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Thread: Challenge: I <3 OC's

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    name: hogwartsduchess
    house: Gryffindor

    OC Name: Seidon

    OC Hogwarts's House, or N/A: N/A

    Author Penname & Story Link: the nutty imp, Memoirs of a Kelpie

    Narrative Excerpt:
    My mother was a lake kelpie whereas my father was a river kelpie, very few could tell the difference for kelpies looked the same — the same cat-like eyes, same sharp teeth, same capabilities, but on varying degrees. Our capabilities depend on what our parents taught, tricks we learned on our own, and also the body of water that we chose to reside in. Our colouring had no bearing on our choice of residence. Female kelpies usually sport a white coat; males black ones.
    Dialogue Quote:
    "You mean it's all right to venture away from the water?" The younger stallion asked hesitantly.

    "We'll need the water to open a portal or gather our strength, but we can venture out of it anytime. A kelpie's scope is not hindered in the waters alone."


    Acheron sighed. "I can see that I have plenty of work to do with you."
    Biographical Information: Seidon, whose name is a derivative of Poseidon, the Greek god of the sea, is a kelpie. His mother was Nessie, the famed Loch Ness Monster, a lake kelpie, and his father is Acheron, a vicious river kelpie. Like most male kelpies, Seidon has a black coat, and has the ability to morph himself into any creature, including a human. He tricks two young wizards into thinking he is a vampire, and a young witch into thinking he is a Metamorphmagus. As a cross between a lake kelpie and a river kelpie, Seidon has the abilities and mentality of both – sort of a split personality. From his mother, a desire not to hurt humans, feeling that other methods scare them more effectively. From his father, he realised that the forms his mother took in order to frighten humans were not as effective as she would have liked. This duality caused him to seek other methods to frighten humans away from his home. As a kelpie, he should have a solitary nature, but his mother, with her refusal to harm a human, inadvertently gave him an interest in them, and he would much rather be with them. However, to save more humans from his father’s wrath, he becomes a solitary creature against his own will. What a kelpie truly looks like is impossible to say, though they are referred to as stallions in this piece, for they change shape at will.

    Why You Love This OC: I love this character because he's so blessedly different from anything else you read about. His upbringing is unique and so are his abilities. Nutty's done a great job on this one!

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    Darn. Anna beat me to it. *watches Siobhan go* *pouts* Well, I suppose I can settle for my next favorite OC, Miss Portia Catherine Spencer, or Tia as we know her. SPOILERS to your left!

    House and Name: Periwinkle of Hufflepuff House

    OC Name: Portia Catherine Spencer, but she goes by Tia

    OC Hogwarts's House, or N/A: Gryffindor

    Author Penname & Story Link: The wonderfully talented Kimberley wrote the equally ravishing story that goes by the name of The Upside of Being Down. Warning: This story is Professors!

    Narrative Excerpt: I should have been used to this by now. This worrying and waiting and pointless attempts to sway them from their intent. Having known James my whole life, it hardly surprised me the sort of friends he’d chosen. What did surprise me–baffled me, really, with regular consistency–was that they’d become my friends too.

    Remus was too sweet and likeable not to be friends with, even if he had a darker, secret side he only revealed to those he trusted whole-heartedly. I was deeply honoured to be considered one of those trusted few and it constantly amazed me that someone burdened with so much could be so… wonderful.

    Peter, on the other hand, was just so bumbling and bashful that it was impossible not to grow attached to him. He was the sort you wanted to keep close to you, under your wing, to keep him from tripping over his own feet. I was pretty sure he was capable of taking care of himself, but my maternal instincts couldn’t help themselves.

    And, of course, James, who I’d grown up with, who I’d run around starkers with when we were three, and with whom I’d played out all sorts of imaginary scenarios, such as rescuing the damsel in distress (he acted out his fair share of damsels, I can tell you) or running about the tombs of Ancient Egypt, saving each other from this Dark Curse and that possessed mummy.

    In fact, it was James who’d first encouraged me to follow my dreams of becoming a curse breaker for Gringott’s bank. We’d both had the childhood aspirations of doing something adventurous and dreadfully fascinating, but I was the one who’d actually carried on that aspiration into adolescence and now, adulthood.

    But Sirius was another matter, entirely. He was an enigma. I just didn’t get him sometimes. I’d known him for nearly seven years, and yet I couldn’t help feeling there was still so much I didn’t know about him. It wasn’t that he was particularly secretive, nor that I’d simply overlooked asking him, but it seemed that anytime the topic of conversation got too close to his personal (especially his home) life, I would suddenly find myself either talking about something entirely different, or sitting abruptly alone, where moments before I’d had company.
    Dialogue Quote: No sooner had he disappeared up the girls’ dormitory staircase, mounted on his broomstick so as to avoid sliding back down to the common room on his bum (Sirius liked to think they’d put in that particular security feature just for him), did a piercing shriek and noisy crash echo down the stairwell, followed by the dulcet tones of Lily herself:

    “Potter, you total prat! I’m not dressed!”

    “And point one for Prongs,” Sirius murmured, licking his finger and drawing an imaginary tick in the air, then going back to his copy of the Daily Prophet.

