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Thread: Severus Snape

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    A late Reply

    My fic deals with AU and is DH disregarded....

    I want to give the Cobra as Patronus to another character.. *wouldn't reveal to whom now *
    So I think Severus would want another patronus form.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Benu_Horus_2006
    My fic deals with AU and is DH disregarded....

    I want to give the Cobra as Patronus to another character.. *wouldn't reveal to whom now *
    So I think Severus would want another patronus form.
    So . . . do you want input on what his Patronus would be (assuming you don't think it's the doe, and you don't think a phoenix is likely)?

    I think this really depends on what you want to capitalise on with Snape's characteristics. If you want to stick with something snakelike, there are many other snakes. You could use an Equatorial Spitting Cobra, for example, which is a mostly black cobra. You could use a water moccasin.

    If you wanted to focus on something else in his personality (like his sneakiness or his spying), you could maybe use a fox.

    If you wanted to focus on his viciousness, I'd maybe go with something like a weasel.

    Otherwise, can you reply back with what you're looking to emphasise?

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    Severus Snape is guy who is intelligent, a spy. He is a masquerader, playing his cards close to his chest.... He has vast valuable knowledge. He is a prodigal poitioneer... While seeming a Slimy git.. Snivellus....

    His patronus could be like him... A creature that on the outside is disgusting and on the inside, very sneaky and calculative....
    A fox sounds really good...

    I'd give it a go ahead if no other ideas crop up...

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    aaaww, no foxes are sweet!
    Might I suggest a hedgehog? Kind of like him, no-one expects them to do anything bad then BOOM! Kind of like him killing Dumbledore or betraying Volders. Plus, they look awful all curled up but gorgeous when they aren't.

    Or a frog. I had a frog scare yesterday, and they really are disgusting. In fairy tales they are always associated with handsome princes, so it could work. After all, Snape is kind of a good guy underneath his hard exterior and they are used in Potions ALOT- one of Snape's strengths.

    Hmm, I'll edit if I get more ideas.

    Lola x

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    Now I am really confused.........

    A Frog!? A Hedgehog !!! A _*what*___ ???
    I really need to decide

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    I think personally I might go with a fox. Foxes are symbolized to be sneaky and clever. And plus on the way to see Snape at the begining of HBP, there was a fox that "spying" on the 2 black sisters (and was killed for his efforts.)

    Eithier that or a non-posionus snake So you get what many condsider to be a vicious animal when its really its not.

    My two-cents.

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    Hmmm. . . Dumbledore teaching a young post Death Eater Snape the Patronus Charm. . . what animal would come from his wand that very first time. . .

    I would assume, since I'm not in a very romantic mood, that Snape would be able to manufacture "happy" simply because it was called for in the spell. If it was manufactured happiness it could follow that it would be a manufactured animal, so I think I'd lean towards some sort of Magical Creature as Snape's Patronus. Which Magical Creature?

    I'm leaning towards a Thestral, but then would everyone be able to see it?

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    Emmeline Riddle
    I think people would be able to see it, itís a patronus, not a real thestral. It would look like one, but it couldnít possess the magical abilities of one, i.e. invisible to all who havenít seen death. Everyone would finally get to see what thestrals looked like! (If Sev felt like sharing...)

    For some reason, I can see a cat as a possibility. They can be silent, aloof, solitary, and give the distinct impression that they are merely putting up with you being near them, rather than them really wanting your company.

    *Arguing against own choice* I like the characteristics the cat would show, but it isnít very impressive, is it? Iíd like to see him with something a little fiercer, more imposing... but canít think of anything original.

    Would he really need to manufacture a happy memory? The poor guy might not have many, but he has got the Ďred-haired-wonder-womaní (claws out much!) to remember, hence the canon doe.

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    Yes, so many of Snape's happy memories revolve around Lily. She was the only good thing that ever really came to him in his life. I don't think I'd ever be able to see him with any other Patronus than the doe.

    Remember how Tonks' Patronus changed to a wolf after she feel in love with Remus. Her Patronus changed because her feeling changed from the time she first cast the charm. But there was never a time when Snape didn't love Lily, so I think his Patronus would always reflect that love of her.

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    Hermoine Jean Granger

    Question A few questions!!

    I need a few questions answered about Snape's character for my fic which is centred upon Snape.

    1. Do you think he was an introvert??

    2. What do you think was his first reaction when he was asked to become a spy? Do you think he agreed to it very willingly or because he had promised Dumbledore that he'd do anything in exchange for Lily's protection?

    3. Do you think he was willing to teach students at Hogwarts or do you think accepted the job just for the sake of his protection?

    Thanks a lot, in advance!!

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