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Thread: Do the teachers know about the curse on the DADA position?

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    Do the teachers know about the curse on the DADA position?

    Because I think even the teachers would be a little curious about why the position needed to be filled every year. I haven't read Deathly Hallows in a while, so I'm not sure if it was answered in the book.

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    I believe there was rumored to be a curse (though I'm pretty sure it wasn't public knowledge that it was Voldemort who was supposedly responsible). It's one of the reasons Dumbledore had such trouble filling the position.

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    I don't think they'd be told "Hey,there's a curse on the DADA position.",but I think they'd guess,considering.

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    I don't believe that there ever really was a curse on the position; it was just something that was rumoured to be 'jinxed' or whatever because the teachers taking up the post never stayed long.

    Only two of the professors was lost due Lord Voldemort, which were Quirell and the imposter Moddy. Lockhart lost his memory, Remus left because of his condition, Umbridge was driven out (and into madness for a time), and then Snape was given the job in HBP. The rest of the professors during DH were placed by Voldemort, yes, but it says nothing of a 'cursed' or 'jinxed' job after the war is over.

    It was just a superstition. I doubt any of the other professors truly believed the position to be cursed. It was more a coincidence than anything else. The professors all knew why the position had to be renewed each year, I would think as the whole school always nearly knew.

    Hope that helps some.

    EDIT: However, I was just discussing this with a friend and I am now unsure if the curse existed or not. Although, I would think that most of the teachers would be under the impression that it was a mere coincedence or just how things had played out. Most wouldn't believe the rumors of a curse or something as they would probably take it for nonesense.

    EDIT 2: Okay, that makes sense, and I think I remember that now. Thanks!!


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    Yes, I do believe that they know about it. The students themselves realized (as Ron said in HBP) that the position was somehow jinxed. I'm sure the teachers, who have been at Hogwarts far longer than the students have, have figured it out also. They're not stupid. And maybe a couple of them even asked Dumbledore about it. I don't think that it was some huge secret that he was trying to keep away from everyone.


    EDIT: Haylee, while the book did not directly state that a curse was put on the position, Harry, while seeing the memory, said that he say Voldemort's hand twitched toward his pocket and his wand and then Dumbledore, after the memory was over, told Harry that no one was able to keep the DADA position for more than a year. If you just put these two things together, then you get the curse

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    I hardly think they are told that there is a curse, yet there are sure to be rumours. And those rumours would probably seem true, looking at precedent.

    Haylee- I think the job was really cursed. *points to Riham's post* Adding to that, after Voldemort's death, I think professors stayed on for more than just one year.


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    Rowling also said, in an interview, that "the curse was broken" after Voldemort died. She might or might not have meant a literal curse.

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