    I rolled my eyes from where I sat slumped on the sofa next to him, with my legs stretched out to warm my stockinged toes in front of the fire, my arms loosely folded. I exchanged a look of amusement with Remus, who lowered his Astronomy textbook long enough to quirk a wry brow at me.

    Peter, blushing furiously at the idea of Lily Evans undressed, said, “Is he going to be in a lot of trouble, do you think?”

    “Knowing his usual manner with McGonagall?” Sirius shook his head. “Lucky sod’s got her wrapped around his little finger. ‘Course, this won’t be the first time he’s snuck up to the girls’ dorm to accost Evans. I imagine McGonagall’s rather bored of it all by now.”

    I grinned (I rather thought that it was Sirius who had our Headmistress wrapped around his little finger, as opposed to James, who was simply too big-headed to believe himself capable of doing any wrong), then scrunched my toes against the delicious heat of the fire, causing goose-bumps to rise all up my legs and forearms.

    “If I know James, he’ll probably just tell her he was up there getting my allergy medicine for me or something,” I said, noticing out of the corner of my eye Sirius’ gaze fixed rather intently on my legs. “He’ll end up making himself out to be a do-gooder caught in an unfortunate predicament, and likely get me in trouble in the process. Again. Pity I haven’t got any allergies, besides ogling idiots,” I added quite pointedly, lifting my left foot to give Sirius’ ankle a sharp kick.

    He raised his eyes from my legs, which were bare between the bottom of my uniform skirt and the tops of my grey knee-highs. Instead of blushing or looking ashamed–as any decent person would have done–he merely grinned wolfishly at me and winked, before returning to his clearly fascinating newspaper.
    Biographical Information: Tia is a half-blood, her mom being a witch and her father a muggle. She is half-Irish on her father's side. Tia is James Potter's cousin and is in the same year and house as the Marauders. She has made good friends with the four, and known most of the members for over six years. Tia is 5'7'', normal weight, with short caramel hair that grazes her shoulders.

    Tia surprisingly tolerates the pranks the Marauders play, but she does not participate in them, no matter how many times James or Sirius beg her to. She is sure of herself, a bold person. Tia is not afraid to voice out her thoughts and has gotten into trouble scores of times. She is good at Arithmency and not-so-good at Charms. Having a witty personality, Tia likes to have a good time and is an energetic, spirited seventeen-year old. She is a passionate person and doesn't like seeing people made fun of or demoralized in any way. I cannot say that she's level-headed, because more often than not, she gets into scrapes by acting on her actions before thinking through them thoroughly. Tia is the sort of person who runs out to meet the world before it can catch up to her. She's spunky, rather hormone-driven [which provides many opportunities for the 'professors' warning] and an all-around entertaining person.

    Throughout the story, Tia goes through tutoring [which she abhors], finallly accepting Lily Evans as a friend [she does dislike the girl in the beginning, which is rather interesting] and maturing as a woman. Most of the latter parts of the story revolve around her growing relationship with Sirius, what she thinks of him and what events occur between the pair, caused by other happenings, or both their stubborness.

    Why You Love This OC: Tia is such an amusing person! She narrates so clearly, providing us clear pictures of events. Her comebacks and clever dialogue make her a sensational character. Through each emotion and phase Tia goes to, she never stops providing the ultimate enjoyment.

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    Username: potterfan226
    House: Slytherin.

    Possible Spoilers Ahead

    OC Name: Rhea Potter
    OC Hogwarts's House, or N/A: Hufflepuff
    Author Penname & Story Link: MJ MNFF -- Another Time, Another Place, Another Life [Rated Professors]
    Narrative Excerpt:
    Rhea tip-toed past her mother, through the living room and into the front entranceway. She slowly twisted the knob and gingerly pulled open the heavy door. She was careful not to let it squeak as she cracked it open just far enough for her to squeeze through. She held the screen until it latched, preventing it from slamming shut. While her parents had never told her she couldn’t go outside to watch the sunrise, she figured they wouldn’t be overly pleased to be woken at such an early hour. She sat on the porch steps and watched as the sun crept over the distant mountains. As darkness changed to light, a myriad of colours filled the sky and Rhea was overwhelmed by the magic of the world that surrounded her.

    The early morning rays were soon at work, melting the dew from the grass. As the colours faded into blue, Rhea turned her thoughts to her mother. It wasn’t unlike Mom to fall asleep in the chair, but Dad would collect her after a time and usher her off to bed. She wasn’t given long to dwell on the sleeping habits of her parents as a great horned owl flew down and perched on the porch rail. The owl had reddish tufts of feathers and a very stately look about it. It held a letter in its beak, which it set down upon the rail. Nodding its head at her it turned and took off, flying away towards the mountains. Rhea swallowed back her shock and reached for the letter, when another owl landed on the porch. This one was snowy white and she also had a letter. Rhea picked up both letters and waited for the second owl to fly away, but the owl just stared at her with sad eyes.

    Rhea looked down at the letters in her hand and gasped in amazement. They were both addressed to her! The squeaking of the hinges on the front door startled her and she looked up to see her father stepping out onto the porch.
    Dialogue Quote:
    Rhea sat dumbly on her new bed. The entire day was a complete blur, from the moment she’d kissed her mother good-bye to choosing a bed in her dormitory, she couldn’t remember a thing. Elsa plopped down next to her, jostling her out of her thoughts.

