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Thread: Challenge: I <3 OC's

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    Challenge: I <3 OC's

    Want to earn an easy 20 points and spread the love on MNFF?

    Tell us about your favourite MNFF original character, using the following format

    OC Name:
    OC Hogwarts's House, or N/A:
    Author Penname & Story Link:
    Narrative Excerpt: Here, post a small excerpt from the OC's story that comes from the narration of the story and gives us a glimpse of the OC.
    Dialogue Quote: Another story excerpt, but this time, a line of dialogue or inner monologue directly from the character.
    Biographical Information: Tell us what you know about the OC, their looks, their life, their friends, their family, or their beliefs -- anything. 200-400 words. Try looking at the Character Forms at ideas for what to include
    Why You Love This OC: Self-explanatory, I think
    One small catch -- they cannot be from 'your' House. I understand some OC's don't attend Hogwarts, or do not have their House explicitly mentioned, and those OC's are perfectly fine. But no Slytherins giving Slytherin OC's, no Gryffindors giving Gryffindor OC's, and so on.

    You also are not allowed post an Original Character that has already been posted. Maybe this will give you a chance to find and fall in love with a new character [Also, it cannot be your own original character]

    All entries are due by 11:59 August 6th. This thread is for entries only. One entry per person.

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    Spoiler Warning!

    OC Name: Ivy Foylam
    OC Hogwarts's House, or N/A: Slytherin
    Author Penname & Story Link: Purplemage's Ariel and the Triwizard Cup
    Dialogue Quote: “Love is in the air,” Ivy said, entering the Three Broomsticks.

    “Not again,” exclaimed Nessa, rolling her eyes.

    Ivy smiled at her, walked up to Ornella and added, “Maybe you should follow Ariel’s example and confess your love in Myrtle’s bathroom.”

    Narrative Excerpt:

    I wasn’t listening to any of them; my life was ruined. Ivy knew one of the most embarrassing episodes of my life and it wouldn’t take her long to spread the gossip. I grabbed my leather jacket and headed outside.

    “Ariel!” Nessa called, following me and leaving Ornella and John at the table. “Wait!”

    She caught up with me outside. I was searching for a cigarette through my pockets.

    “Don’t let her get to you.” She said. I didn’t answer, I was more interested in lighting my cigarette.

    We were walking back to Hogwarts. I only wanted to crawl in my bed and forget this day and the other one ever happened, but no. Just when I thought we were leaving dangerous territory I saw the most horrible vision of my entire life.

    My heart suddenly stopped.

    Leaving Madame Puddifoot’s was Ivy, holding hands with Christian!

    Biographical Information: Ivy has long fair hair, green eyes and a sharp and thinnish face. She is like the barbie doll of the school, all the guys want her, all the girls want to be her, but she is still hated. Ivy is stuck-up and she feels she's above everyone else, socially, mentally and physically. In the story, Ivy dates Christian, the attractive boy the main character, Ariel, likes after she discovers Ariel is gay and it's likes she is dangling Christian in front of Ariel. Her two best friends are Berenice and Verona.

    Ivy will do anything to be the winner, the best. She enters the Triwizard tournament and even takes Christian on a date, knowing the Ariel likes him. Ivy is much to fragile to be a champion in the tournament. She has guts and wit, but is not able to defend herself. She relies on others to do her work.

    In the first scene with Ivy in it, she is giggling and seems nice enough and quite cheeky, but she is fleshed out in later chapters. In the latest chapter, Ariel decides to take revenge on Ivy and puts a dungbomb in her bag. She is distracted by a house-elf, and when she returns, she says: “Stupid elf!” barked Ivy as she sat down.

    “What did he want?” asked Verona, with no interest at all.

    “He started talking about the wonders of growing your own tea plants.” She cleared her blonde hair off her shoulder and continued, “I think it was his way of flirting with me.”

    This shows she believes everyone is in love with her. She's that arrogant.

    Because she isn't a really big main character, there isn't much more to add.

    Why You Love This OC: I don't like the character, I just think they are fantastically built. She's witty and she's mean, and it's a good mix for a girl of her status.

