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Thread: Challenge: I <3 OC's

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    Name: Cheshlin
    House: Slytherin

    (I would have loved to have chosen Maeve O'Malley/Snape, but she was already taken and I would have chosen Nathan Borgin, but he was in Slytherin.)

    OC Name:Catarina Borgin
    OC Hogwarts's House, or N/A:Ravenclaw
    Author Penname & Story Link: kjpzak

    Narrative Excerpt:
    Catarina looked up at her son and smiled softly. She so desperately wanted to reach out to him, to cover one of his hands with her own, like she used to do to his younger self after a particularly rough patch. A mother needs to touch, she thought. Instead, she tightened her grip on her mug.
    Dialogue Quote:
    Catarina stood in front of her open wardrobe, trying to decide what to wear. She was not normally a person hung up on convention. She just hadn’t shared a home with anyone besides the odd cat for many years, and no cat she had ever lived with cared a whisker about what she wore for breakfast. She sighed and then chuckled. She was working herself into a twit because she desperately wanted to make a good impression on her two young guests. Harry and Ginny were sleeping downstairs. In the back of her mind, she knew they would probably share the cat’s feelings and not give a care as to what she wore, as long as she didn’t appear at the breakfast table naked. Tapping her toe on the floor, Catarina folded her arms across her chest and huffed in frustration. Chehalis, her black and white tabby cat, rubbed against her bare ankles, reminding her she needed to get a move on. There were appetites to feed.

    “I know, I know,” Catarina said, bending down to scratch the cat behind his ears. “At my age, I shouldn’t care about these things. I should just go about my business and let everyone chalk my eccentricities up to old age."
    Biographical Information: Catarina has salt and pepper hair. Catarina married Bartholomew Borgin to protect herself from Tom Riddle. She has one son, named Nathan who grew up strong even though she wasn't around after his 15th year. She went to Hogwarts at the same time as Tom Riddle. He stood in front of her when they were waiting to be sorted by the sorting hat. She found that Tom Riddle always had a pull for her. Later, this led to her forming a magical bond with Tom Riddle. This bond later became a living nightmare to her, and because it was unable to be broken except by the death of one of them. That was what Bartholomew was trying to protect her from. When Nathan was 15 years old, she ran away from Bartholomew who was succeeding in keeping her from living any type of life. She needed to stay hidden from Tom Riddle, so she gave up all magic, and worked and lived totally in the Muggle world. After 17 years away from her son, and watching him suffer and live from afar, Dumbledore tells Nathan she is alive and he contacts her so she can help him protect Ginny and Harry.

    Catarina likes all things Muggle, except electric tooth brushes. She doesn't use her want for cleaning or any other household chores unless really pushed to do so. This comes from not using any magic for years. She never had many close friends. She loves anything related to books. She has a huge library that covers many different subjects. She has lots of knowledge of Ancient Magics. That was part of how the bond with Tom was formed. She has a great sense of humor.

    Why You Love This OC: She is very well developed and I just love the way her sense of humor and knowledge goes. She has over come many troubles, but isn't afraid to face up to her mistakes. She knows that she has made many mistakes, and does what she can to correct them. She just has lots of inner strength and knowledge.

    Banner by Grangergirl from Slytherin

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    The rules state that the biographical information portion must be 200-400 words long. IF YOU DO NOT MEET THIS WORD REQUIRMENT, you must edit your entry within 48 hours of posting or it will be deleted.

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    "Tragic Nathaniel of the horses
    The only one who fully comprehends our power sources"

    OC Name: Nathaniel Black
    OC Hogwarts's House, or N/A: A Black, so one would assume Slytherin.
    Author Penname & Story Link: the nutty imp, The Healer and The Black Chronicles

    Narrative Excerpt:
    He gave me a lop-sided smile. "The problem in seeing the future is knowing what is to come and accepting that you are powerless to stop it. You and Perenelle on the other hand will live a full life. It will end when you choose it to."


