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Thread: 'Submissions In Queue' counter

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    'Submissions In Queue' counter

    Would it be possible to add a 'submissions in queue' counter to the archive statistics section, so that some of us impatient authors can see how long a line we are entering when we add a story? I would find that information as relevant as total authors in archive or who's online.

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    I think this is a good idea, if it shows no names. As if you're rejected and your story doesn't come up, that's embarrasing if people were expecting it.

    Also, it would avoid clogging up Mods' inboxes if someone's story has been in the queue for a while. You'd know how long it was.

    Oh - but the queue must grow by loads everyday, so maybe it would be a pretty pointless feature. Maybe when authors submit you could just show them the queue length infront of them?

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    I think this is a really good idea because even if it only showed how many were in the queue overall, not just those ahead of your submission you'd still know how many were there when you submitted yours, so you'd see roughly how long you had to wait.

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    I know of another site that had a queue counter, and I must say that I did check it and appreciate the feature. I think it would be a good idea here as well. However, I'm not sure how it would really help since stories aren't modded in strict order of receipt, but by category - which is why some categories take longer than others. Would there be a way to make it specific to the larger categories at least? Or maybe that is way too complicated.

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    I like this idea very much too, and would love it if the queue counters could be per-category. But even if that's not possible, a count of the total number of stories in all the queues would be somewhat helpful.

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    This would be a wonderful idea, I thinks! It would also be good for the mods, because writers would be able to see whe one catagory is completely swamped and then hold off on anymore submissions in it.

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    On another site there isn't so much a counter as a turn around time indicator. Sometimes it will say,

    Thank you for your submission, the que is currently 7 days or

    Thank you for you submission, the cue is currently 23 hours.

    I don't know how they update it or the percise wording but this is the gist of it. If the pop up reads 7 days and you have not been accepted or rejected after that number of days, THEN you can contact a mod. It cuts down on the wondering and emailing of the mods.

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    I think that you should be told in your story when you submit it that there are say, 10 stories infront of you, and it should be about 7 days until your story is reviewed. We have something like that at my library for when you reserve a book.

    By category is a really good idea, but even one for the whole queue would be better than nothing.

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    I've suggested to the original programmers of the fanfiction script we use to incorporate the average wait time. I've tried to create a script for it myself, but the way our data is stored in tables makes it nearly impossible. Several other users are taking a crack at coming up with something for us to use, but it doesn't seem likely at this point.

    The number of stories in queue is a function that apparently only moderators can access at this point. In my personal opinion, it isn't a necessary function since it doesn't tell you how long your story is in queue. However, if other moderators believe that this is a feature that should be available to authors, I'll see if I can recode it to show up on the site.

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    I think this is a great idea, but doesn't say in a number of help sections, submission guidelines, on the forums here, etc. that you should wait at least 7-10 for your story to be reviewed and if it hasn't, then you may contact the appropriate Mod of the category?

    If it's not in the submission guidelines (though I'm sure it is), perhaps this could be put in bold and capitals at the bottom of them?

    And just one more thing, if the Mods are getting swamped with submissions in the queue, doesn't someone put an announcement on the main page that it may take two weeks instead of one anyway?

    I hope this didn't come across mean or anything,

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