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Thread: Ask A Moderator - Part 17

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    Ask A Moderator - Part 17

    Please view our Forum's Frequently Asked Questions and Archive's Frequently Asked Questions before posting your questions here, and also make sure your question has not already been asked. (These threads are searchable!)

    [The more people ask the same question, the more pages there are, which cause more people to not take the time to read it, causing them to post the same question and the vicious cycle continues]

    When asking a question that specifically applies to you, your account, or a particular story, you MUST provide the pertinent information, such as your uid.

    Please, allow MODERATORS ONLY to answer the questions in this thread.

    If you have a question which doesn't need to be answered by moderators, please ask Dumbledore's Navy in the Check-In Desk.

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    This was asked by someone in the last thread but without receiving an answer so I thought I would ask again.

    Does anyone have an idea when the august interhouse co-op one shot challenge will be judged (I'm referring to the one in the Great Hall rather than TTB, for which there are points in the points thread) I appreciate that everyone is busy but it would be nice to know that it hasn't been forgotton about.

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    coolh5000, that challenge should be judged and the results posted soon. There is not an exact date yet, so I cannot post that here. Just keep an eye out for the results and points.

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    Hello, I'm having some technical difficulties with a chapter I recently added to my WIP. I have been in contact with a moderator about the chapter not showing as updated, even though the chapter is there. She's trying to figure that out. Now, however, the chapter is not there. I went in to edit a sentence into the author's notes and when I submitted the change, the text of the chapter itself vanished. It still shows the chapter in the story index, and there is an authors note for it, and a couple of reviews, so I didn't accidentally delete the chapter, but the text is gone. O.o I tried to edit the whole thing back in, but it won't let me.


    Edit: Never mind the missing chapter part. I just went back in and logged out, then logged back in and it would let me edit the story correctly. I'm sorry I didn't try that first. However, I'm still having the problem with the story not showing the recent update. Thank you.

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    I know this is here *somewhere* I have *seen* it. But I can't find it.

    There was a thread where all the moderators posted an introduction of themselves. This was useful because then if you had a question for a moderator you knew who to address it to (especially since some of the BetaBoard names and Fiction site names are different).

    I can't find it anymore. I can't remember where it was. Have I lost my mind? (small, gray, wrinkled, with moist icky texture - a few dust bunnies sticking to it? Yep that's mine)

    If it is here somewhere - maybe link to it in the FAQ?

    EDIT - Ok, I found it - in Announcements! <head::desk>

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    Before, if a thread had a post I hadn't read yet, it used to be bolded.

    Then, today, I folowed the link in this user's sig where it says "Click Here"

    It made the New Posts thing stop happening.

    How do I get it back?


    EDIT~ Okay, so I logged out and logged in, an deleted my cookies- one of them stopped the problem.

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    moonymaniac, send me the information about your chapter and I will take care of the update if it is still not showing. I will need the story name and the name of the chapter.

    indigo_mouse and Sainyn Swiftfoot, it appears that you were able to figure out the answers for yourselves. Let us know if you have any other questions.

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    I posted a question in 'I didn't receive a rejection letter' yesterday, but the post has not shown up and there has been no answer to the last question (by Wendelin the Weird) posted on 16 Oct. Perhaps the moderator of that thread is MIA?

    My question concerned a story that disappeared with no explanation yesterday from my queue. I reposted the story last night and it's still there, but I'm wondering what I did wrong the first time.

    Is there a way to view the forums and MNFF without seeing all the flashy graphics (signatures particularly)? I find them distracting and frankly, annoying. I just want to read the posts and stories, and find all those graphics hard to sort through.


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    Hi Moderators! I have a question that has been bugging me for a while:

    Where do you advertise for a Co-author?

    thanks for your time.

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    Nundu - The "I Didn't Get a Rejection Letter" thread does not have a single moderator. All moderators should check the thread regularly for stories that haven't received letters. If they recognize a name or story that they moderated, they will contact you. There is an option to turn off signatures. Go to Edit Options and uncheck the box next to "Show Signatures".

    magyk001 - We currently don't have a system set up for co-authors, but we're open to suggestions in our suggestions forum

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