    "There was a time when a Black was not dark: power and ambition did not define us. Power, we’ve always had, Aris’s gift, as I have foolishly called it. I tried to understand why we were chosen and the root of it all... The rest of my family embraced and guarded it jealously, they lusted for it... I never saw this coming ... I was a fool, it was not a gift - it’s a curse. Power corrupts, it had made us strong, yet it can destroy us...” The man sighed. “... It had killed me.”
    Dialogue Quote:
    "Love is a not a dark purpose. Dark wizards usually have dark goals and purpose. Aris was simply a wizard capable of dark spells. He had no ambition to rule nor did relish upon the act of harming others. His departure and that oath explains why history never made mention of him, but glorifies all the rest of Asclepius’ children. They wish to forget about his existence. But, what happened to the man?"
    Biographical Information: Nathaniel Black is a man of many tastes. He’s quite the poetry babbler, and he speaks in riddles most often, channelling Nutty herself! He's an artist, and great friend of Nicholas and Perenelle Flamel.

    A sad young man in his mid-twenties, wearing fourteenth century robes and beret, appeared on the last frame.

    This man was young yet he possessed a quiet and dignified air about him, his attire was reminiscent of the renaissance era.
    Grey eyes and black hair - the typical traits of a Black. It is determined that he's a likeness of a Seer, and a wonderful story teller.
    I looked closely at the man. He was still the young man whose company I enjoyed, the one who was like a son to me; but somehow, all that he's been through has taken its toll. He is still Nathaniel, but he's colder. I can feel the trace of bitterness about him. Despite all this, however, I can see he's the same Nathaniel with whom I share this innate love for learning and discovery; the same young man who shares Perenelle's love for art and nature. Someone whose innate light shone despite of it all.
    Nathaniel Black is one of the few Black’s who has good morals. When his girlfriend becomes pregnant to his brother, he isn’t that they wed immediately, and when he’s engaged to another, a witch of impure blood, he is murdered. His last words and his memory are then in scripted on the Black Family crest – Toujours Pur”

    He makes a prophecy, just as he is murdered, about a Boy to be born to the Blacks, a boy named after a star...

    Why You Love This OC:

    I enjoyed reading the tales of Asclepius through Nathaniel's eyes, and through Nutty's own research, he sounded quite intelligent. I'm attracted the arty types - and who has ever been known to refuse a Black! Its Nathaniel’s constant speaking in riddles and sometimes unintelligible riddles, and that sparkle in his eye. I love Humour, and Nutty can write characters, in my opinion, like no one else. He’s the predecessor of Sirius in many ways, but smart. Book smart, good looks, witty comebacks, poetic riddles and intelligence. What’s not to like?

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    guiding ray of sunlight
    OC Name: Natus Putus Malfoy
    OC Hogwarts's House, or N/A: Doesn't say, but I'm guessing he is a Slytherin.
    Author Penname & Story Link: Loral, Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely and Son of Dad's Worst Enemy, which I am told is in Queue

    Narrative Excerpt: The story is a monologue, so there isn't really something like that, but I might edit when and if the other story is validated.

    Dialogue Quote:At night, after hours, I take walks across the grounds. It is so quiet there, so peaceful. So lonely. Almost as lonely as I feel at Malfoy manner, or even here at Hogwarts, where I have friends, but there is no one here who loves me like you did. There is no one in this world who loves me like that, like a mother. Because people who love you don't leave you.

    But still, when I walk at night, I like to imagine that you're there with me. You hug me, and tell me that you love me. Just like you used to when you were still with me.

    And after one of those walks, I feel like I have a sun inside of me. A sun, which you only have in you when you are loved. One you don't feel until you've lost it.

    Biographical Information: He is the son of Draco Malfoy. His mother used to be a kind woman, but has gone away and has become the dark lady. He has friends at Hogwarts, but is still lonely, because he misses his mother. He loves his mother, even though she is now somebody not very loveable. He cares for her, for the simple reason that she is her mother. His father does not love him, and if he does, does not show it. Growing up all he had to rely on was his mother, his father acting as if he didn't like having a son. He wants his mother back at all costs. He writes her a letter, in which he pleads for her to come back. I do not know if she responds to the letter or not, but if she has a bit of decency left in her, she would probably come home. Natus is heart broken, but manages to get through life, anyhow. I think somewhere inside of him, he loves his father, but because he does not get warmth in return, he represses his feelings. I have a feeling that if his mother would return him and his father might have a better relationship. But then again, when your mother is the dark lady, it isn't likely for her to come back.

