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    Claws Capture the Cup

    Here we go Turnips. The Quidditch World Cup has begun.

    Presenting the Ravenclaw team:
    BleedINink-Capitan [me]
    Hermoine Jean Granger
    red and gold


    Now when posting, remember the rules. No double posting, and no posting when there is only one post after your last post.

    The Correct Way:
    Player One
    Player Two
    Player Three
    Player Four
    Player Two
    Player One
    Player Three

    The Wrong Way:
    Player One
    Player Two
    Player One
    Player Three
    Player Two
    Player Three

    Be sure to post the word count and stick to the story line we've planned. Here is the promt
    Getting tired of grading papers and teaching classes the faculty of Hogwarts have challenged each other to a friendly game of Quidditch to be played before the whole school. This match must be set during one of Harry’s years at Hogwarts using professors and the other staff. Unfortunately, the ghosts are out, but poltergeists are in. For this challenge please use only canon characters, but feel free to flesh out the characters that we only know by name.
    Have fun and let the games begin.

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    Hermoine Jean Granger

    Starting off.....

    There we go! Let's all do it, guys!

    Hogwarts was going through a massive upheaval. It was visible everywhere: in the corridors, the classrooms, the grounds... Change was in the air. The teachers felt it too, it was that obvious. It spread like wildfire, and no one could do anything about it.

    What do you do when you can’t prevent the change? You join in. And that's exactly what happened at Hogwarts.

    It all began with an insignificant conversation in the staff-room. The Headmistress and the Deputy Headmistress engaging in small talk. At that time, no one realised what the matter would blow up into.
    \97 words


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    Go Claws!

    “What do you mean there’s going to be a Quidditch match! There’s no match scheduled today,” Professor Umbridge told McGonagall, obviously angry.

    “No one told you? Well then, I guess I shall. Today we are having the Professors play a little game of Quidditch. And since no one told you that piece of information, I guess you also don’t know that your head of the one team and I the other. I’ll allow you to pick your team first,” McGonagall stated with a smile on her face.

    Umbridge looked dazed for a moment but recovered and starting naming her team.

    100 words.

    Rah-Rah Ravenclaw!

    Come on, we can do it!


    Avvie by Ash/Radcliffefan07 and Banner by Evie/apollo13.

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    99 words

    “I want Mr. Filch.”

    Argus Filch in his dirty over coat looked so excited he might pee his pants. He had never been picked for a team before.

    “Fine, “ McGonagall stated. “ Rubeus Hagrid.”

    “Severus Snape.”

    “Filius Flitwick.”

    “Charity Burbage”

    “Madam Hooch.”

    “Pomona Sprout.”

    “Sybil Trelawney”

    There was a break in naming. The entire room of Hogwart faculty collectively inhaled.

    “Really?” Umbridge said with genuine amusement.

    “Really!” snapped Minerva McGonagall said.

    Umbridge smirked. She knew she was going to win this one. “Aurora Sinistra.”

    “Poppy Pomfre”

    “Sempita Vector”

    There was a pause before McGonagall chose her final player…

    Who will it be? I don't know. Let's go Claws. =]

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    Hermoine Jean Granger
    "I choose Peeves," she finally said.

    The shock on Umbridge’s face was complete; she just stared at McGonagall for a whole minute before regaining her senses.

    "Well, Minerva, I am afraid that’s not allowed." Umbridge sweetly replied. "The Department of Magical Games and Sports clearly states in the Quidditch Rules of 1673 that no beasts, part-humans, or animals and magical plants of any kind are allowed to participate in a Quidditch match."

    "I’m afraid you’re mistaken, Dolores. Peeves is a poltergeist, and he is an exception to the commonly accepted norm. He isn't a beast, by any stretch of imagination."
    100 words on the dot!

    The stage is set, guys! Come on, where is our star?

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    red and gold
    Dolores scribbled furiously on her clipboard, slammed it down on the wooden table, then rolled up the sleeves on her fluffy pink cardigan. Stalking to the door to the staffroom, she opened it and said over her shoulder, "Bring your best game, Minerva! Come, team!"

    She sailed out the door and was followed immediately by Filch and the rest of her team. Snape walked past McGonagall and lifted an eyebrow as he said, "Do you consider this a wise course of action?"

    McGonagall smiled thinly. "Not wise, perhaps, but it will certainly be fun!"
    94 words. Goteamgoteamgogogogogogoteam! *spams 50 word count*

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