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    Who would have been the head person when Albus and Rose were in school?
    Did Jo say, or do we have free range?

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    Rowling has never said, though she has said it's not McGonagall.

    I would make up someone new, since none of the existing characters seem likely. Theoretically one of the existing staff might become Headmaster or Headmistress (Flitwick or Sprout are probably the most likely candidates), but I don't see any of them really wanting or being suitable for the job.

    Neville Longbottom, maybe someday, but not until he's much older. When Albus and Rose are in school, he'll still be in his late thirties and early forties. Not nearly experienced enough to fill Dumbledore's shoes, IMO.

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    Well, when they're in their last year of school, any other opinions?

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    In my Post-Hogwarts fic I have Sprout as Headmistress, because she didn't seem that old in the books and we know Neville is now the Herbology professor.

    I think Sprout would be a good head, because the small glimses we get of her in the book she seems to really care about the students and the school. She was one of the ones that wanted Hogwarts to remain open in HBP if I remember correctly. Plus, I don't see her just leaving her teaching position without a good reason, and that reason could be to become Headmistress.

    Other options would be an OC or Flitwick, but Flitwick is older and could also be gone. Maybe think of what type of personality you need the Headmaster/Headmistress to have to fit into your story and see if an existing character fits it, if not create one.

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    Firstly, I'm of the opinion that everything K.K. Downing said after Deathly Hallows was a complete pile of garbage. McGonagall didn't become headmistress because she was old? Dumbledore and the rest of the portraits weren't exactly young, were they? So personally, I'd have had McGonagall become headmistress after Snape (who, by the way, was conspicuous in his portrait absence, which does him a massive disservice, imho).

    So I had McGonagall down as headmistress anyway. That is, until about two minutes ago.

    Quote Originally Posted by Gonz
    In my Post-Hogwarts fic I have Sprout as Headmistress, because she didn't seem that old in the books and we know Neville is now the Herbology professor.
    I'd go with that, for sure. Years of teaching, good service, and she was hardly likely to leave Hogwarts after Neville was appointed. By far the most logical choice for Albus and Rose, and, if you'll forgive me Gonz, I'll be treating this as canon from now on.

    Personally, I have massive problems with Harry become head Auror. Ron yes, but Harry? Dumbledore was his hero, he loved teaching in OotP and Hogwarts is referred constantly as being his home. Plus, with Voldemorte dead, the Defence Against the Dark Arts curse could well have been lifted, and who more appropriate than Harry to take it up?

    Still, that is specifically anti-canon - as much as it makes sense - so I guess that's out.

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