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Thread: Claws Capture the Cup

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    The rage on Umbridge’s face was complete when she saw that she’d lost possession of the Quaffle. She looked at her uncooperative team, and yelled.

    “What, in the name of Merlin, are you doing just flying there? You’re not a beater for no reason!” She yelled at Professor Vector, who looked back at her blankly. Heart in heart though, she just wished she had a Bludger which she could hit at Umbridge’s face right then.

    Then, she turned to Charity Burbage, and shouted at the top of her lungs. “Why can’t you spot the dratted Snitch? Get it!”
    98 words!

    YAY! Here comes the good part!

    Rah Rah Ravenclaw!

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    Charity Burbage started to descend, closer and closer to the ground. The crowd stared, wondering if she found the Snitch.

    Peeves saw a flash of gold, and quickly brought his broom up to where Trelawney was.
    He nudged her with his bat and then shouted, “The snitch is getting away!”

    Down below, the rest of the team started to notice what was happening. Madam Pomfrey saw a Bludger coming her way, and hit it as hard as she could towards Charity.

    Meanwhile McGonagall, Hooch, and Flitwick sped towards the posts and between the three of them, scored five times.
    Yay! We're getting closer and closer to the finish line! Claws for the cup!


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    red and gold

    Sybil Trelawney looked furtively to her left and right, then quickly vanished what looked to be a bottle of cooking sherry. She wobbled a bit on her broom before she righted herself, saying imperiously, "Peeves! I do not need your assistance to find the Snitch! The Inner Eye guides me in all things, even in such mundane matters as Quidditch."

    She drifted a bit to her left, then squealed loudly, "There, you see it, Peeves? The Fates have intervened in my favour once more!"

    Peeves looked, and there to the left, just as she said, was the Snitch.
    98 words.

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    Sybil steered herself to action. Charity, however, was ahead. Peeves hit a Bludger at her, which missed narrowly, but caused her swerve off track. She, flew down, after steadying herself.

    The Snitch spiralled downwards and so did the players, each trying to knock the other off her broom. The crowd watched in bated breath. Argus Filch stopped whacking Bludgers to watch the Snitch being chased by the Seekers.Flitwick bobbed up and down in excitement, clutching the Quaffle to his chest. Even Snape betrayed a trace of interest in the match. A deathly silence persisted…
    Word Count: 94

    Go Team!

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    Then, a shrill shriek was heard, breaking the silence which hung over the Pitch. Everyone gasped collectively, looking at the source of the noise. Peeves had shrieked and interrupted the two Seekers by flying right towards them. A stray Bludger came his way, but he dodged it, and then grabbed the Snitch fluttering just inches away from the two Seekers.

    And then all hell broke loose. Umbridge and Filch shouted ‘unfair’, while Professor McGonagall and the others just looked confused. What were they to do? It was all now in the hands of the referee. All eyes turned to her.
    100 words.

    YAY team! Let's round up! Meet at the Tactics Room, please.

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