I see many forums trying to revitalise and revamp which is good, but at the same time they are all offering challenges/contests which sort of come down to the same challenge. I'd like to see each forum handling different aspects in writing, thus having any challenges coming out of those forums and sub-forums pertain to that aspect. For example, The Hospital Wing (CC, Skele-Gro, Reference Desk, EoM, GFFD) could focus on characterisation and plot; The Burrow (SPEW, Fiction Junc, SBBC) could focus on styles of writing and proper reviewing; Hogwarts and Beyond (The Great Hall, TTB) could deal with SPaG and a little bit of everything else. This way when we look at the challenges, we can do the ones that will help us work on our weaknesses or do the ones that play to our strengths.

I'd also like to see more inter-house unity. (I wasn't here for it, but I've heard about Sparkly Poo! ) After all, Hogwarts held the Yule Ball and Hogsmede trips where everyone co-mingled. I think we should have special days out of the year/month/what have you, where a special sub-forum can be unlocked and we can mingle together and perhaps be a bit more spammy just to get to know one another. I know spamming is greatly frowned upon here, but if it was limited to a "Hogsmede Trip" where it was a few hours of one day out of a month, or even a term, I think it would be brilliant.

~Michelle (The One Who Marauds... for happy, shiny MNFFers)