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    Name: Gryffinpuff
    House: Hufflepuff

    Spoiler Warning!!
    OC Name: Sandra Cane
    Hogwart’s House: Didn’t specify, though I envision Slytherin
    Author: whatapotter's , Incidious Liaisons
    Narrative Excerpt: Chuckling softly to herself as she imagined it, Sandra envisioned the amount she could feasibly get for a price such as this. With the second war in full force, both sides losing supporters and hope by the day and both desperate for any sort of advantage over the other, yes, knowledge such as this would bring a massive price. Much, much more than the measly five hundred thousand Avery was willing to pay her. She could play each side off against the other, blackmailing both of them with the risk that she could easily deliver the files to the opposing side. Both would be so desperate to keep information such as this from falling into enemy hands, that who knew the amount they’d be willing to pay! Why, with this much she could probably buy one of those cosy Islands in the Mediterranean and bypass this messy war altogether.
    Dialogue Quote: “Dirk, there’s no time! You’ve got to go! Look, why else would I have told you all of this if I wasn’t telling the truth? I could’ve easily gotten everything I wanted from you and you’d have never been any the wiser. Please, now listen to me — you’ve got to leave!”
    Biographical Information: Sandra Cane is an Unspeakable working in the Department of Mysteries. Though you don’t get an in depth physical description, you imagine she is fairly young and extremely attractive. She is having a secret affair with Dirk Ringer, her head of Department and boss. Sandra appears un-phased by the fact that Dirk is now her superior, pushing him openly to show their relationship even at inappropriate times (as demonstrated in the opening scene). At one point, whilst being huffy with Dirk, you get the impression that perhaps she has made her rounds in the Department, dating numerous co-workers at one time or another, though she seems currently interested in only Dirk.

    As the story progresses, you see that Sandra has a bit of an unsavory side. She’s been conversing with Death Eaters, offering to sell them information about the Department of Ministries. Though far from being her friend, as he roughs her up a bit, it starts to show that Sandra isn’t afraid to run in rougher circles. This, combined with the opening scene between she and Dirk, points to her primary trait and belief. That you can, and should, do anything to get what you want. Sandra is extremely focused, willing to put her life, and everyone elses, on the line to succeed. She wants money, power, and though not able to take it my force, she takes it through stealth. Using her brains, her skills as an Unspeakable, and her feminine charm, she manipulates everyone and everything until the world starts to turn her way.
    Why you love this OC: She was, as I said in my review to the story, “deliciously evil.” She even had me fooled as I was reading the story, thinking she was actually a good person deep down, seeing the error of her ways. Then she’d come out of nowhere and make me wonder again until the final moments when she revealed it all. I think the best part about her was that she seemed nonplussed by the entire incident at the end (won’t spoil it), fixing her hair and moving about her business.

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    *spreads the love in the very best way she can think of*


    OC Name: Siobhan Galadriel Murphy (for now, *winks*)

    OC Hogwart’s House: Slytherin

    Author Pennames & Story Links: GringottsVault711/The Vault & Harry Potter and the Blood Debt, One Last Tender Lie and Sins of the Father (warning: rated professors!).

    Narrative Excerpt:
    Since leaving Ireland with her mother the only source of companionship for Siobhan had been letters and occasional visits from her brother, Liam. Her timid hope of making one or two friends at Hogwarts was promptly extinguished having arrived at the school. The Slytherins epitomised what she despised about purebloods, and students in the other houses immediately classified her amongst her prejudiced classmates [something she found annoyingly ironic]. And Siobhan, never having been the ‘social butterfly’ type, hadn’t put any effort into proving them wrong. Instead she settled for quiet solitude and spent her days convincing herself that she was perfectly content in her loneliness.
    Dialogue Quote:
    “Dogs are a different species, Lucius,” she said slowly. “Muggles are humans. Just like us, you’ll notice.”

    “Yes, and their status as humans is what has enabled them to survive without magic for so long,” Lucius replied. “My main irritation with the race is that they continue to pollute our blood. They infiltrate our community, and their impact is becoming more visible with the passing year. Muggle clothing, Muggle culture. It’s a disgrace.”

