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Thread: Severus Snape

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gmariam
    When do you think Snape learned Occlumency? !
    I think Snape might've taught himself Occlumency while dealing with Voldemort, so that Voldemort couldn't see any of his thoughts. Because whether Snape was working for Dumbledore or not, I have storng feelings that Snape isn't all evil and bad. I'm quite sure he would never turn into a person like Voldemort.

    If Snape didn't learn Occlumency because of the Dark Lord, then he learned from the Dark Lord. Maybe Voldemort taught him Occlumency so that Dumbledore couldn't see that Snape was working for Voldemort. (If Dumbldore was, in fact, a Legilimens. (sp?))

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    I know that we're agreed that Snape can snap under pressure now. But i was wondering about his reactions when he was in 6th year. I've had him stay up all night writting in his Advanced potionsbook and now his is late to class. The teacher just pulled a very McGonagall-like "Glad you decided to join us." comment and I was wonder how a 16 year old Snape would react to it. Any ideas??

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    I don't think he'd snap, in the sense of his angry outbursts. As for how he *would* react...


    I see him definitely scowling and possibly reacting the way he did to Umbridge: nothing really obviously "cheeky", but at the same time still prickly.


    So, you decided to show up.

    Yes. As you can see, I'm here. My apologies for being late. (spoken tersely)

    I do think he'd apologize, since he does seem to keep clear distinctions for authority, although it does have to be earned. If it was someone like McGonagall, who was actually qualified, it would work. On the other hand, I think he'd be far more outspoken with someone like, oh, Lockhart or Trelawney.

    He's not going to do anything too drastic that might put him in jeopardy, though. You know, insulting without it being able to be *called* an insult.

    Hope that helps!

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    yay! *hugs* Thank you! it wasn't McGonagall, but a young Sprout. Think that would make any major difference?

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    I don't. He seems to value the whole "respect your elders" thing quite highly.

    However, i do think that he would snap under *pressure* - especially being a hormonal 16 year old. However, scribbling in your book isn't "pressure". Being late to class and having the teacher chastise you for it (especially if it is your own fault) isn't "pressure". Being attacked by a werewolf is "pressure". And I can absolutely see Snape coming UNGLUED at the latter.

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    While still keeping in character, how would Snape 1) open up to someone and 2) tell someone that he loves them?

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    I could see a teenage Snape opening up either under the influence of alcohol or hormones. I'd imagine his hormones were particularly strong, since it seems he wasn't the type who got anything on a regular basis.

    For an adult Snape, I really couldn't see him opening up to someone unless he was drunk.

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    Sly Severus
    Quote Originally Posted by SlytherinTears
    While still keeping in character, how would Snape 1) open up to someone and 2) tell someone that he loves them?
    Well, I can tell you what I have done.

    Generally, in my stories, Snape has admitted love when the other person is in a vulnerable position. Personally, I think he is a big feeler, although he hides it well. If he cared about someone, and thought there was a chance telling them could help them, he would do it rather it hurt him or not. Of course, that's just me and I don't know how canon it is, but it might help.

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    Okay.... *sigh* I just started to like Snape. And the Draco/Ginny ship. And possibly feel sorry for Ron. Was that a pig that flew past the window?

    Here's my dilemma: in a shortish ( = not epic) fic I'm writing, Snape is married shortly after leaving school, and is visited by Voldemort in an attempt to make him a Death Eater shortly after the wedding. He offers Snape knowledge, but also slips in a small, almost deniable thread of, "... and if you don't, you might as well not have married..." So, my question is this: how would he react (after accepting, of course)? Like cmwinters said, this is a big stress issue; does that mean that it could result in him becoming, "SERIOUSLY UNGLUED?"


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    No. Yes, he'd be under pressure, but he'd also be prepared. This is *Voldemort*. He's going to be on his guard. The other things he's come unglued about have been *surprises*. So, while I think he'd be angry, I doubt he'd let his anger show to anyone.

    And I'm glad to see another convert!

    I also agree with cmwinters on Sprout and what constitutes pressure... Although, now that I think of it, it isn't so much being under pressure at the time that causes him to lose it -- it's definitely anger after the fact. And I think at least half the anger at the end of Book 3 had to do with not being able to save Harry & Co. because they wouldn't listen to him.

    Declaring love... It depends a lot on the story. In some stories, he might not say it at all. It depends on which aspects of his character you emphasize, as well. I have one story where he's pretty out of character on purpose (it's a continuation of someone else's story, and no, I'm never posting it anywhere), and he readily says things like that. While I'm not advocating that, you *can* show a character changing throughout a longer story, and what changes he has gone through will also impact if and how he'd say he loved someone.

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