May I just point out that no fiction can jump the queue by being placed in the wrong category. If a moderator reads a fiction that belongs in MWPP but has been placed in General just to skip the queue, we will delete it. We have categories for a reason and I am sincerely worried if you think this is not happening.

Different categories have different speeds because they are more specialist and require more specialist strengths from the moderators involved. It physically takes longer to check a romance fiction over it's general counterpart because different techniques are used in the writing and these techniques need refining slightly more.

I completely understand how frustrating it is to have a fiction in the queue for a very long time, but if you got 29 chapters of one fiction through the queue and only a dozen chapters of the other I'm afraid I'm going to have to congratulate the moderators on managing to moderate this amount rather than scold them on being slow.

It can take months for a single chapter to go through the queue, not only because of the moderators but because of author edits (which send the chapter further back) and rejections and resubmissions.

If we have limited moderators on specific categories, your fiction has a greater chance of being read as a whole by one moderator allowing that moderator to offer you good advice on how the plot of your fiction is developing as well as basic character and writing skills.

Having everyone mod every category would slow us down rather than speed us up. Mistakes would happen where two or more moderators handle the same chapter at the same time, sometimes mixing validation and rejection on the same fic because of differing opinions and moderating skills. Some mods would moderate less thinking that the others would pick up the slack and you would not get the standard of writing care that MNFF prides itself on.

If you want faster queue times, I suggest posting on a site without a queue.

We are doing our best in a very difficult situation and your support would be appreciated.

I'm very sorry if you felt a response in "Ask a Moderator" was unhelpful, perhaps you could try the Navy or contact a specific category moderator if your question is about a fiction. These have always been our guidelines, we have always had these standards and we will not be changing them any time soon.