    “And you agree that they should be done away with…”

    “Muggles are weak and pathetic — if we could be left alone by them, I would not be bothered, but the barriers continue to be broken down. I do not see how witches and wizards can stand for such integration.”

    “So you believe genocide to be the answer?”

    “I said no such thing,” Lucius responded simply.

    “I didn’t ask you if you’d said it — I asked you if you believed it.”

    Lucius stiffened for a moment at this, but after a few seconds his lips curled into an impressed smile.

    “You are certainly able to detect a falsehood of technicality,” he said. “I’ll have to keep that in mind.”
    Biographical Information:

    Siobhan was born in Ireland in the very end of 1979, to Shannon McCabe Murphy and Brendan Murphy. Her only sibling is a brother who was born just over a month before herself, Liam Connolly. Siobhan and Liam share a father, and his mother also happened to be Siobhan’s mother’s sister. So, without further elaboration, it’s easy to understand that her family situation is a bit complicated. Liam and Siobhan used to spend a lot of time together before she was forced to go to England with her mother, and he is also the only family member she honestly cares about.

    At Hogwarts, Siobhan was sorted into Slytherin, but as is obvious from the two excerpts above, she did not find any friends in her House, and she does not share the prejudice against Muggles that is so widely spread among her Housemates. I don’t know if she would admit it herself, but I’m sure she was lonely before she got to know Harry Potter and his friends. Why it was Harry who got Siobhan’s approval (yes, you may interpret that any way you like) I’m not sure, but I do know that it was what finally made Harry realise that all Slytherins aren’t bad.

    I almost feel like intruding on something personal when I get ready to discuss Siobhan’s love life. This does of course also depend on the ‘Universe’ she is read in, as I know for sure that she has had feelings for three different canon men. But in my mind and my heart, she will always belong with Lucius Malfoy. According to Siobhan’s main story, Sins of the Father, they finally got together in her seventh year, and she soon discovered delights and pleasures, but also the difficulties and troubles, in having an affair with a man more than twice her own age.

    To mention a few words about her appearance, Siobhan is about five feet and six inches tall, of normal (or, I suppose according to some, very desirable) built. Her skin is pale and freckled and she has lovely, deep red hair that is of mid-waist length when straight, and just past her shoulders when in ringlets. Her eyes are a pale green, and even if she won’t agree with me, I’m going to tell you that she has the most adorable, slightly pointed nose.

    Why You Love This OC:

    Hee. Siobhan is more than just an OC. She’s a person. And I’m not making that claim because she’s exceptionally well-written (and, as it happens to be, not only by her own Creator, but by two other authors as well!), no, and not even because she’s in the habit of socialising with Muggles like myself on AIM. No, Siobhan is a person because… because she exists. I sometimes find myself wondering what she would think about some things I see, or what she would say about some of the things I hear. I value her opinion, I care about what she thinks of me, and I laugh at her jokes and naughtiness. I worry about what will happen to her in the future, I feel for her when life gets rough, and I wish with all my heart that she will always be happy – just like with any of my friends.

    Oh, and for the record – she is amazingly well-written, colourful, well-developed, three/four/five/six-dimensional, and whatever else you can think of to describe a good OC.

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    Dumbledore Prince
    Username: Dumbledore Prince
    House: Gryffindor

    Spoiler warning!

    OC Name: Aldred Dumbledore

    OC Hogwarts House: Not mentioned in story

    Author Penname and story link:
    The Keeper of the Hall written by Gmariam.

    Narrative excerpt:
    Spring had finally arrived, though it was exceptionally cool and rainy. Deep in the Department of Mysteries, a short, thin man with grey hair and a trim beard sighed as he looked out of the window in his office. Magically spelled to mimic the weather outside, the window showed him yet another morning of dark skies and wind-whipped trees: even underground, he couldn’t escape the bleak weather of springtime London.