    *Note: some of the above info is just reading between the lines, so I am not sure if it is one hundred percent correct.

    Why You Love This OC: Because he is loving, even if he only recieved love from one person his entire life.

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    *waves banner around saying 'I love Rosy'* If you like Marauders, this fic is a must!

    OC Name: Rozabella Bland
    OC Hogwarts's House, or N/A: Gryffindor (as much as I see her as a Hufflepuff)

    Author Penname & Story Link:
    Dedicated Watcher

    Narrative Excerpt:
    I’m posting the opening. From this, you can’t help but love Rosy.

    I love my life! We have been seated in alphabetical order in Transfiguration due to “intolerable behaviour” last year. Any normal person would be completely devastated, like my friend Katerina Pane who has to sit next to Peter Pettigrew, but I am not normal (clearly I am much more talented in ways that no others possess). I get to sit next to the most infamous Marauder, and most handsome, Sirius Black. Can you believe it? Thank you oh great father of mine; it is you who gave me the privilege of our beautiful family name.

    Let me introduce myself. I am, as you probably already know, but it’s only polite, Rozabela Bland or Rosy. I am also the most devoted Marauder fan. In fact I am so devoted to them that the majority of my diary is based on them, as is my life. I don’t like to call what I am doing stalking, but rather dedicated watching. They will thank me when my brilliant work is published; their names will be known the world over.
    Dialogue Quote:
    You can’t help but double love her at this bit. It’s painfully funny.

    “I… What? Where are you going?” I called out to him. He stopped and turned around.

    “Madame Puddifoot’s. I have a date in,” he looked at his watch, “five minutes.”

    “Five minutes? You have another date? You’re in demand, aren’t you? Three dates in one day.” To be honest, I wasn’t surprised.

    “Three dates? Erm, no, just the two.” He glanced around the pub before looking back at me.

    “No, that Hufflepuff, me and this girl you’re about to meet,” I said, slowly counting off on my fingers. “That makes three, if I am not mistaken.”

    I wasn’t mistaken. My mother was Muggle and I had gone to Muggle primary school, as a pure-blood Sirius obviously hadn’t learnt basic mathematical skills.

    “You thought this was a…? You thought I asked you out on a…?” He doubled over laughing. I was clearly missing something here. “Rosy, this isn’t a date.”

    Was it me or had the temperature risen about 100 degrees?

    “It’s not?” I asked feebly, feeling my self turn about as red as the tomato ketchup dripping off my nose.

    Biographical Information:
    Rosy is doing her NEWTs at Hogwarts but is far too distracted by the wonderful Sirius Black and his fellow Marauders to bother putting her brilliant mind to work on her studies. She’s pretty but not too beautiful, of average size and weight, (curvy *giggles*) with mid-length blondey-brown hair and hazel coloured eyes.

    She is a Half-Blood who embraces her Muggle lineage and sometimes misunderstands why the Purebloods behave in certain ways. Her favourite lessons are any that are spent anywhere near the Marauders and she’s been in trouble several times for attempting to pass notes between her friends about them. She fell out with her best friend, Katerina, recently because she had thwarted her plan of spying on the Marauders in the RoR. Because if this, I detect a little bit of spitefulness on Rosy’s part sometimes. She hates it when her friends don’t full-heartedly support her or agree with everything she says. This has often led her to being embarrassed by her friends. Underneath it all, she is insecure and very gullible.

    The most striking thing about Rosy is her amazing, sometimes outrageously over the top, sense of humour. She can be the most melodramatic madam when she wants to be and her diary entries reflect that. She woke up at a ridiculously early time in the morning to begin preparations for her ‘date’ with Sirius, only to fall asleep with the facemask on ten minutes before the start! She’s also very clumsy, falling over in class and making a spectacle of herself. She’s basically Tonks with a lot more personality.

