Hi there,

I haven't spoken to the rest of the mods about this thread yet because I've only just woken up and logged on to read it, but I felt I should post here straight away.

Firstly, I want to apologise on behalf of all of the moderators if anyone feels we have caused a change in the atmosphere on the site. I agree that this change has happened, but I'm afraid I don't think we could stop it from happening.

As you all know, we have recently lost a bucket full of moderators - who were and are great friends to all of us - and I'm afraid it's effected us quite badly. All of the workload that used to be shared between around 20 moderators is currently being handled by almost half that number so we're all a little stressed.

However, we have been making a concious effort to change this and seeing a thread like this one spring up does hurt a little.

Audiofictions and other new features we have planned for the coming months are not only designed to bring excitement to the site but to bring you all together and make the site happier again.

If you feel this has not happened, again, I am very sorry that we are failing you.

I must agree with some of the other posts here though, you can't solely blame the moderators for the change. If you want to make this site happier again, you all need to work at welcoming people and enjoying the site.

We provide a service and we are here to make sure the site runs smoothly, but we can only do so much - especially now.

Thank you to the Hufflepuffs that have commented on my effort to make Hufflepuff warm and friendly - but Hufflepuff has always been like that thanks to the amazing people in our house. I honestly can't take credit for it.

To the rest of you - Go and spread the love! Don't dwell on our failings because that brings the atmosphere down, but celebrate what is good about the site and explore! Meet new people from other houses, enter competitions and games around the site and just try and remember that MNFF isn't about the moderators - it's about the fans. It's about you! So enjoy it!