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Thread: Biweekly Banner Battles?

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    Biweekly Banner Battles?

    So there's lots of bannermakers down in Knockpixel Alley who, if they're anything like me, like bannering for fun and improving their graphic design skills. I know the BA has challenges periodically for their rankings, but what about just a general challenge for the non-BA'ers every once and a while? I'm thinking like a weekly (or biweekly) challenge, sort of like the weekly drabble challenges over in TTB, only for banners!

    For example, one week could be a challenge to make a banner with a certain picture of Harry, another incorporate a quote into a banner... etc. It wouldn't have to be for points like the drabble challenges are (though that could be a good incentive) and the winners wouldn't have to be necessarily 1st, 2nd, 3rd.... but maybe 'best overall' 'most creative' etc. I know Critique Galore was popular for a while and I thought maybe a challenge for bannermakers might be a fun thing to do while waiting for requests.

    And I'd be willing to run it if needed. I'm sure the BA'ers would make better judges than me but I wouldn't want to throw my idea on their shoulders.


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    I agree with Kayla! This would definitely be a godd idea, because there are so many new bannermakers down here that are so willing and ready to learn and improve their skills; it would be a great opportunity to do this. A while back, there used to be a Critique Galore session for new bannermakers, but this was for less people, and more focused on a few select banners. However, this is not operating eight now, so a new challenge would be a great idea.

    If any help would be needed to help run this prooject, I would be most willing to assist, even though I'm not the best of the bunch.

    Great idea, Kayla!

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    First off, Sitara you are very good, and so are you Kayla.
    I love this idea, it would be a great way to improve skills and to have fun with banner-making.
    I think having BA members judge it would be awesome as well.
    Just my two cents!

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    I definitely agree...I remember in the banner making class we had an I Challenge Thee thread, and it was great for helping us to improve!

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    Bannermaking activities are planned and organized by the leaders of Bannermaker's Association. You should contact them with this idea.

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