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Thread: Distance of casting a spell?

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    Distance of casting a spell?

    How far away can a witch/wizard be from the object that they are casting a spell on? I know Harry Accios his Firebolt in GoF from a good bit of distance, but I'm wondering if this long distance could be applied to other spells too. Does the object have to be within seeing distance, or is it possible to cast a spell upon something that's much farther away?

    Thanks to any and all who give input. =]

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    Well, usually I'd imagine that the object has to aimed at by the wand and within sight, but Harry's Accio complicates things. I believe that if you want to say, change the colour of something, you have to physically point your wand at it and say the incantation. However, Summoning seems to have almost unlimited range - I remember in GoF that Hermione said it would be quite strange if Harry summoned an Aqua-Lung and Muggles saw this apparatus flying through the air as it zoomed towards Hogwarts. However, I would imagine that it would be harder for objects that are farther away.

    Personally, I prefer Summoning to be within visible range just like any other charm, because it just sounds way too easy to have anything from anywhere fly right to you with a simple incantation.

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