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Thread: Auror Academy - Housing for Recruits

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    Auror Academy - Housing for Recruits

    For this plot bunny I'm working with, I need to know if the Auror Academy has housing for the eager recruits and I was wondering how much free reign I had with this.

    In the Auror Academy, do you think they would provide housing for their recruits, like those in muggle military forces (like boot camp, perhaps?)? Or do you think the recruits could live in their own home, but still take the required testing?

    Also, I know that Auror training takes three years to complete. Would there be seniority for those about to finish?

    Thanks in advance!


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    I thought becoming an Auror was like going to University, and not using the halls of residence. I think if it was based in the MoM then they'd use their own homes but if they have to go to the wilderness of whatnot then obviously it'd be in barracks.

    I don't think it's a military style process, just one that requires a lot of hard work.


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    But remember, there are not a lot of people who are accepted to Auror training. Tonks was the last person to become one, and after her, no one else was accepted for many years.

    I doubt there would be an entire housing building set up for maybe just two or three people at a time. More likely, what I think, the trainiees live in boarding houses or inns, and the Ministry simply pays for their room and board.

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    I'd like to second... or rather, third what has already been said about housing. Remember the Auror Department at the Ministry of Magic is an office, with desks and cubicles and things like that. Remember, the Aurors are not a military unit, instead more akin to a police force. With that in mind, Aurors have to make their own living arrangements, and I would assume that Aurors in training would have to likewise. As Molly already suggested, the Ministry might pay for housing if they're in a benevolent mood.

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    But if you still want to create the whole traning-community feeling, I do have an idea for you.

    Maybe all the trainees for Law Enforcement (Hit Wizards, Aurors, ect.) are all stuck in the same house because the Ministry is given a group rate discount. There could be some folks who don't work for the Ministry living there either, but this is just a suggestion.

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    Thanks for all your help, guys!

    I really like your suggestions on living on their own, and I think I might use that instead of barracks.

    Thanks again!

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