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    I'm Sara, bla, bla, bla who cares?
    I need to know what spell would create some kind explosion?
    In my scene I have an unexpierience person trying out a wand for the first time, and I want to know what spell would cause the door to burst open, or a hole through the wall, or just soem significant spell.
    Yousee, after my character does this spell, I need someone else coming home, and they stand behind the broken door, (or whatever happened to it) looking at them in shock.
    Can anybody help? (Why did I choose today to be un-articulate?)

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    Reducto blasts things apart and and confingo as well as deprimo, (impedementa sort of) and expluso are the ones I can think of.

    But you can create your own pretty much if you loose a latin translator. Creativity is fun and I really enjoy making ones up =]

    Hope I helped, they pretty much all blast things away apart from impedementa which sort of slows your enemy down by which ever way possible which can include blasting them back...

    Remember, spells always go in italics and.... whatever, you know it...


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    Deprimo, Confringo, Expulso, and Reducto are the ones from canon.

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    Okay, I've sorted it out!
    Thanks guys!


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    One more thing, if the person is inexperienced, it is quite possible that he'd wave the wand about and say something which could cause an explosion.


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    Hermoine Jean Granger
    Yes, I think that's possible, especially if the child is a wizard. We have seen an instance of that in the GoF during the QWC.

    A tiny boy no older than two was crouched outside a large pyramid-shaped tent, holding a wand and poking happily at a slug in the grass, which was swelling slowly to the size of a salami.
    This is proof from canon that underage children can perform magic even if they are inexperienced.

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    Also, remember in PS, when Seamus would try to cast spells and it would almost always be set on fire or explode.

    I'm if a wizard is inexpeience or just plain nervous, all kinds of disasters could stem from trying to use a spell.

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    I don't really understand how we've got to this lol!

    Sara, where you asking if the child would have literally said "reducto" and something blew up, or a parent came in and said "Good god, he's reducto-ed the room again." or something similar? If it was the first then I don't think a spell is necessary, as we know you can do all kinds of magic without meaning to, such as Harry blowing Aunt Marge, the window disappearing etc. as well as very little children such as the boy with the wand in GoF.

    Hope that cleared it up,

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