    Why You Love This OC:
    Charlie doesn’t care whether her character is a Mary Sue or not and because of that Rosy is the most real, loveable, funny character that I would desperately want to know if I was at Hogwarts. Being a diary-fic, it’s written in first-person, and Charlie connects with her character brilliantly through the narration and isn’t scared of taking risks. I think there is a bit of Rosy in everybody. I relate to her so easily and I am sure the fun part of every reader will. The story has every cliché of the Marauder fic era in it, but she writes about it in such a bold, daring manner, through the eyes of a heart-crushed teenager, that it comes to life and you can’t help but laugh at it. In all honestly, I think this is the funniest fanfiction I have read to date. The story is a light read and it will cheer you up in the most miserable, English weather. And what makes the story, undoubtedly, is her well-developed OC.

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    ms weasley
    Username: Ms Weasley
    House: Gryffindor

    Warning: Spoilers.

    OC Name: Audrey Filendale
    OC’s Hogwarts House, or N/A: Ravenclaw

    Author Penname & Story Link: Too Sweet to Remember by Canadian Confessional

    Narrative Excerpt: From Chapter Six - One Winter Night:
    “Hello?” asked James hesitantly. “Anybody there?”

    He heard a small scuffle, and saw a small shoe appear from within the shadows followed by a black skirt, brown book bag, white shirt, blue and bronze tie, black robes, dark violet hair, and a pair of chocolate brown eyes.

    “Oh,” started Audrey Filendale. “I- I’m terribly sorry for disturbing you and I, uh, will just, er…go right now then.” She turned around quickly and started to dash away from him.

    “Wait!” yelled James after her, but she had already zoomed out the door.
    Dialogue Quote: From Chapter Seventeen - Poetry:
    “Well, you see, that’s the reason I don’t like poetry,” said James with a triumphant smirk. “I don’t understand it.”

    “I have to disagree with you,” persisted Audrey. “I believe everybody has the potential to enjoy poetry, and I promise you that I will find a poem that you will enjoy, maybe even touch you, James Potter.”

    James smiled. “Good luck with that.”
    Biographical Information: Audrey Filendale is a fourth-year Ravenclaw. She is apparently a Pure-blood, with both of her parents attending Hogwarts. She has four siblings - two of not yet of school-age; a (most probably older) brother named John; and a seventeen-year-old sister, newly of-age.

    She has short, dark-violet hair – the result of her sister’s over-enthusiasm at being of-age. It has been that colour since the summer before her fourth year, when her sister attempted to give it red-highlights. Needless to say, it ended up violet, and refuses to be changed back. According to Audrey, her hair used to be a ‘normal, boring, dark-brown’. She has chocolate-brown eyes, and is fairly small in build.

    Audrey is not amazingly intelligent, because whilst she enjoys Astronomy, she struggles with Transfiguration. This upsets her, because most of her family is supposedly good at this particular subject. However, she tries her hardest at everything she undertakes, and with James Potter’s tutoring in Transfiguration, improves greatly.

    Audrey met Sirius Black over the summer, whilst working at her part-time job in a nearby café. When he had a massive argument with his family, he ran off, and ended up at that same café. Audrey talked to him, and comforted him, and during her fourth year, the two began dating.

    Audrey is an immensely shy person, who tries her best to please everyone. She works part-time to help support her family, who have financial problems, and she is a good friend to James when he needs it. However, this characteristic is also to her failing – her reluctance to cause Sirius hurt means that she keeps secrets from him, and she can’t tell her family her true feelings because she doesn’t want to let them down.

    Her family’s financial dilemma means that, at the end of Audrey’s fourth-year, she is forced to leave Hogwarts, her friendship with James, and her relationship with Sirius. She puts her family before her happiness, which shows her to be a truly good person.

    Why You Love This OC: Canadian Confessional’s Audrey Filendale, is a wonderful character, who is certainly not without fault, but is one which you cannot help but love. Her appeal lies in her innocence, her perseverance, and above all, her goodness. The creation of a beloved character who is not a Mary-Sue, I think, is the mark of a talented writer.

