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Thread: Slytherin/Gryffindor dating.

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    Slytherin/Gryffindor dating.

    I need some hep with a fic I'm working on.
    How would a male Slytherin and a female Gryffindor start dating?
    I've been trying to figure it out for a while, but I'm a little stumped.
    The girl is a friend of the Marauders, and the boy is a Slytherin, but he isn't into Dark Arts and he doesn't fit in with other Slytherins. So they keep meeting in secret, until eventually, their cover is blown.

    Any ideas anyone?
    Thanks in advance!

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    How about they were paired up for a team work project in a class? They had to work together and started getting to know each other a bit. In the end, they could have agreed on that they were getting along well and start meeting on a personal level as well, with the result that they are dating.

    Or they shared a table in the library when studying for a test? Or the girl has been humiliated by other students, and the boy tries to console her?

    Hope that helps a bit,

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    How about her Marauder buddies perform some prank on him and it goes hopelessly wrong and she picks him up, dusts him off, and nature takes its course?

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    If you want to avoid the cliches with this sort of pairing, I'd leave the Marauders out of it. Maybe she's walking down the hall and drops her book and the boy picks it up and says 'oh, I've read this' or something like that? I honestly think that your best shot is making them meet by chance. Maybe neither of them are into Quidditch and they're in the library during the match, or she sees his grade on a certain paper and says 'oh, that's pretty good for ____'s class' or what have you. If the two are not prejudiced enough to have a Gryffindor/Slytherin relationship, I think the best way to start said relationship is by one of them just starting a conversation with the other. Maybe they're a bit frosty at first and not completely open to each other [which I think is the most realistic way to approach this] but I like seeing stories where two people, no matter who they are come together in a natural way. As much fun as it is when two people who hate each other are thrown together... we've all seen that before. I think it would be interesting if one of them actually took the initiative to approach the other.


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    Maybe they could get to know each other without knowing what houses they are in, or like Lily and Severus knew each other before Hogwarts.

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    I always enjoy the "Locked in Classroom Together for a night" cliche. Try it out!

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    I don't really like any of the ideas. (No offense). They just seem a bit cliche and if you like them, that's fantastic, but if you're looking for something more original, you can try a more realistic approach.

    Sometimes relationships don't bud from "the" meeting. Sometimes, especially when you go to the same school, you always know about a person, but only in a name basis and know of their existance not actually meeting. This could have been the situation. Or maybe the boy had affection for the girl (or vis versa) and they either admired from afar or attempted to strike up a friendship just to be near them. Their reaction would depend on their personalities and whether or not they have a prejudice.

    Maybe one of the Gryths friends can mention how the Slyth boy is kind of cute. And she can be "Oh, him. I never thought of him like that." Attraction would grow and etc, and eventually one of them would ask the other out and she would finally agree. You know, in a normal regular way.

    It might not be that exciting, but in this slow progression it's almost more logical. However, it all depends on your personal taste and what you want for your story.

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    The first thing that popped into my head was working in a team thing but Bine already said it. I think its a great idea if a teacher pairs them up to work together in class. That way, they will both stay IC because it was not their choice to be paired up yet at the same time, they will have the chance to talk and in the process, get to know each other.

    Another idea that just popped up is a masquerade ball. They didn't know each others identities when they started talking/dancing but they really liked each other and found out each others identities later. Of course, this will take more time and effort to write than the first idea but I do love reading about masquerade balls. And if you're story is heading in a romantic idea, then I think I masquerade ball is the perfect idea to start it off

    Hope my ideas gave you some help


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    They could both be members of a club, like Gobstones or something.

    Or perhaps they meet by chance somewhere outside Hogwarts like Diagon Alley or on holiday. So he sees how different she is away from the Marauders and she sees that he's not like the DE slyths.


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    Maybe a love at first sight situation but not fully . The Maruaders have been teasing a Slytherin boy who up untill now the girl has not bothered with. However one day after a particularly horrible prank, she scolds them telling them it was not funny. She helps the boy up and realizes hes the one however he sees her as a freindly Gryffindor girl.

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