Yes, this is the brand, spanking new RUSSIAN Language and Culture Help thread, if you were wondering!

Now, I am starting this thread because I had an idea for a story, of which I wrote a short passage in the Excerpts of Murtlap thread. Anyway, this story idea is about an exceedingly paranoid Joseph Stalin and his rather inharmonious relationship with the wizarding world.

I have a very basic understanding of the Cyrillic alphabet, but I know almost nothing about the language and most aspects of Russian culture, which is why I'm starting this thread!

So, here are some questions I'd like to know the answers to...

What would the Russian Minister for Magic be called? I just called him the "Boyar of Magic," but I was wondering if anyone had any better ideas. Preferably, I'd like a title that Joseph Stalin (being a staunch communist) would treat with disdain.

What do Russians think of Georgians, the place of Stalin's birth?

And how do Russians see Ukrainians? And vise-versa?

What are some good Russian insults, and their translations? Having them in Cyrillic letters too would be lovely.

What does Russian spoken with Georgian accent sound like?

Similarly, how does Russian spoken in a Ukrainian accent differ from "normal" Russian?

What are some typical Russian meals?

Where would the Russian wizarding world's version of Diagon Ally be? Moscow or in Saint Petersburg (Leningrad)?

What do Russians say and do (like shake hands?) when they greet each other?

How do Russian names work?

That's all the questions I have at the moment for any of you Russian speakers out there, and thanks in advance for any answers. Cheerio!

Tim the Enchanter