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    Username: Purplemage
    House: Gryffindor

    OC Name: Marcus Agrippa

    OC’s Hogwarts House, or N/A: Not Applicable

    Author Penname & Story Link: The Shadow of Rome by uber_angelus

    Narrative Excerpt:

    I write my account to tell my tale - a tale of betrayal and sadness. The skies darkened over our Roman lands. Our great imperator, Gaius Julius Caesar, has been approved by the Senate to take supreme control over not only Rome but all of its protectorate states. It truly was a joyous occasion; there was, however, some talk of the great Caesar being betrayed. It was my duty to uncover more.
    Dialogue Quote:

    “Friends, Romans, countrymen! I come before you today not as a commander but as a grieving son. But I do not wish for your sympathies this day; I wish for your strength, your bravery, and your courage. Out there stand Romans; no truer men could ever be found. But they are just that; men! They are ill deserving of your fear. Before we left camp I saw a bird circle three times our camp before flying away towards the sunset. Such a good omen can not be squandered. So I say this to you now: go, go, and fight! For the glory of Rome!”

    Biographical Information:

    Marcus Agrippa was a noblemen close to the Emperor of Rome, Caesar, and a proud roman. His story begins at the highest point of the Roman empire, but the moment of celabration wasn’t going to last long. Soon, Marcus starts getting suspicious that a betrayal against the great Caesar is being planned. His lover, Octavian, and Caesar himself tell Marcus that his suspicions are not true, but Marcus doesn’t believe them and for good reason.

    A visit from one of the senators to Marcus’ villa prove that his awful suspicions are true and Marcus goes to Rome to try and stop the horrendous crime, but he’s too late. Caesar had been murdered by the time Marcus reached him.

    Marcus takes matters into his own hands and decides to take revenge on those responsible for Caesar’s death and the usurpers of the crown. His revenge was so violent that he gained the name of Marcus the Black and he became the second most popular man in Rome.

    The violence didn’t stop there. After Caesar’s death the empire was divided and a battle for power started. On one side was Octavian, Marcus’ lover, and in the other was Mark Anthony. Marcus had become the leader of Octavian’s troops. Caesar had begun to appear in Marcus’ dreams as a young boy. The first message Caesar gave him was that if he remained pure he would achieve anything he wanted, and the second one was to inform him that his dear lover, Octavian, was seriously ill.

    Marcus runs to Octavian’s side as soon as he hears the awful news. The situation seemed desperate, but once again Caesar in an apparition gave him the answer. Caesar told Marcus that he had the power to save Octavian. Marcus in the most selfless acts of them all, sacrifices himself to save his lover’s life.

    Why You Love This OC:

    Marcus is a noble man in all ways posible. His loyalty to Octavian and Caesar is truly admirable. He's obviously very brave and talented because he killed so many men in the name of Caesar. Everytime he speaks is like a poem, because he talks of honour, love and power. And how can you not like a man that's so inlove that's willing to sacrifice his own life for the one of his lover? Marcus as Caesar said it, is very pure.

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    Username: wishiwereaweasley
    House: Ravenclaw!

    Definite Spoilers for Ariel and the Triwizard Cup Ahead!

    OC Name: Ariel Sachs

    OC Hogwarts's House, or N/A: Gryffindor

    Author Penname & Story Link: Ariel and the Triwizard Cup by Purplemage

    Narrative Excerpt: From Chapter 5

    I hadn’t talked to Christian since my declaration of love. A week had passed and I had barely seen him; he was obviously avoiding me. I didn’t know what I would say to him if I met him, I only wanted to hear that everything was okay, that we were still friends. I had spent the week replaying that awful scene in Myrtle’s bathroom over and over again in my head. Of course Nessa knew all about it and told me many times not to worry, that he wasn’t the right guy and that he wasn’t upset. She repeated many times that he was probably just flattered; she wouldn’t say it if she had seen the look on his face.
    Dialogue Quote: From Chapter 3:

    I couldn’t lie to myself anymore.

    “I can’t!” I said, pulling myself away from her.

    “What’s wrong?” She looked at me, confused. “Is it me?”

    “No, it’s not you, it’s me.”

