I checked every page in this forum, and I didn't see anything about Snape, so I figured I'd start this thread. If I happened to have missed the existing thread for Snape, please let me know.

So I have a question about Severus Snape. We know that his mother, Eileen Prince, was a witch, and Snape made himself a nickname based on her last name. Snape was probably ashamed that his father, Tobias, was a Muggle. I'm not under the impression that he was an abused child - it seems more like his father just abused his mother. Do you think that Snape loved his parents when he was about sixteen? Do you think he would love his mother more than his father? If his mother sent him a letter and told him that she was very ill and going to die, would he cry? Would he feel sad at all? Oh, and please do correct me if any of my assumptions are wrong.

--Little Kitty