    “Hufflepuff! I wonder what Grandmother will say! All three of us in Hufflepuff!”

    “Is there something wrong with Hufflepuff?” asked Rhea. Everything was so new and confusing, she was suddenly afraid she’d done something wrong.

    Elsa wrapped her arm comfortingly around Rhea. “Everyone in my Dad’s family were Gryffindors,” she explained. “But then, Algie and I don’t really fit in with the rest of the family, do we? They’ll be a bit disappointed, but they won’t really mind.”

    “I wonder what house my dad was in,” she murmured.

    “Your dad isn’t a Muggle?” asked Elsa, shocked.

    Rhea felt the flush creep up her cheeks. “No,” she replied, “he isn’t. He went to Hogwarts too. But, I think I’d rather not tell people about him. It’s probably easier just to let them think I’m Muggle-born.”

    Elsa nodded sagely. “Your secret is safe with me. I won’t even tell Algie. I can’t wait ‘til morning. We’ll get our timetables and start our classes and we get to eat all of our meals in the Great Hall. Wasn’t the feast brilliant?”

    Rhea smiled as Elsa jabbered on about all the things they had to look forward to in the coming weeks. She leaned over and pulled Bun-bun out of her duffle. Elsa absent-mindedly took the stuffed animal out of her hands and set it gently on the pillows, all the while continuing to talk. Together the girls unpacked their belongings and settled into their new home.
    Biographical Information: A half-blood like her father, Rhea isn't your typical next-generation Potter child where she is exactly like her parents in every single way possible. No. Since Harry moved to American and married an American Muggle by the name of Sara, Rhea is probably one of the most unique characters I've ever read. Although I've looked through the story and cannot find a solid hair color, or an eye color, I suspect Rhea to look similar to her mother, who again, I cannot find evidence to support her looks. Rhea, however, is somewhat similar to her father, Harry Potter. She used to play soccer during the summer and was quite good at it. The story states that the ball was always glued to her feet, and no one liked playing with her because a) if they were on her team, they never got the ball and b) if they were playing against her, they never won. Rhea begged her parents to let her quit so that she wouldn't have to endure the harsh comments that the other players said about her.

    Also, however, unlike Harry, Rhea is also very good at Potions. Before she got accepted to Hogwarts, the story starts that Rhea couldn't wait to go home and 'tinker around with her new chemistry set'. And as the story progresses, the text that the author wrote states that Rhea is good at potions. Also, at the beginning of the story, one of Rhea's many talents is that, like her father, she can talk to snakes. She never knew the reason why, and I still beleive she doesn't know why she can.

    Back home in America with her mom and dad, Rhea has a younger brother named Morgan who is four years old. He too is magical and is expected to attend Hogwarts in a few years when he turns eleven.

    As far as Rhea's attitude goes, she's a fairly quiet and shy at the beginning and can be abnoxious and more herself once she gets to know someone. She acts how an eleven year old should act, not a day older, not a day younger. She can go from shy and quiet, to loud, to just normal, all in one chapter. She is fascinated about the world that her father grew up in and is eager to learn more and more each day.

    Why You Love This OC: She's very unique compared to the other Next Generation stories I've read before. But before this story, I mainly read Harry/Ginny stories where their children have either red or black hair and brown or green eyes. So to me, Rhea and this story is so unique because it explores the options that fanfiction writers have if they just expand their minds. Also, in the later chapters of this story, while Rhea is at Hogwarts, Hermione bursts into a room and says to Severus Snape (who is apaprantly working with Rhea at potions, I beleive) and reads the headline of a Daily Prophet article to Snape, stating that Harry was dead. Rhea lunges forward and attacks Hermione for saying that. In the next chapter shows a side of Rhea which I love to read about. She's almost acting icely [Is that a word?] and cold towards Hermione.

    She's still a bit mad at her for saying that and puts a lot of sarcasm on 'Professor Granger' when she speaks to her. She acts like your typical sterotyped eleven year old, and not a exact copy, just the femminized version, of Harry, like most fics I read are like.

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    OC Name: Chloe McScrew

    OC Hogwarts's House, or N/A: Hufflepuff

    Author Penname & Story Link: Fly to Dawn, Link to Chloe McScrew Series

    Narrative Excerpt:
    Dream men didn't drop out of the sky ever so often. Yes, Chloe knew that well. But she also knew that she would never ever fall in love with anyone who wasn't right for her. In reality such dreams were shunted out to the edge of the world, as were the dreamers. As a Healer, Chloe knew she had to keep her dreams away. Yet, she couldn't help but set a foot across the border to that special world that seemed to sparkle...
    Dialogue Quote:
    I laughed heartily. ‘You don’t know what I’ve gone through. What makes you say that life is unfair, April?’

    Crossing her arms and carelessly taking a waffle, April started to wail. ‘I can’t enter the Triwizard Tournament! It’s only for people who are seventeen and over!’

    ‘Of course it is, you nutcase,’ said Thomas, waving an arm around, ‘it’s dangerous.’