    Leaning back in his cushioned desk chair, the small man narrowed his shrewd blue eyes as he studied the glowing orb on his desk. It was lit within by a strong emerald green light, which pulsated at regular intervals, hypnotizing anyone who watched. The man was used to working with these orbs however, and he was unaffected, though exceptionally fascinated. This newest prophecy had arrived two nights ago, and he was still puzzling over its mysterious message, as well as how to catalogue it. During his fifty years as Keeper of the Hall of Prophecy, he had not come across a prophecy quite like this one.
    Dialogue quote:
    “Aldred!” exclaimed the visitor, as he took the smaller man’s hand and shook it vigorously. “How are you doing down here?”

    "Albus,” the Keeper replied genially, as he led his cousin toward a set of Victorian armchairs in the corner of his office. “Please come in, come in! Terrible weather, but I’m doing well, and you?

    “As fine as could be expected, given the state of things,” said Albus Dumbledore somewhat gravely.

    “Yes, well, have a seat, relax for a moment.” Aldred indicated one of the chairs and walked over to a small cabinet. “Something to drink, then?”

    “ Thank you. Hot tea would be lovely, it’s dreadful outside.” Dumbledore sat down and glanced around the room; his eyes fell on the glowing glass orb still resting on the Keeper’s desk. “Ah, just the reason I came. I take it that is the prophecy regarding Voldemort?”
    Biographical Information (241 words): Aldred Dumbledore is Albus Dumbledore’s cousin. He is the Keeper of the Hall of Prophecy, and has been in the position for fifty years. He bears a striking resemblance to his cousin, though his height and beard is much shorter. His handwriting is spidery and he was the one who wrote the label of the infamous prophecy concerning Harry and Voldemort.

    He becomes the Keeper of the Hall of Prophecy because he has a rare ability to lift prophecies from the shelves without becoming mad. Apparently, one such witch or wizard is born only once in a century.

    He seems to be a member of the Order of the Phoenix, and a trusted friend of Dumbledore. His job is to arrange prophecies and catalogue them. He relies often on a green orb, whose function is explained in the story.

    Aldred has a hidden majesty and a mysterious aura around him. There are many instances where you could almost say that he’s a Dumbledore clone, but he’s not. He definitely believes in Divination and Fate. He wants Dumbledore to be the Minister for Magic.

    He is quite suspicious about Snape as well. He doesn’t believe in second chances and lives by the adage, “Once a Death Eater, always a Death Eater.” Interestingly, he doesn’t use Voldemort’s name; even though he doesn’t appear to be afraid when Albus speaks the name.

    There is a subtle hint about his life partner. Apparently, it’s McGonagall!

    Why you love this OC: This is the first time that I have seen an OC related to Dumbledore. In addition, he is very well written. I like his thoughts, despite the fact that the story is a one-shot and thus has limited scope for character development.

