish teaching style, since he joined the staff young enough for a few people possibly to remember the de-pantsing incident by the lake.

    So the other question is, how mean to your professor do you want to be? Though in Neville's case, he'd probably be remembered as seriously cool for his seventh-year activities.

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    Thanks to everyone. You've given me a lot of things to consider. I think I know where I want to go with this idea. However, the board is still open to more disscusion and I will keep checking in. ^^


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    Well, take it that Severus' birth date is January 9th, 1960, and that he went to Dumbledore in late 1980 or early 1981, around the time Harry was born or afterwards, he was about 21 when he started teaching. I do have to agree though that this was probably an 'exception' case. But, it might be possible to start teaching around 22 or 23, but most likely 24 or 25 would be better.


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    I have a thought - what about some sort of apprenticeship-type deal? If there is a student that wants to teach, maybe they shadow a professor of a lower-age class. Then they get the experience and a general idea of what teaching at Hogwarts is like, plus the headmaster knows that they're interested and it'll probably look good on a resumé. :]

    I'm thinking of using this in a fic, does it seem like a plausible system?

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    I think the shadowing idea seems entirely possible. I think something to consider would be whether there are teaching classes or training that a teacher would be expected to complete. If this is the case I think that age 19 or even 18 would be appropriate for a teacher to begin a career at Hogwarts. In the Muggle world teachers go to college where they are required to student teach to gain experience, which is why I would agree with a teaching apprenticeship. Then teachers are able to teach right out of college. So, I think that it would depend on how long you think it would take for teachers to be trained.


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