    Tucking into a waffle myself, I smiled. ‘It certainly sounds like fun. But there’s a lot more to life than Tournaments, you know. Well, the Triwizard Tournament is a big enough event for you. But April, if you were chosen as champion and died, your life wouldn’t be very interesting, would it?’
    Biographical Information: Chloe McScrew was born October 8, 1975, to parents Gordon and Poppy McScrew. Poppy died of Dragon Pox when Chloe was three, and Gordon was a Squib who worked polishing broom handles in the Quality Quidditch Supplies shop. While she never had much money, Chloe had a happy childhood living with her father and grandparents in Windsor.

    From a young age, Chloe developed an interest in plants. She used them to entertain herself because she didn't have many toys. Other than that, she played mostly with Muggle children.

    It seems to me that Chloe was destined to become a Healer at a young age; her wand was good for plants and potions, not to mention her love for greenery.

    Chloe has a daughter, May, and three grandchildren, April, Isabella, and Thomas.

    Later in life, Chloe develops an interest for a stranger she meets at Saint Mungo's. All we know right now is that he calls himself Antony, and Chloe sees him as a "broken man".

    Chloe is a Healer at Saint Mungo's during the time of the war. The hospital is extremely busy and understaffed, and she doesn't get enough sleep. Chloe is a logical person, and doesn't expect men just to "fall out of the sky" and land at her feet, figuritively speaking, of course. I imagine that she was surprised when she found herself so interested in the stranger she met at the hospital.

    Why You Love This OC: Dawn really does an amazing job of creating Chloe as a character, in fact, she is writing an entire series about her, so that we will know just about everything about Chloe's life. Even now, I feel like I know her, and Dawn has only writted two chapters. It will be interesting to find out about the rest of her life.

    ~Chaser of Ravenclaw

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    OC Name: Felix Asher Phineas Knowles
    OC Hogwarts's House, or N/A: N/A, it never says what house he is.
    Author Penname & Story Link: Hermiones_Revenge.
    Narrative Excerpt:
    Felix Asher Phineas Knowles is an aspiring evil villain living in the United States. His hobbies include evil villainy, baking cookies, interpretive dance and musical theater, bothering people with his flamboyant mannerisms, and messing around with expensive science equipment. This is the first handbook he has published and currently (while he is not plotting ways to manipulate people and conquer the world), he is working on his next project titled I’m telling Mom! The younger sibling’s handbook. Most of the work that went into making this book was done by a certain Delia McGallagher, but in the style of a true evil villain, Knowles has taken the credit for her work and passed it off as his own…Also, another interesting though slightly irrelevant fact about Felix Asher Phineas Knowles is that he is one of the few evil villains that can successfully pull off wearing pink and dancing evilly. He is a self-proclaimed gender bender and lives by the motto, “Just because I eat children, doesn’t mean I don’t love them.”

    (Note: This story is in first person, and this was the only quote I could find in which Felix is referred to in the third person. It‘s the ‘about the author’ section, although Felix, the alleged ‘author,’ is merely a fictional character, supposedly the nemesis of the real author of the fan fiction.)

    Dialogue Quote:
    Sneering is an essential part of being an evil villain. At some point in time, all evil villains are required to sneer at something or someone, so you should prepare. However, sneering is no easy task! If this is done incorrectly, your sneer could come off as an expression of confusion or constipation. This is not something you want.
    If you want to master your sneering techniques, try this exercise. Stand in front of your mirror at least once a day. Make eye contact with your reflection. Then, begin to sneer at yourself, making sure you don’t rush into it. Your sneer should come gradually and should have an aura of evil.
    IStill not comfortable with your sneering? Classes are offered in many different locations, the most popular being taught by the master of the sneer, Severus Snape. Send him an owl and make an appointment!

    Biographical Information: Felix Asher Phineas Knowles is for the most part a muggle, though he has the unique magical powers of being able to control thoughts and magically ending up in fan fictions. He originally appeared in the (now deleted by author) “Hogwarts Overturned,” in which he took over the school by his own evil means. He describes himself as ‘hot and blond,’ but not in the same way as Draco Malfoy-- most people agree with this statement, but would add the words ‘obnoxious,’ ‘frighteningly flamboyant,’ ‘evil,’ ‘conceited,’ ‘hilariously funny,’ and ‘obsessed with musical theatre.’ He has a lethal weakness for billy goats and enjoys coffee-flavoured yoghurt, pink fluffy scarves, taking over the school, and much, much more. Felix has a friend (and henchman) named Tom who is a total computer nerd and happens to be completely omniscient, and Tom has an evil twin (but not as evil as Felix) who is a complete know-it-all and positively loathed by everyone who’s ever met him. Interestingly enough, he happens to be madly in love with his nemesis (her name is Delia, and she’s the true author of this his story). He is apparently based on one of the friends of the author in real life, though somewhat exaggerated.

