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Thread: Sirius' inheritance

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    Sirius' inheritance


    Do you think Sirius inherited a lot of money from his uncle?I don't have my books with me now, so I can't check myself, but does it say anywhere how much he got? I mean, we can only guess he had plenty, since he bought Harry the firebolt (which was expensive, if I remember correctly?) and he got his own place right after he left Hogwarts...hmmm.

    What do you think? Do you think it is possible that he struggled to make ends meet? Or do you think he was as wealthy as James who inhereted his parents' money and (apparently) didn't need to work ?

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    I think he was possibly quite wealthy. His Uncle Alphard had no dependents to leave his money to so left it all to Sirius. He was able to get his own place and a motorbike.

    I guess there might not have been much left after that, but he must have had a fair bit if he could get the Firebolt. I doubt he struggled like Remus did.


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    Yeah, I'm pretty sure he'd have enough to live off of. After all, he spent quite a bit of his life in Azkaban, so his money just sat there unused...

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