    “Of course. Do you think I’m stupid?” She started crying. “You don’t think I’m attractive!”

    “No! I think you’re very attractive.”

    “Then what’s the problem?” She stared at me, I didn’t know what to say. “Tell me!”

    “I love your shoes!” I cried.


    “I’M GAY!”
    Biographical Information:

    Ariel is a seventh year student at Hogwarts. He's a half-blood; his mother is a witch and his father is a Muggle. A heart surgeon, to be exact. He had a good childhood with them.

    Ariel's best friend is a girl named Vanessa Herrera, who is in his year in Gryffindor. She is the Hogwarts Champion. The two are very close, but the Tournament is putting stress on their relationship. He has a few other, more casual friends, in the House as well, named Ornella and John.

    Ariel has one ex-girlfriend, Taylor Wimund. He discovered he was gay while dating her, and the two cautiously remain friends. Ariel's current love is the handsome Ravenclaw Christian, who is dating his worst enemy, Slytherin Ivy Foylam. The two have had a rivalry since the very beginning. Ariel is just beginning to stand up against her. Ariel is also infatuated with the enigmatic Bahir, Champion of Karakum school. Bahir first appears in Ariel's dreams; the poor boy is completely shocked when Bahir turns out to be real.

    Ariel's a smoker, and his need to get out of places to smoke gets him into many interesting situations. Ariel has come out only to Nessa, Taylor, and Christian, but it is an open secret throughout Hogwarts. He deals with the situation very well, but it does make some people uncomfortable. Ariel has a dry sense of humour, which helps. The cigarettes help, too!

    Why You Love This OC: Ariel is so well-developed, I really feel like I know him personally. It doesn't hurt that he reminds me of a guy I know. His reactions to situations make perfect sense...he's a person. I adore him. I love that I'm his beta and get to read everything first. >.>

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    Hello, I am ElectronicQuillster from Hufflepuff House.

    OC Name: Laura Debman
    OC Hogwarts's House, or N/A: Gryffindor
    Author Penname & Story Link: ByMerlinsBeard Do Be My Enemy For Friendship's Sake
    Narrative Excerpt:
    Since I was dreading the beginning of that month so much, September quickly came. The only good to come of the month was that I was able to move out of my small flat in London to a small house in Hogsmeade. The house was not a lot bigger than the flat in London, but the kitchen and the living room were separated by a wall, which I was thankful for.

    On the day of the wedding, I spent all morning preparing for the mid-afternoon ceremony. Three months of misgivings about the wedding had hardly motivated me to prepare for it. I scrambled around my house, gathering the equipment and film I would need. I wasn't left with much time to get ready myself. I skipped lunch in order to do something with my hair before Apparating to Tara's aunt's estate, where the wedding and reception were taking place. I had to Apparate twice to get all of my stuff there.

    People working at the main, and quite large, house directed me to the back. I levitated my gear and walked around the side of the house. A lovely backyard (if an area so large can be called something so quaint) came into view. The trees were turning colors and falling to the ground. The grass was still bright green and well manicured. A pond with a guesthouse was on one side of the grounds, and a few gardens of varying types were scattered about. A vegetable garden was near a tool shed. A couple of flower gardens were near the house. There was even a small rock garden with a fake waterfall. Small fountains were placed deftly in rather bare areas. Despite the variety of things in the yard, it did not appear cluttered or distasteful, but rather holistic and well thought out.

    The photographer in me immediately began focusing on the locations that would offer the best backgrounds for portraits. One of the best was a small, light-wooded gazebo near the center of the yard that unmistakably was where the ceremony would take place, so I headed in that direction.

    The people moving around the space quickly came into focus. The wedding was still a few hours away, so no guests had arrived. Several people were working at magically setting up chairs and decorations. I took a couple of shots of the scene before coming into the area. It wasn't until I saw the small group of men in tuxedos goofing around that I realized how nervous I was about seeing everyone again. I felt a strong urge to turn around and run. Or to throw up.
    Dialogue Quote:
    "How's Percy?" Oliver asked unexpectedly.

    I looked over at him to make sure he was addressing me. He was, and I frowned. "Why?"