    Why You Love This OC: Felix is the strangest original character I’ve seen in my entire life. Although obviously caricatured, he has an interesting personality (both extremes of sensitivity and evilness… not afraid to show his feminine side, but deeply in love with a girl who happens to be his nemesis), and extraordinarily funny. After reading “Evil Villainy for Dummies,” (a textbook for evil allegedly written by Felix), you can’t help but develop a crush on this bizarre and exceedingly funny boy who gives advice on sneering lessons, evil laughs, evil clothes, henchpeople selection, nemesises, and much, much more. Thanks to him, I’ve learned that Dolores Umbridge cannot successfully pull off the Evil Jig, and that a mauve sundress is not a terribly intimidating outfit for an aspiring evil overlord. Another thing I love about Felix is that, oddly, he reminds me suspiciously of one of my best friends. (Although this friend is neither ‘hot’ nor blond.) Yes, I would have to say that Felix Asher Phineas Knowles brings a new meaning to the phrase ‘original character,’ with an emphasis on the first word.

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    I love Severus Snape
    Username: I love Severus Snape
    House: Slytherin

    OC Name: Ellen Hammond

    OC Hogwarts's House, or N/A: Hufflepuff

    Author Penname & Story Link: Ellen Hammond by stareyed_in_LA

    Narrative Excerpt:
    Ellen Hammond was a Hufflepuff,
    A funky pixie with lilac hair
    Done by Muggle dyestuff,
    And an eerie green-eyed stare.

    She was a shy lady,
    Who spoke very little,
    And was kind of shady.
    Traits that never gave her acquittal.

    The other guys like to harass Ellen.
    They tripped her, scorned her, called her names,
    Like they had just caught a felon,
    And made her a victim in the most dangerous of games
    Dialogue Quote:
    One day, from across the glen,
    I saw a lilac haired girl standing by,
    It was Ellen,
    Head tilted back and staring at the sky.

    She said

    “I wish I were dead.”
    I stopped and listened as Ellen made her wish.
    But she saw me and asked, “What do you want, Ced?”
    And with that, she was gone in just a swish.
    Biographical Information: (Word Count: 212)
    Ellen Hammond was a shy Hufflepuff who never fit in -- much like Luna Lovegood. The other students didn’t accept her because she wasn't very social and looked different from them. Her hair was dyed strange colours with Muggle dyes, which was seen as weird. Ellen was often harassed and picked on by the other students because she wasn't very popular. Cedric Diggory felt bad for her and tried to reach out to her to lend comfort, but the other students wouldn't allow him to. Ellen, unlike Luna, couldn't deal with all the harassment and was very upset by it, crying often. One day, in the summer of '92, after she had lost all of her self-confidence, she couldn't take it any longer and wished death upon herself. Cedric had overheard her and watched her commit suicide with Avada Kedavra. The fact that the spell worked and killed her means that she wanted terribly to die because she was so miserable. Her funeral took place the day before school started and the students who had tortured her, driving her to her death, felt guilty for their actions. Cedric Diggory really cared for her and regrets that he never stood up for her to make her feel better and possibly prevent her death.

    Why You Love This OC: I think what I like mainly about her is that she's someone who was true to herself, despite being rejected for it. I respect that she never tried to change into someone she's not just to be accepted because that's what most people would do.

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    House: Hufflepuff

    OC Name: Nathan Granger
    OC Hogwarts' House: Gryffindor
    Author penname + story link: ferporcel + Not Only a Granger
    Narrative Excerpt- (the boy is Nathan)
    "In the middle of his musings, the boy turned his way again. This time, Severus glared at him with his trademark sneer without hesitation, and was answered with an arched eyebrow from the boy. Severus narrowed his eyes in visible fury. Who does this boy think he is? he thought. A low growl formed in his throat and McGonagall turned his way with an inquiring face. As he ignored her, she followed his gaze to the first years at the Gryffindor table, and frowned."

    Dialogue Excerpt: (Nathan’s in detention)

    Nathan said nothing, just reached for the brush and started scrubbing. The boy remained quiet while he cleaned the first cauldron. When he was starting the second, he spoke. “Why did you assign me detention, sir?”

    Why did I assign him detention? What kind of question is that? he thought. “I thought you were smarter than that,” he answered. The boy was still looking at him so he rolled his eyes and added, “you were attempting to hex another student, Mr. Granger. You even admitted the intention. Now, go back to work! I don’t have the whole night.”

    But the boy didn’t comply. Wasn’t I clear? Snape thought.

    “Why didn’t you assign detention to the other boys, too? They were threatening the Hufflepuff,” Nathan said.

    He furrowed his eyebrows together at this. Is he questioning my judgment?

    “Five points from Gryffindor for disrespect, Mr. Granger. Now, go back to work! I won’t tell you again,” he said between gritted teeth.

    “I will, sir,” defied Nathan. “I just want to understand why you’re always picking on Gryffindors and never at Slytherins. Why don’t you ever take points from them?”

    That did it. Snape was on his feet and, in two long steps, was mere inches from Nathan, towering over him. The boy didn’t flinch and met the professor’s glare with an inquiring eyebrow. This made Professor Snape growl.

    “I won’t tolerate this, boy. You show no respect! You’re here to scrub cauldrons because you deserved it. Now, stop testing my patience and start cleaning this cauldron. NOW!”

    This time the boy obeyed, and Snape went back to his book. Nathan cleaned the second cauldron in silence. When he finished, Nathan approached the professor’s desk. Without taking his eyes from the book, the Potions master said, “Out!”

