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    Audiofictions - The Nomination Chamber


    Welcome to the Audiofictions Nomination Chamber! Here, you may nominate a fiction you want to hear on Audiofictions. Before posting your nomination, please check through this thread, as well as the Audiofictions Library, to ensure that you do not post a fiction which has already been read or nominated. DO NOT POST REPEAT NOMINATIONS. We look at every nomination - posting repeats does not grant the nomination extra attention or a better chance of being read. If your nomination has been deleted, it has either been selected to be read, has been read, or has been deemed invalid when judged against the below criteria.

    A few rules and tips for nominations:

    • We do not read incomplete fictions
    • We do not read song fictions unless the song is in public domain, or unless we get the author's approval to remove the lyrics from the fiction
    • Longer fictions (10+ chapters) are less likely to be read, but can still be nominated
    • One-shots are greatly valued and always welcome
    • Please avoid using excessive HTML coding in your nomination (such as colors and font style). It will not help attract extra attention to your nomination; don't worry, we look at every single one

    Please use the following format for nominating the fiction you wish to be read:

    Name: (Meaning your MNFF Beta Boards screen name. Your real first name, or MNFF screen name - if different from your Beta Boards name - is optional)
    Chaptered/One-Shot: (If chaptered, please list how many)
    Why This Fiction Should be Chosen:
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