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Thread: Co-Author sub-forum

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    Co-Author sub-forum

    We have the co-author option on the archives. I was wondering if we could have a place from them on the boards. We could make a sub-forum in the Great Hall or Fiction Junction, maybe, where we could post a want for a co-author. Personally, I would love to co-author a fic, but I don't know anyone who would want to do it with me. A person could post a story idea and request for an author. The poster could also ask for an author who has strengths in some areas.

    I know everyone is pressed for time, as well, so I'd be willing to montior the forum and PM a mod when a thread needs to be closed.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this. If it doesn't work out, I'll totally understand.


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    Neville's Girl
    I think the Adoption center would be the best place for that. You could say something like "Co-Author Needed for a Marauder-Era Story," etc. I don't think we really need a new forum.


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