Bunny’s Name: I'll let the adopter pick

Bunny's Preferred Playmates: Estella, young Deather Eater and Estella's father, Estella's mother, the Hogwarts professors, Victoire Weasley, Teddy Lupin, and any other OC students

Distinctive Colorations:
This part will be a prologue, but could possibly take up to three chapters to tell.

As the students are being evacuated from Hogwarts just before the Battle of Hogwarts, one of the seventh-year Death Eaters from Slytherin (I'll leave it up to the adopter who this is. Some possible might be Blaise Zabini or Theodore Nott), fearing the outcome of the final battle, no matter who wins it, runs to find his girlfriend (a Ravenclaw, I'll let the adopter name her), and as soon as they take their first steps off the Hogwarts grounds, the two of them Apparate out of Britain unnoticed.

Eventually, the two of them arrive in Argentina and begin a life together. They get married not a few days after they arrive, and exactly nine months to the day later, they have a baby girl who they name Estella. They live poor and in hiding together until Estella is two, when the Aurors finally track down the former Death Eater. He lives his young family to try and flee on his own, but the Auror's find him and after a conflict, the escaped Death Eater is killed, leaving Estella and her mother all alone in a foreign country.

Here's where the main story starts

Nine years later, Estella and her mother are still living in Argentina in the same house Estella was born in, but Estella is perfectly happy. She is and adventurous young tomboy with messy hair who enjoys climbing over the tin roofs of the houses and running rampid through the city with the other Argentinian children: Muggle and magical alike.

Estella knows she is a witch and has several wizarding friends (all natives of Argentina, but I'll let the adopter decide how many and what their (Spanish) names are), whom she fully expects to be attending the Argentinian wizard school with in the coming school year (I'll let the adopter decide the name here to, but remember, Spanish). What Estella doesn't know is that her mother has recently been making contacts with people in Britain in attempts to secure her daughter a place at Hogwarts.

One day, Estella comes home to find her mother in the living room talking with a tiny man whom Estella laughs at at first because he is even smaller than she is. Estella's mother then explains that this is Professor Flitwick, the deputy Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. At first, Estella does not understand what this has to do with her, until, of course, her mother explains that Estella will be attending Hogwarts instead of the Argentinian school with all her friends. Estella becomes furious when she hears this, unable to believe her mother made this kind of decision without even talking to her about it. Estella stays mad at her mother for days, but gradually, as her mother tells her stories of her own days at Hogwarts, Estella decides that she will give it a try.

Because Estella does not live in Britain to take the Hogwarts express, her mother simply Apparates her daughter there, directly to the care of Professor Flitwick. She arrives there early, so she gets to walk along side the deputy Headmaster as he goes to greet the other first-years. When the other new students see Estella standing away from them, they already believe something is wrong with her, Victoire Weasley being one of the most vocal about it. Things become even more intense when Estella's name is called for the Sorting and everyone recognizes her last name as being the same as her escaped Death Eater father. Even the sorting hat recognizes her and almost immediatly tries to place her in Slytherin, but Estella stops the hat insisting that she is nothing like her father. Upon hearing this, the hat changes its mind and places her in Gryffindor, which shocks the people of the school even more.

Estella tries, but the longer she is at Hogwarts, the more she misses Argentina. The Gryffindor first-years are the typical Mean Girls with Victoire as the tiny ring leader (you can tell yourself that mean Victoire is just a phase and she grows out of it), and Estella's playful relationships with the Gryffindor boys, especially Teddy Lupin, only make it worse. One day, Lucius Malfoy comes to visit Estella and tells her what a great man her father was and tries to make her a proud pureblood. Estella conters by saying her father is a coward and that if she could cut herself open and get rid of the half of her blood that is his, she would do it in a heartbeat. The confrontation ends in a shouting match where, in a fit of uncontrolled magic, Estella throws Lucius against the wall and she now has the Slytherins against her too. To make matters worse, Estella has been suffering from a constant stomach ache ever since she arrived, a mixture of homesickness and a reaction to British food.

One night, Estella finally has all she can take and decided to run away back to Argentina. She flee the school in the middle of the night and runs from the school grounds. To avoid detection, she uses Muggle methods of transportation. Her first stop is in Boston where she comes in contact with other witches, then she stops in New Orleans to meet vampire and voodoo practicianers. I would also like a few stops in Mexico and Central America. When she finally reaches South America, it is her mother that finally finds her. She reminds Estella how she insists she is nothing like her father, but by running away from Hogwarts, she is doing exactly what her father would do. Reluctantly, Estella sees her mother's reasoning and lets her take her back to school.

I'll let the author decide the ending.

Unique Markings: Chaptered

Medical History: 1st-2nd year, DH Spoilers, Character Death (Estella's father)

Pen Preferences: Post-Hogwarts

Feeding Habits: I'd like them to stick fairly close. I have this story pretty well planned out. But if you don't see it, assume you have free rein.

Breeder’s Name: OliveOil_Med (Molly)