    "Why?" Oliver asked, furrowing his brow.

    "Don't you read the papers?" I said.

    "No," Oliver said, "but what does that have to do with Percy?"

    "He's been in the paper periodically for the past year and a half."

    "For what?" Oliver asked skeptically.

    "Murder," I said seriously. I couldn’t resist.

    "What?" Oliver said, raising his voice in surprise. "You're joking!"

    "Of course I'm joking," I said, laughing at him.

    "Oh." Oliver half-smiled and then gave into a bit of laughter himself. "So what was he really in the papers for?"

    "Work," I said. I briefly told him about how Percy had judged the Triwizard Tournament, then had been in trouble for not noticing warning signs that there was something wrong with his boss, Crouch, and then had been promoted to assisting the Minister of Magic.

    "He got promoted after getting in trouble?" Oliver asked.

    I shrugged. "I guess the Ministry realized they were being unfair. No one noticed the warning signs that Crouch was under the Imperius Curse. The biggest warning sign was Crouch's almost constant absence from work, which everyone knew about."

    "Still…. Not exactly like the Ministry to be that forgiving."

    "No. That's what the Weasleys told him." I looked down at my plate, which had the first course on it. It occurred to me that Percy probably wouldn't want Oliver hearing about all of this, though it was a bit late to stop the story.

    "I bet Percy took that well," Oliver said sarcastically.

    I blew air out of my nose. "Not at all. I don't know exactly what happened. All I know is that now the family isn't speaking to him and vice versa."

    "Oh." He picked up his fork to start eating. "That's too bad."

    I wasn't sure if he was being sincere or not. I decided not to question him on it.
    Biographical Information: Laura Debman is an only child with both parents still living. She has brown hair and eyes, and was raised completely in the Muggle world, not finding out about her magical abilities until she was sent her Hogwarts letter since her parents aren't magical at all. When she went to Hogwarts, she was sorted into Gryffindor and became fast friends with the intelligent Percy Weasley and his best friend Oliver Wood - Quidditch fanatic extraordinaire. The three generally had fun together, though Percy was more of the binding link between them. In second year, however, Percy and Oliver got into a terrible argument over something completely stupid, and both of them were too stubborn to work it out. The argument between them drives them away forever basically. Laura was forced to choose a side - at least that's how she saw it. So she stood by Percy. From that point on, Percy was really her only friend, and she spent summers at the Burrow. One summer she falls in love with Percy's brother just older than him: the unknown Dan Weasley. The relationship was kept secret. Sadly, Dan falls to his death in a broom accident, which Laura blames herself for.

    In seventh year, Percy starts dating Penelope Clearwater, meaning he's spending much less time with his best friend Laura. The other seventh year girls begin talking to Laura, and one of them takes it upon herself to plan Oliver and Laura's reconciliation. Neither Oliver nor Laura are happy about this at all. However, after a few forced encounters and honest conversations, they do become friends, are able to understand each other, and then share a couple of really special times that make them best friends. Romance ensues, but upon graduation and leaving Hogwarts, Oliver forces a break up for them so they can concentrate on their careers.

    Laura is mad and goes her own way, as do Oliver and Percy. Laura begins a career at the Prophet and eventually finds her niche in the Photography department there. Finally, after another five years, Oliver and Laura stop being stubborn and acknowledge the fact that they're still in love.

    Why You Love This OC: Laura's got this completely sarcastic nature, and she's stubborn as hell. She doesn't take anyone's crap, and I love her inner monologues, which are nearly constant as the story is told in first person POV. Laura's character developed so much over the course of the story, and I was able to understand almost everything she felt. I also like Laura because she's not amazingly talented or beautiful or smart, she's just your average person. She's someone I would be friends with if I saw her on the street. I do, in fact, have friends like her.

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    Aquilus Luna
    Username: Aquilus Luna
    House: Hufflepuff

    OC name: Alexandra Potter
    OC Hogwart's House, or N/A: Gryffindor
    Author's Penname & Story Link: HesMyChemicalRomance Nothing Is More Important Than Family
    Narrative Excerpt:
    "We're leaving for The Burrow tonight, and after that, we don't have to come back here. But you have to realize, at some point, whether it's within a year or within the next ten years, I'm going to fight him. I have to. I have to kill him - for me, for you, for mum and dad, for Dumbledore and for everyone." Harry stopped and looked into my eyes. It was the first time he had ever said aloud that he had to kill Voldemort, and soon.