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    OC Name: A pale young man
    OC Hogwarts's House: n/a
    Author Penname & Story Link: Ada Kensington/Revelations1:1
    Narrative Excerpt:
    Sitting under the shade of a tree, the man - or was it a boy? - sat picking blades of grass, weaving them together to make a chain. He wore a pure white, loose-fitting shirt and trousers - nothing else. His feet were bare but spotlessly clean. His skin was also white - chalk white, as though he had never seen the sun - and his hair fell about his face like tendrils of mist or frost. It could have been said that the young man had a theme going, but his eyes spoiled the whole effect entirely. They were utterly black, and in all ways like the lake: their cold, still depths seeming to stretch out beyond the vast, bleak reaches of eternity itself.
    Dialogue Quote:
    "I come here when I feel the need for solitude," the young man said, his voice soft and almost childlike, but devoid of tone and warmth. "This is my private place. What brings you here, Harry Potter?"
    Biographical Information:
    This character is not given a name, but seems to represent Death. We meet him in a mysterious glade in the Forbidden Forest. The glade is quiet and sacred, and although it unnerves Ron and Hermione, Harry is not scared, he even grows to like it. He is up early one morning when he notices this young man across a lake, sitting under a tree. The strange young man is making a chain of grass, which seems symbolic of his job; I believe he makes a chain for the next person who will come to him as Death. He is described as young but seems ageless. He is pale, with dark mysterious eyes, and dressed all in white. He is very calm and serene, and moves very gracefully, even over water. When he speaks, his voice is quiet and has no inflection. He speaks very matter-of-fact and with little emotion. He is mysterious and otherwordly, and Harry’s first impulse is to run in fear. But he quickly realizes that he has nothing to fear from the young man and he sits down to join him. He feels the cold radiating from the young man. Apparently the young man comes to the glade for solitude. Though he does not say so, he makes the chains of grass for people who die; he tells Harry that the one he is working on is not for Harry, but that Harry will know soon enough who it is for. The young man knows Harry’s parents, and Sirius, and tells Harry he still has much work to do. When Harry comments about the job being a “bummer,” the pale man’s reply seems to indicate otherwise. His job is simply a natural part of the order of the world. He leaves by walking across the lake again and disappearing into nothingness, leaving Harry changed by the experience.
    Why You Love This OC:
    I thought this character - and the entire story - was incredibly original. It is never stated outright that this pale young man is Death, but that is what you are lead to believe through the narrative. The character is described so well so that you get a vividly clear picture of him - and yet he remains mysterious and otherwordly through what he says and does. He is nothing like the typical representation of Death: black cloak and hood, sickle, etc. The character's interaction with Harry was appropriately mysterious - yet moving - as well. I particularly liked the image of him weaving a chain of grass, I thought it was a very unique idea. This character could certainly be included in future stories by this author, and they would be wonderful to read.

    OC Review by: Gmariam of Ravenclaw.
    Edited for the biographical word requirement, 8-3-06

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    OC Name: Chloe Reynolds
    OC Hogwarts's House, or N/A: Ravenclaw
    Author Penname & Story Link: Let Go by Lily Evans34

    Narrative Excerpt:

    “Chloe Reynolds!”

    She felt each pair of eyes in the room shift to her as she made her way up to the front of the room. Stop staring at me! she thought imperiously. Admittedly, she was used to it; Chloe was a pretty girl, sporting long, blonde hair and deep, grey eyes. She tried to concentrate on the ground, though it proved to be a hard task unless she ran into various people. Taking a deep breath, she looked up and forced herself to make it to the stool.

    After what seemed like hours, she luckily made it to the stool, for she doubted that her legs could carry her any longer. As she felt McGonagall slip on the hat, she wondered, for the first time, which house she was going to be in. Surely not Slytherin… she wasn’t that bad, was she? She hoped that she wouldn’t be in Hufflepuff. Any other day she would have completely disregarded Gryffindor, yet remembering that the handsome boy, James, got sorted into there, she hesitated before ruling that out. I can be brave, right? She nearly laughed to herself as she remembered how terrified she had been to walk up to the front of the room. She figured Ravenclaw was the safest bet.

    As if echoing her thoughts, she heard the hat shout, “Ravenclaw!”

    Though she had predicted that, she couldn’t help but feel defeated at that. So she wasn’t with James.
    Dialogue Quote:

    “Chloe!” She spun around upon hearing her name being called.

    “Hey, James,” she responded, closing her book and sitting up yet straighter. She shook away the thought that even after six years, she couldn’t help the jolt that ran through her each time she saw him. Telling herself that he was in love with Lily didn’t stop her from dreaming. She watched as he walked over to where she was seated. For once, Sirius, Remus, and Peter weren’t with him. She couldn’t help but register her astonishment of how tall he was. Sitting down didn’t quite help. She quickly scrambled to her feet to better meet his eye level. “What’s up?” she asked him.

    “Not much,” he said, leaning against the tree. “Are you doing anything this Saturday?”

    Chloe felt as though her heart had stopped. And as though she had to lift her gaping jaw off of the ground. Am I seriously hearing this?

    It’s not what you think, came another cynical voice from the back of her head. You two are friends. He wants you to help him study. That’s it.

    Despite her now low hopes, she couldn’t stop her mouth from blurting, “Um… no. I’m not busy. Why do you ask?”

    “I was wondering if you wanted to go to Hogsmeade with me.”

    This. Can. Not. Be. Happening.

