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Thread: I Challenge Thee Challenge - Winners Announced!

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    Marauder by Midnight

    I Challenge Thee Challenge - Winners Announced!

    I Challenge Thee

    For challenges, please see this thread.

    Please post your entry/entries using the following form:

    The Challenge:
    Story Link and Title:
    All entries must be validated by September 12.

    One post per entry please.

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    Honigkuchenpferd Hufflepuff
    Dobby's Sock Addiction Begins
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    Jun 2008
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    Penname: luinrina
    House: Hufflepuff
    Challenger: MissyQuill
    The Challenge: post #7
    I challange you to write a one shot with Hagrid and Madam Maxim, while she is giving birth to their first child.
    Story Link and Title: Rubia
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    Penname: GinervaPotter213
    House: Hufflepuff
    Challenger: R Ravenclaw
    The Challenge: (post 28)
    My challenge: Write a one-shot of Ron proposing to Hermione. It has to have a lost engagement ring, the Weasley family, and Luna.
    Story Link and Title: The Perfect Proposal

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    Penname: MissyQuill
    House: GRYFFINDOR!!!
    Challenger: Bethical
    The Challenge: Neville and Luna on their Honeymoon, encountering a magical creature.
    Story Link and Title: Crimson Blue

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    Penname: Mistletoe
    House: Slytherin
    Challenger: harry4lif
    The Challenge:
    I challenge the next person to write a story in which Severus trys to convince Lily to break up with James. It must have mention of a tea cup, and homework in it.
    Story Link and Title: Pieces of the Puzzle


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    ms. leading
    Penname: cassie123/ms. leading
    House: Hufflepuff
    Challenger: andromeda_tonks
    The Challenge: I challenge thee to write a humour fic which is either a one-shot or chaptered based on Luna's time imprisoned at Malfoy Manor, from the pov of Draco (it doesn't have to ship Luna/Draco unless you want it to, though).
    Story Link and Title: To Remember Luna
    ~ Cassie

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    The Canon Queen Hufflepuff
    Sirius Black Entered Gryffindor Tower
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    Jan 2008
    With Sirius on his flying bike
    Penname: mudbloodproud
    House: Hufflepuff
    Challenger: leahsm2
    Challenge: In a similar vein write a story about Lily and James wedding written in Sirius's POV, including his speech to the newlywed couple. It should be a one-shot
    Story Link and Title:
    The Trials of a Best Man
    Terri Black (as in Mrs Sirius {aka Padfoot} Black)
    Hufflepuff Head of House

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    Penname: Indigoenigma
    House: Hufflepuff
    Challenger: GringottsVault711
    The Challenge:
    I challenge someone to write a story from the point of view of Dumbledore when he was still young shared views with Grindelwald, prior to the death of Ariana. It can be a story, an internal monologue, or about Dumbledore/Grindelwald relationship itself, it doesn't matter, just as long as it shows the side of Dumbledore before he changed his ways.
    Story Link and Title: If He Loved You

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    Penname: Kcharles
    House: Gryffindor
    Challenger: Hermoine Jean Granger
    The Challenge:
    I challenge the next person to write a humourous drabble having Gilderoy Lockhart and his encounter with a Troll. Luna and Xenophilius Lovegood should appear at some point in the story.
    Story Link and Title: Wam Bam No Title!

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    Hermoine Jean Granger
    Penname: Hermoine Jean Granger
    House: Ravenclaw!
    Challenger: Cassie/ms.leading
    The challenge: I challenge someone to write a one shot from the POV of Viktor Krum. It can either be romance or humor about an awkward moment with Hermione in the library and must somehow include Ron.

    Story Link and Title: Never Once Imagined

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