    The boy didn’t move. Snape ignored him for a while and then sighed heavily. What does the boy want now? He’s even worst than his mother! Lifting his head, he glared at the boy and said with more force, “Are you deaf? I said out!”

    “Professor,” Nathan started, “I didn’t mean to disrespect you with my questions. I’m sorry.”

    He’s… apologizing? he thought, though his expression showed no surprise at Nathan’s words.

    “My mother told me you had to favor the Slytherins back when she was a student because of the war,” the boy continued. “I was just trying to understand why you do so now as well,” he finished. “I’m sorry, anyway.”

    Biographical Information:
    Nathan is Hermione’s son by Snape. He was forced to rape her when she was captured by Death Eaters to get her away from them towards the end of the war. Hence, Nathan. No one, though, knows of Snape’s connection to the boy, not even Snape in the beginning. Since the incident, Hermione has raised her son in the Muggle world and has little to no contact with the Wizard World. Nathan leaves for Hogwarts and hence, the conflict begins. He has black hair, coal-colored eyes, long fingers, and is tall for his age. He’s an all around nice kid with a bit of both parents in him. He has his mother’s heart and love of books while he has Snape’s Potions skill, wit, and occasional smugness. Even with the similarities, Nathan is his own person. His voice is so innocent, yet determined and confident. For example, (spoiler here), after not winning points from Snape and refusing to believe Snape is biased, Nathan creates a points chart to determine what Snape awards points for and for whom. He then uses his chart to try to win points, confident that it will work, but unfortunately doesn't reach his goal. It is only when he witnesses Snape's bias in this manner does he see what everyone's been telling him. It's little things like this about his character that truly makes him unique.

    Why you love this character: Nathan truly speaks with his own voice and is one of the few characters to do so. You also feel sorry for his situation as the story progresses. All in all, he’s the little brother you want but rarely get. He’s also one of the only people who passive-aggressively defies Snape. There’s just no reason not to love him.

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    UserName: Mecredi
    House: Slytherin

    OCName: Rachael Lupin
    OCHouse: Gryffindor
    Author Name: Potter, Story Link:

    Narrative Excerpt: “Rachael sat in her small room at the top of the Lupin household… lying on her back on her soft bed, looking at the ceiling, and trying to forget, though it was near impossible to. How could it be that a person’s life could be so normal, so uneventful… so calm… and then in a split second… in the blink of an eye it changes right before you and there’s nothing you can do about it. It didn’t make sense to her, nothing did anymore, the whole world was just too confusing for her and she never wanted to face any of these problems again, but she had to… she was forced to. They were making her, well technically only one was, the other was thrown into it.”

    Dialogue Excerpt: ““Rachael Michelle Lupin!” her mother shrieked. Rachael jumped in fright and turned quickly to look at her mother…which she suddenly realized she shouldn’t have done. Her mother’s eyes were bulging an unnatural bulge, they were red with flames, her skin was flushed with fury, hands on her hips, hunched over, she stalked over to her daughter, bent down so that she was level and glared her daughter in the eye. Rachael tried to defend herself.

    “But mom…” she whimpered, cowering under her mother’s rage.

    “Y-y-you l-let y-your brother get bitten by a werewolf!” she yelled, spraying her daughter with spit.

    “But I-“

    “But you what? You were too clumsy… too foolish… too… too… you let your brother get bitten… do you know what you’ve done to him?” She didn’t move. “Do you?” She slowly nodded her head, close to crying… why was her mother yelling at her like this? It wasn’t like she had meant for it to happen. She didn’t even want to go into the forest, it was Remus’s idea… he had suggested it, not her! And her was her mother yelling at her as though the entire thing was her fault.

    Wait, she thought, no I told Remus to run… I kept looking back for him telling him to run.
    Yes you did, said a little voice in the back of her head, but was it good enough? She hadn’t thought of that.
    Of course it was.
    If you were a real sister you would have run back and gotten him.
    But he told me to run.
    And you listened? Wow you’re thicker than I thought.
    No I’m not!
    Rachael you are…”

    Biographical Information: Rachael Lupin is Remus Lupin’s twin sister. What I love about her is that despite being a Gryffindor and having little to no Dark Side, she lives with the guilt of being with her brother when he was bitten (by Greyback). This guilt gives a dark side to the story without going overboard angst. When her brother is bitten, their parents send them away. She has a lot of external conflict here, but also internal conflict. She is filled with guilt about what happened to Remus and anger about how her parents handled it. Half of her believes that it might really be her fault, as everyone thinks it is, but the other part believes that she did nothing wrong. She has this guilt, but as a Gryffindor, she faces it bravely, and deals with it. She is Remus’ identical twin, so she has the same “sandy brown” hair and green eyes as Remus. Despite being similar in appearance, they have very different personalities. While Remus is the quite, studious introvert, Rachael is much more extroverted and outgoing. She actually really reminds me of Harry in many ways: she has a secret, she is a Gryffindor through and through, she is close to her best mates, and she is brave and emotional.