    “I–er, I mean, um…” she stumbled. Despite her awkward demeanor, James hardly seemed phased by this encounter. Yes! her thoughts were screaming. Just say yes! “I mean, I would love to, but…”



    “What about her?”

    “It’s just… you’ve been, well, in love with her for the past six years.”

    James laughed. “I can’t sit around waiting for a girl who has no interest in me. I’m over her.”

    “Really? Are you sure?”

    “Of course! Now is it yes, or should I go find a different girl who won’t question my motives?” His hazel eyes sparkled mischievously as he asked her this.

    Chloe felt her heart flip over. This isn’t happening. This isn’t happening. But it was. And she knew her answer. “Yes. I would love to.”
    Biographical Information:

    Chloe Reynolds is in the same year of Hogwarts as Lily and James. She has long, blonde hair and dark gray eyes. She was sorted into Ravenclaw, and she is confident about her looks. She is Lily's best friend, and was infatuated with James for a long time. She has a strong sense of what is proper - she turns James down because she knows he loves Lily, and she has problems when Sirius waves to her at the wedding - and she also is open with her emotions (she can cry at the wedding without being embarassed).

    She is a very good student, and she cares a lot about her grades. She has a tendency to hang on to things that she cares about, which is shown when she hangs on to James despite the fact that Sirius likes her. She can fool herself when she wants to - she tried to pretend that James likes her instead of Lily.

    She is a stubborn girl, with a strong sense of self, but she has the tendency to get nervous or unconfident when around people who she is "crushing" on. She tries very hard to be a good friend, and can hide her feelings when they're inappropriate or unwanted. She does put on a mask - she smiles when she is sad. She cares about fitting into society's picture of perfection, and she also cares about what others think of her.

    Why You Love This OC:

    She loves a man who will never love her back. It's a situation (in varying degrees of romance from infatuation to pure love) that we all have experienced. Chloe is explicitly dedicated to doing what is right, even though it's not always what her heart wants. She is heartbreakingly full of morals and she is an awesome person who does the right thing by her friends even though it breaks her heart. I love this OC because she's so believable, and she's truly a great person as a character. She also is relatable, because everyone has gone through her predicament. We love Chloe Reynolds!

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    OC Name: Kasumi
    OC Hogwarts's House, or N/A: N/A
    Author Penname & Story Link: Sakura by Purplemage
    Narrative Excerpt:
    Kasumi had a long neck that resembled the necks of the gracious cranes that were embroidered on her kimono. Every move she made was carefully planned. The most common tasks, like serving tea, were transformed into a dance by her delicate arms and touch.
    Dialogue Quote:
    “Who is this gift for?” asked Kasumi, lifting a porcelain cat.
    Sirius wasn’t sure of how to explain his relationship with Remus to Kasumi. He didn’t know how she would react to the fact that he was in love with someone of the same sex.
    “It’s for someone I love,” Sirius answered.
    “Your girlfriend?” asked Kasumi, putting down the porcelain cat.
    "No,” said Sirius, scratching his head. “It’s actually a boy.”
    “Oh.” Kasumi stopped moving.
    “Does it bother you?”
    “Of course not.” Kasumi turned around and looked up at Sirius. “Love comes in many different forms and shapes, but at the end, it’s all the same. It is just love.”
    Possible Spoilers for Sakura ahead
    Biographical Information: Kasumi is a young Japanese woman, and is married to Yoshiro. She is quite docile, and very pretty, with long, silky black hair, and favours a blue kimono. Her husband is proud to have her as his wife. However, not proud enough that he will stop cheating on her with her own sister. It turns out that Kasumi already knows this, but is willing to let it happen to please her husband, as he wants children and it is the one thing Kasumi cannot give him. She was willing to live an unhappy life to keep those that she loved happy, even if it seems that they have no intention of returning the favour. She has to do many household chores, which may be typical of a wife in Japan, and she seems to think it expected of her, but again, she is taken advantage of a little there. She and her husband used to be students of Master Inoue - who holds a weapon Sirius must collect for Dumbledore - but Kasumi and her husband decided to stay in Japan, whilst others elected to travel the world. She is hospitable to Sirius, a foreigner, who others are wary of, but she welcomes him and offers to show him around and help him. She is can be taken advantage of easily though, and often is, as she doesn't like confrontation.
    Why You Love This OC: Kasumi is a lovely character, and very well written. Even when she's in hard situations, she makes light of the of the little things - though that may only be when Sirius is around! She is written very believably, showing the vulnerable side of her as well as her bravery, and overcoming that vulnerability. Although at times she may seem weak; not being able to stand up to her family, in a way, doing that makes her braver than if she did stand up to them, for she does what she believes in, even if it may hurt her personally, she still does what she deems right. It also shows her incredible strength at being able to handle all that. She is incredibly wise, whether it's through her experiences or not. She says the thing about love (mentioned in the dialogue excerpt), and when she shows Sirius a flower, she says, "It’s a reminder for all of us that life is short, yet it’s beautiful." Purplemage really explores all the aspects to her, giving us a great character - Kasumi.

