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Thread: Harry's Abilities Post-DH

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    Harry's Abilities Post-DH


    I was just wondering, now that the Horcrux that was Harry's scar is destroyed, is Harry still, for example, a Parslemouth? Did he retain that ability, or has it left with the Horcrux?


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    Rowling said in an interview that he's no longer a Parselmouth, that he only had that ability because of the Horcrux.

    I don't like that explanation, myself, but if you follow "interview canon," there you go.

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    I know Jo said that he was no longer a Parslemouth but I, like Inverarity, don't like the explanation. I think he should still be because its a part of him, just like the scar is. This is fanfiction so you don't necessarily have to follow but canon but its all up to you


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    JK Rowling said he lost the ability to talk to snakes, and was pleased about it, but I think he probably would have been able to retain it if he'd wanted to.

    After all, Ron was able to open the Chamber of Secrets because he'd memorised the words Harry had used when he opened the locket.

    I think it was more that Harry didn't want to understand or speak to snakes so he closed that part off. If he'd practised he would have been able to but it wouldn't have been instinctive any more because he didn't have the Horcrux in him.


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    Oh, okay. Hm, I don't like that, but I guess Harry doesn't really need it anymore. I was just wondering, so at least it didn't mess up a plot for a fic!

    Thanks, everyone!


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