    Character Love: I admire her bravery and ability to face challenges, and the way that she deals with her emotional problems. She is far from perfect (How would that be interesting?), but she is almost Hermione-like in her problem-solving capacity. Like Harry, she just has that appealing “moral fibre” or thickness, depending on which way you look at it. Either way, she is a very fun OC to read.

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    OC Name: Maeve O'Malley
    OC Hogwarts's House, or N/A: She's no longer a student but I believe it was Ravenclaw
    Author Penname & Story Link: Magical Maeve The Daughter of Light
    Narrative Excerpt: What better than the beginning?
    The horse and rider moved slowly across the landscape. They were clearly in no hurry to get anywhere, giving the impression of having all the time in the world. Viewed from a distance it would be impossible to gauge the sadness that emanated from the young woman, or to decipher the reason behind it. To understand her quiet despair would require knowledge of the O’Malley family history and an understanding of recent events. As very few outsiders were ever allowed within the grounds of the Abbeylara estate, she was seemingly alone in her sorrow.
    Dialogue Quote:
    “You may put your wands away,” she began, her voice made sharp with nerves. The startled groans alarmed her. Maeve knew they may have wanted to do some practical work, but she hadn’t expected such a strong negative response. “Just for today we will talk about the aims of this year, what we need to know in preparation for your N.E.W.T.s next year, and what we need to know given the current problems we face in the world outside of school. So I am sorry if you expected to come in here today and immediately have to defend yourself against hexes I threw at you, but…”

    “Do you know any good hexes?” Malfoy said slowly with a huge smirk on his face. Maeve sighed, realising she would have to deal with Malfoy sooner rather than later. She turned to him, smiling sweetly.

    “I do know some quite good hexes, Mr Malfoy.” She kept her voice as controlled as she could, but she was remembering his treatment of Harry in the bookshop; she just wanted to wipe that ugly leer off his face.

    “Yeah right,” he mocked. “How to make someone howl at the moon!”

    “Be careful, Mr Malfoy,” she said softly, irritation already beginning to get the better of her.

    “Well, show us one then,” he goaded, tipping himself backwards on the chair in a deliberate gesture of defiance.

    She withdrew her wand so quickly that no one knew what she was doing until she spoke.

    “Eximere Quisquiliae,” she said loudly, and with the briefest of flashes the seat that Draco had been occupying was suddenly empty. There were loud, horrified gasps from the Slytherin half of the room, but the Gryffindors looked amused by this turn of events. Only Hermione put her hand up in concern.

    “Yes, Hermione?” Maeve asked, wondering if she should really have hexed a student and just how dim a view Albus would take of the whole thing.

    “Professor Lupin, Hogwarts has a lot of magic placed upon it that sometimes can interfere with transportation spells, especially those that are placed on humans.” Hermione looked a little amused despite her apparent concern.

    “Really?” Maeve asked. “Do you think perhaps I should bring him back?”

    This was starting to look bad. The spell had been one commonly used for removing rubbish to the rubbish bin so she had anticipated dumping Draco in the kitchen rubbish area, but this new information lent a certain unpredictability to the spell. In all her time at Hogwarts no one had ever mentioned anything about transportation spells going awry. She knew you couldn’t Apparate, but… she sighed to herself and raised her wand again.

    “Contrarius Carmen,” she said quietly, pointing her wand at the place where Draco Malfoy had been, utilising a very useful little spell she had discovered years ago to undo any previous spells.

    The smell was the first thing that hit them and the plain-faced girl recoiled in disgust as Draco plopped back into place. He was so full of indignation that he couldn’t speak, but his mouth was also full of an assortment of potato peelings, old newspaper and rotting fish heads, and this was hindering his speech somewhat. Maeve was struggling to fight back a laugh as several chicken bones slid greasily down the front of his robes. There was something that looked suspiciously like the congealing remains of beef hotpot in his hair. The Gryffindors were now hooting with laughter and even Harry had a smile on his face.

    “Oh dear, Draco, how awful,” Maeve said with a feigned anxious expression on her face. “But you did ask for a demonstration.”

    It was probably as well that Draco had a mouthful of rubbish because otherwise there was no doubt she would have had to take points of Slytherin for his use of several colourful swear-words.

    Arg! There be spoilers about!
    Biographical Information: For starters, Maeve is a fiery person. She has long, thick red hair, warm eyes(I don't believe the color was ever mentioned), pale, smooth skin with pink hints on the cheeks, full lips, and seems to be of average height and weight for a woman. She's also a metamorphus and can change her appearance at will.

    Following her looks, her personality also burns with passion. Incredibly intelligent, witty, brave, and loving, Maeve never ceases to a suprise and amuse readers. She proves time and again that she is a force to be reckoned with when crossed.

    We first meet her as she rides her horse, Saorise, across the grounds of the Irish estate, Abbeylara. We're then rushed into the plot when Dumbledore and Snape make a surprise visit and insist that Maeve be rushed out of hiding to Hogwarts as Voldy is on the move again. The mystery of Maeve and her past in slowly revealed as time prgresses and we find that she was friends with Lily (Evans) Potter and Alice Longbottom in school and had a romance with the one and only Severus Snape. (*GASP!* ) She later becomes rather close with Remus Lupin and Harry Potter which is interesting considering what we find out later.