    "Harry I -"

    "I need you to promise me that you'll support me one hundred percent in the decisions I make in the next few years. If I tell you to run, you run. It might save your life. Even if I'm in mortal peril, I don't care if I die as long as I save you," He said, his emerald green eyes meeting my own.

    I nodded. Harry smiled, kissed me on the head and stood up to find his trunk. I'd just promised my big brother I'd leave him if Voldemort were in the midst of taking his life. I won't let that happen to him. He wants to see the light leaving Harry's eyes... It won't happen, not as long as Alex Potter is still alive.
    Dialogue Quote:
    "Alexandra Lillian Potter!" Hermione scolded. I hated it when people used my full name. It usually meant that I was in trouble. "What just happened in the kitchen?"

    "Nothing!" I hissed. I was trying to convince Hermione, Ginny and myself I had no feelings for Ron whatsoever. I knew Hermione had feelings for him. Who was I to ruin that?

    "You fancy my brother, don’t you?" Ginny asked seriously.

    "I certainly do not!" I said, pretending to look shocked.

    "Okay, I believe you," Hermione said, a wave of relief washing over her face.

    I was attempting to pull on a pair of jeans when the door opened unexpectedly.

    "Just to let you know we’re leav- whoa," Ron said, covering his eyes with his hand, realizing I was in my knickers. I shot Hermione and Ginny a horrified look, before jumping on my bed and yanking my duvet up over my waist.

    "I…I should have knocked," Ron stated, peeking through a space in his fingers to make sure I had covered myself up. "We’re leaving in a minute…so…yeah," he stammered before shutting the door behind him. I breathed a deep sigh of relief. I could tell Hermione and Ginny were trying to stifle the giggles.

    "You’d think he’d never seen a girl in her underwear," I laughed nervously.

    "He hasn’t. Well…not until now," Ginny snorted uncontrollably, unable to contain her laughter anymore. I could feel my face warming up while I was pulling on a pair of converse I had dug out from the bottom of my school trunk. I walked over to the door and gave both my friends a rude hand gesture before leaving the room and meeting Harry and Ron in the hall.

    "Is it true Ron just caught you in your undies?" Harry asked his jaw practically on the floor. He looked ashamed.

    "Harry! It’s not my fault Ronald doesn’t know how to knock on a bloody door!" I protested, shooting Ron a look that was worthy of Harry. I could have sworn that as I walked away I heard Ron say, "She’s got that look you’ve got Harry. It scares me." Harry laughed at his best friend’s statement, but he knew Ron was right.
    Biographical Information: (200 words)
    Alexandra Lillian Potter is Harry Potter's younger sister in this Alternate Universe fic. She is one year younger than him, and along with Harry has grown up living with the Dursley's. Alex, as she goes by, is quite rude to the Dursley's and hates them just as much as Harry, though unlike her older brother, is not so strong emotionally, and isn't able to put up with Dudley as well as Harry.
    Alex is very loyal to her older brother, sticking up for him in front of the Dursleys and Draco Malfoy. She would never let anything happen to her brother, and though she agrees that should the time come when he has to fight Voldemort, she'll stay out of the way, she really doesn't mean it, and knows that she will always be by his side.
    Alex also does well in school, scoring eight O.W.Ls. Though she shows signs that she fancies Ron Weasley, she knows that Hermione has feelings for him, and doesn't want to ruin that.
    Like her older brother, Alex easily shows her emotions, and is very defensive of the ones she loves. She also has a temper, and doesn't back down when in an argument.

    Why You Love This OC: Although Harry Potter's younger sister, Alex is very much her own person. She's fiercely loyal and has a strong personality. As the story is told in first person, you get to read Alex's thoughts, and feelings throughout much of the story. I love how Alex has such a strong personality. She's a very well developed and interesting character to read about.

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