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Thread: Ask A Moderator - Part 17

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    I'm not quite sure if this should go here, but...

    Regarding the General Discussion and RoR subforums - old threads are often deleted there. I was wondering why this was so. Is there a specific reason? (I have no idea how to run a website, never mind a forum, so if it's an issue of space, etc., then this whole post is pretty, er, stupid.) If not, would it be possible to save the old threads, even just as read-only ones in Hermione's Corner, or something? I think they're great references/resources, and I hate to see them go.

    --Kate =)

    EDIT: Ah, I see. Okay then. =) Never mind me.

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    Euphrates, old threads are deleted due to space issues. We only have a set amount of server space and have to delete old threads. Threads that have been inactive for over a month in General Fanfic Discussion are deleted and sent to the Graveyard where they are held for a while and then deleted. The process is similar for RoR threads. If there are threads you think worthy of saving, you can contact the moderator in charge of the forum to see if it might be possible to keep it there.

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    In the Fiction Junction there was an I Challenge Thee Challenge in August/September, was that just for fun or is it going to be judged? If it is going to be judged, when will the results be posted? The deadline was originaly September 12th, then it got pushed to September 21st and I believe nothing has been done about it since then.

    Just curious, I know that you all are busy and everything, I appreciate everything you do! :]

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    GinervaPotter213 - Apparently, I've forgotten all about that challenge. Thank you for reminding me.

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    Getting fatal error on search


    I was trying to see if I could find an answer to my question about how the Read Count was calculated in the MNFF Beta Boards > Ministry of Magic > Questions > Ask a Moderator Storage. I selected "search the forum" and entered "Read Count". I got this:

    Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 8388608 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 35 bytes) in /home/fanfiction/public_html/forum/search.php on line 1057
    Normally I would post this in "Ask a Moderator" but there wasn't one open, so apologies there.

    My question, by the way, was how is the read count of each chapter calculated? Number of total hits? Number of unique hits? The reason I ask is that it is usually a progression, that is, more people have read earlier chapters than later ones. My assumption is that the number of people who have read the last chapter is probably the number who have read the whole story (although total hits seems to add up the number of each chapter). But in one of my stories it is not a progression, and its messing up my theory.


    Edit - It must be time for new glasses, the "Ask a Moderator" is not closed. But now I can't delete this, so any moderator who wants to can feel free - I'll repost in "Ask a Moderator".

    Ebil One Edit: Beth or Karin - I took the liberty of moving the post. However, I cannot answer the question - so I'm leaving it here. =]

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    Okay I'm a little out of date with the whole images being posted on my profile on MFF. I keep getting a error (I'm clueless on what I'm doing so it's probably just me) and I would love to upload a banner on my profile. Can someone please tell me how? Thank you! ~MJ

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    MJ Padfoot: Your question was answered in the Questions thread under the FAQ's. It's given as a sample in the first post.

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    indigo_mouse, the read count is calculated by hits. So, any time someone clicks on the title of your story or chapter, it is added to the read count for the story or chapter.

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    Neville's Girl
    I was wondering when the Quicksilver Quill winners are going to be announced. Before you tell me this has been asked before or that the information is already on the site, please know that I have looked the date up and it said November 30. Is there a new, revised date?


    EDIT: Thank you for the clarification, Songbook99!

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    Neville's Girl, the moderators are working on figuring out when the Quicksilver Quills will be completed. They had to be postponed due to other issues that came up that had to be dealt with. Once we have an idea of when we will be able to get the Quicksilver Quills completed, we will announce a new date.

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