    She also comes with an interesting family. In the beginning we meet her father, Niall O'Malley, but come later we learn that her actual father is in fact the god of light. And to add to the drama, Lily and Alice were two of his other daughters. That doesn't make them her sisters in the mortal sense of the word, just for the record. And for some time she went undercover as Remus' sister, thanks to her Metamorphus skills, but she later drops the act after a near death encounter and meeting with her father. She still has sibling feelings towards Remus afterwards.

    Why You Love This OC: It is all Jan's fault. After hearing, or rather reading what her raving fans were saying, I just had to go see what was all the fuss and thus became another Maeve fan. There is something about Maeve that grips you and makes you love her. She is funny, smart, and a very passionate person. You can't help but want to hug her, after you scold her for doing something without thinking. Her interactions with Snape are to die for too, as you never know whether they're going to fight or finally fall for each other all over again. Jan manages to make her so real that you can't help but want more.

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    OC Name: Inarra Potter/Snape
    OC Hogwarts's House, or N/A: Slytherin
    Author Penname & Story Link: MJ MNFF & Link
    Narrative Excerpt:
    Inarra gave an appropriately condescending sneer as her sister stepped up to the stool. Gwen and Robbie had been giving her fearful looks all week. They were afraid that they too would land in Slytherin. While the house suited her perfectly, Inarra knew that her younger half brother and sister would be Gryffindor. They were so forthright and outspoken and — idealistic, that Inarra had never had any doubts that they’d do their father proud. But they were scared, after all, if Harry Potter’s eldest child, the daughter of two notable Gryffindors, could be a Slytherin, then anything was possible.

    As Potter, Gwendolen and Potter, Robert, were both declared Gryffindors, she let herself remember her own sorting. The silence in the Great Hall following the Hat’s declaration had been deafening. The proclamation of Slytherin hadn’t bothered Inarra so much as everyone else’s reaction to it. She’d gazed fearfully at her new head of house, it was no secret that Severus Snape hated Harry Potter and the feeling was mutual. The disgusted sneer that the man had given upon hearing her name had disappeared, though, and instead he granted her an almost pensive gaze. And so her career at Hogwarts had begun. Her dad had sent her a letter congratulating her on her sorting. Inarra had tried to find any trace of disappointment in the letter, but there was none. Her father still loved her, would always love her. She’d already begun to suspect that he wasn’t, in fact, her father, so that bit of reassurance had touched her even more.
    Dialogue Quote:
    Did you enjoy your first semester at school, Inarra?” asked Harry.

    “I did, but that’s not what I wanted to talk to you about.”

    Harry nodded. “Go ahead, Inarra, though I’m afraid you’re asking the wrong parent.”

    “You’re the one who claims to be my father — Harry. I think you’re the perfect one to ask.”

    He gave a weary sigh. “Inarra, I think that you are old enough to understand that there’s more to being a father than an act of sex.”

    She nodded, flushing slightly. “I’m not complaining, sir, I know you love me as much as you do Gwen and Robbie. I know that Ginny loves me too, which is odd. Shouldn’t she hate me? If I was really your daughter, that is. And then there’s Mum. She doesn’t resent Ginny or the twins or the time I spend here. She even spends some time here herself. If you and she had ever been — lovers — wouldn’t that be awkward?”

    Harry smiled. “You’ve called me ‘sir’ and ‘Harry’. I still acknowledge you as my daughter, but does this mean you’re through acknowledging me as your father?”

    Inarra squinted her eyes and glared at him. “You’re not going to come right out and answer me, are you? How very Slytherin of you.”

    He laughed loudly at the insult. “Inarra, the only thing I ever need to tell you on the subject is that I love you and you will always have a place in my home.”

    Spoiler Warning

    Biographical Information: Her mother is Hermione Granger and her biological father is Severus Snape. She was the result of rape. Hermione was captured by Death Eaters (apparently during the war) and raped and beaten by Severus in front of other Death Eaters.
    After the war was over, Hermione found out she was pregnant and she told Harry and Ginny.

    Harry married her to give her child a last name (legitimate), but it was just a marriage of convenience/name and they filed for divorce after Inarra was born as agreed. Harry always treated her as his own child, loved her as his own, gave her his last name, and no one could have been none the wiser in the wizarding world. He remarried to Ginny and had children with her, and Ginny was a very loving step-mother to her.

    From the story, it appears to me that she looks a lot like her biological father, Severus Snape, but close enough to Harry Potter to fool everyone else.

    She must have black hair, brown eyes, be slender, and gangly.
    Growing up around so many Gryffindors embedded a deep sense of loyalty and friendship in her. Her surrogate/clannish family served for her to never feel alone, or sad, and respond well to difficult situations.

    She has two "step" siblings from Harry and Ginny who she appears to love very much.
    Inarra was sorted into Slytherin, and as soon as she saw her Head of House Snape, she decides that her suspicions were true: Harry Potter was not her father.

    Why You Love This OC:She's so Slytherin! Ok. I love her because she's very perceptive, and headstrong in a sensitive way. And she's very sassy! I also love her inner strength.

    I've left moddom/fandom...though don't be surprised if I get caught lurking once in a blue moon.
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