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Thread: Rejected Fics

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    accio avery

    Rejected Fics

    I don't think that the fics should be rejected completely when there's only a few errors, such as the submitting to the wrong category, slight punctuation errors (I don't mean repeated mistakes throughout the fic, as the rules say), accidentally centering the fic...and so on.

    I think that they should be approved anyway, if it's only a small error, and just tell the author to promptly fix it, instead of resubmitting it and having to wait even longer. Plus I think it would be better for the Mods, so they wouldn't have to read the same story over and over again, and it would keep the queue shorter so more stories could be submitted faster.

    It's just what I thought might make things simpler. For everyone.

    What do you guys think?


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    *takes a deep breath and prepares to try and give a balanced answer*

    I think, in theory it is a good idea and if implemented properly, it could reduce the queue time, as people would not have to resubmit as you suggest. As an author, I like the idea as I know occasionally fics can get rejected for typos or accidental errors and it would be good to be given a chance to correct these small things rather than having to resubmit

    But, the problems arise when you have to decide at what point to draw the line. What constitutes small errors? Is one missed comma the limit; what if you've missed two or three or even more? It would give the mods a whole new set of guidlines to use when accepting/rejecting which could cause problems with different mods classing different things as small mistakes.

    I think from a practical POV, it is easier to be either accepted or rejected rather than be somewhere floating inbetween, especially as the system would rely on the author actually making the changes.

    So, personally, I like the idea but practically, I can see where the problems could lie.

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    accio avery
    Hmm. Yes, that does makes sense.

    I would say about three small mistakes, very easy ones to change, such as a period instead of a comma. That's where I would draw the line.

    It's just that I've had a really hard time submitting my stories that only have a few errors, and I'm growing slightly frustrated with having to resubmit just for accidentally messing up. Sometimes I feel like I'm annoying the mods as well, having to read my chapters over and over again. I don't see how we should all be so incredibly perfect...we're aren't being published, anyway. I don't know if anyone else is feeling the same thing as I am, or if I'm just ranting and don't know what I'm talking about.

    I'd say three small mistakes, a notification to change them immediately, an approved story, and we'd be happier authors.

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    The problem I see with this is how do the mods ensure their orders are followed without making more work for themselves? Unless they go back and check that the author fixed their story promptly (and what constitutes promptness?), which is too much work for them, there's no assurance.

    I think mods often do let stories slide with just a few things wrong, actually. I recently had a chapter approved, and in her note the mod added "Please move it to the Historical genre and there were a few commas missing."

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    I personally think the strict admissions standards are what makes this site so wonderful. All the writing is of such high quality (unlike certain other sites), and that's what makes being published on the site such a great honor.

    I agree, it can be a pain to go through every sentence of every paragraph with a fine tooth comb, but no one can argue with the results. Our stories are a part of us, and we want the people who read them to see them the way we imagined them in our head. If they are distracted by a sprinkling of annoying little grammar errors, they lose the magic of the storytelling.

    Besides, I most certainly cannot complain about the grammatical quality of my stories ever since I began publishing on the site.

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    No moderator can reject a fiction for less than three errors, except for one of the automatic rejection problems. These include problems with the title, summary, category, warnings and ratings - anything major.

    All minor problems must be added together to make a rejection. And if the moderator thinks the problems are so small that they would be happy to accept the fiction, they often note the small mistakes in an acceptance letter.

    If you are getting rejections for small things, hire a beta or two. Moderators are not machines, we don't pick up on every little thing and we get no training. We're simply Betas who patrol the entire queue to make sure the standards are upheld. Any beta should be able to find these mistakes for you and stop you getting rejected. My policy is the more eyes you have reading, the more mistakes you pick up on. The brain is a mysterious thing that corrects what we see in our heads - a fresh pair of eyes hasn't made these corrections and so the mistakes stick out like a sore thumb. All you need to do is get your mum, or a friend, or any of our betas to look over your work.

    This suggestion is already in place, and this is clear in the submission guidelines.

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    Just to want to amend some things Roxy said.

    Every moderator has their own standards of validation. Some are more lenient than others on which errors they reject for. Generally, though, if a type of error occurs throughout the chapter, no matter how "slight", the moderator will reject for it.

    However, I do reject for errors in summaries and titles, even if it's just a small mistake. My belief is that the summary and title are the only samples of your writing a potential reader sees before selecting your story to read. If there are mistakes in these less-than-300-word-samples, what does that say about your story? That's not to say that a missing comma in your summary would get you a rejection letter. But a mis-capitalized word, a misspelling, etc. would - at least from me.

    Just clarifying so 500 people won't post here saying "Well I got a rejection letter for only one error."

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