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    OC Name: Catherine Weasley

    OC Hogwarts's House, or N/A: N/A

    Author Penname & Story Link: JessicaH

    Narrative Excerpt:
    After dinner, it was time for the birthday cake. A huge cake was carried out from the kitchen and little Julie couldn’t help to jump up and down on her chair as it was set down in front of her. Five big candles were lit and while Fleur held a very tight grip on her daughter’s waist, Julie managed, with a little help from her father, to blow them all out. She seemed very proud of herself and talked merrily to Catherine about what might be in the big presents on the table. The two of them could hardly wait to go and open them and sat impatiently kicking their feet when the grown-ups ate their cake, apparently far too slow for a 5-year-old birthday girl and her favourite cousin. When they were finally allowed to go, they ran to the table where Catherine started instructing Julie on how to open a present correctly, something that Julie seemed to take very seriously. After all, you listen to someone whose mother knows everything.
    Dialogue Quote:
    “Uncle Harry, why did you kiss mummy? James and Lily looked down at the little girl still holding on to Harry’s robes. Even though she had her hair in pigtails, it was without doubt as bushy as her mother’s and it had the same colour as her father’s, giving her a rather wild appearance. Harry smiled at the little girl, patting her head as he sat down to face her.

    “Well Cathy, I kissed your mother because I like her very much just as I do my favourite niece,” he said and gave the girl a peck on her forehead too. The girl apparently happy with the answer smiled at him and gave him a hug.

    “Then you are allowed to kiss mummy!” she then stated very matter-of-factly, before she continued in the same manner, “and it is Catherine, not Cathy.”

    “Oh, really I didn’t know that,” Harry said, straining himself not to laugh.

    “I forgive you, you can’t know everything, and even daddy forgets sometimes and he is supposed to know, but that’s ok I forgive him too. He doesn’t know everything either.” Harry happily shot up a glance at Ron who grinned as he rolled his eyes at his daughter.

    “Ask her who does know everything,” he then said with a smile. Harry turned his attention back towards the little girl, who answered before he could ask.

    “Mummy knows everything! But you should know that, mummy says you’ve been friends forever.”

    “Well I don’t know about forever, but we have been friends for very many years,” Harry laughed. The girl looked up at her mother who nodded at her. Then she spotted a young girl with silver hair standing by a table weighed down with presents and grabbed her mother’s hand pulling her towards the girl and the table.

    “Mummy come, we have to help Julie with the presents. She might open them wrongly otherwise, and we should tell her the right way, so that she doesn’t rip the paper,” she then said in a would-be wise kind of voice.
    Biographical Information: Catherine is a version of Hermione in a much smaller body or Hermione when she was six or seven. She has the trademark orange hair of a weasly, but the bushy quality of it and the logic underneath that head of hair is all her mother's doing. She is constantly looking for the logical answers and if she finds one not to her liking, she changes it, or rather changes the perspective until it seems right.

