First Place:
That Which Makes Us Stronger by celipsis of Hufflepuf
celipsis wrote a lovely drabble that's not only emotionally riveting, but integrates the 'tea' as a central aspect but doesn't stand out too much. In addition, celipsis used an interesting POV that wasn't used by anyone else. It definitely made the drabble stand out.

Second Place:
The Perfect Remedy by Azhure of Ravenclaw
Azhure made good use of the prompt by continually bringing back the focus of Snape's and Dumbledore's POV to the cup of tea or the tea itself. It also addresses the aspects of the quote given as a prompt rather subtly.

Third Place:
A Good Cup of Tea by cirelondiel of Hufflepuff
This short and ighthearted drabble was quite whimsical; while it solely focuses on the quote it is rather enjoyable to read. Lovely work!

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