    She seems a very bubbly child, smart yet loving at the same time. I can imagine she talks very quickly and more grown-up-like than you would expect from a girl at such a young age. As the daughter of Ron and Hermione I think her genetics (as well as hormones) are bound to get her in trouble later on in life but as of right now, she's just a sweet loving little girl who wants to learn everything there is to be learned.

    Catherine was once called Cathy but after a visit to France, she decided it would be Catherine and nothing would change that. Caterine is a playful child who values her friends and yet is still a bossy know-it-all when it is required. A mother's girl at heart, I expect to see great things in Catherine's future!

    Why You Love This OC: I love this OC because I can just imagine listening to her talk. I hear her in my mind eye (or ear so to speak) Talking very loudly very quickly and ignoring others to get her point across. I can also aimagine a stare that rivals her mother's when she's angry. She's just overall a fun character to picture.

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    Penname: butterflykisses
    House: The cunning house of Salazar Slytherin


    OC Name: Tiffany Katrina Nixon
    OC Hogwarts's House, or N/A: Gryffindor
    Author Penname & Story Link: Fly to Dawn The Shark has Pretty Teeth
    Narrative Excerpt:
    Tiffany narrowed her eyes at the tall boy with dark brown hair who sat casually in the armchair near the fireplace. As usual, there was an elaborate black quill stuck behind her ear, catching the soft light of the common room and shining. Apart from Ted, Tiffany, and a few girls giggling in a corner, there was no one else in the room.
    Dialogue Quote:
    “Tiffany Nixon,” Ted said, his lip curling in a sinister manner, “What have you got up your sleeve this time?”

    Smirking slightly, the smaller one of the two cocked her head to one side. “Should I say — the ace of spades?”

    Gritting his teeth, Ted crossed his arms and leaned against the armchair. “In some games the ace of spades isn’t the strongest.”

    “In this game,” She pinched Ted’s cheek hard, “it is.”

    Slowly letting go of his skin, Tiffany’s hand rose to her jet-black hair, and took out the clasp holding it in place. Elegant dark curls fell down past her shoulders and she looked up at Ted, a malicious gleam dancing in her eyes. It had been a while since Tiffany had last worn her hair down.

    “Do you remember when I last wore my hair like this?”

    Ted could remember it too clearly. “Yes.”

    She shook her hair and flung it behind her shoulders. “Well,” Tiffany continued, “I should dig those memories up again.”

    “What if I haven’t buried them yet?”

    As if she hadn’t heard his words, Tiffany continued to speak in her low, maleficent tones. “You may want to bury Andromeda’s -”

    “Keep Andromeda out of this, will you?”

    A triumphant look filled Tiffany Nixon’s face as she drew herself up to her full height. “So, do you think the same will happen to Andromeda? No, you know she doesn’t mind Muggle-borns. But her family - the Black family, do.”
    Biographical Information: Tiffany is Muggle-born Gryffindor going to Hogwarts at the same time period as the Black Sisters and Ted Tonks. Tiffany has the habit of putting a quill behind her ear in her curly black hair, and wearing her hair up. Tiffany is one the prefects in her house, but she doesn’t get very much help from the others, who usually prefer to do the rule-breaking instead of the rule-enforcing. Tiffany has had past encounters with Ted Tonks, and they seem to have some sort of grudge against each other, due to a past relationship Ted had with a girl who thought he was a Pure-Blood. Tiffany saw it necessary to reveal the truth to the girl, thus ending their relationship. She has also gotten to ‘bothering’ Andromeda Black for being caught one night after curfew with Ted. That night, Andromeda hexed Tiffany so Tiffany gave her a detention in which she had to copy the blood status and other information about the students. This is where we can clearly see Tiffany’s fascination with blood-status. Tiffany always has very witty replies, and knows when to stand her ground. She is the daughter of Charles and Patricia Nixon and her favourite flavour of Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Bean is apple pie.

    Why You Love This OC: Tiffany to me at first didn't fall into the Gryffindor house, but Dawn always has a secret to her madness. Tiffany is unlike any other OC I've met. She's very mysterious, and not overly expressive with her emotions and about her plans. She keeps you guessing, and sometimes fearing her. I love that about her, she demands respect.

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