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    Accents Class

    Well, I just had an idea, I haven't really had time to work on it yet, so please give back feedback. I was thinking if we should have a class for accents. With the release of the new fic reading, people may want to perform better by having a more correct accent.

    The class would work in a similar way to the others. With professors saying what the tasks for that week were etc. but I was thinking they could record voice clips showing how its done and techniques etc. They wouldn't need to have much experience in the subject, as you could just get people local to that area to do it.

    Sorry this hasn't been terribly well planned out, I'm still working on the details.


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    James Jameson

    OMIGODRIC! I can't believe you thought of this! I think its SUCH a good idea!

    I personally can't speak with any other British accent except for an Emma WAtson, which is almost near perfect. I'd be great to learn how to do some other ones!

    Great idea, Josh!

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    I don't think that this is needed, personally.

    One, only a few people will become MerMuggles. Some of those people might not even belong to the boards. Two, most of the classes somehow connect to writing or fanfiction. This doesn't really, except for the MerMuggles. I thought that I read somewhere that you didn't have to have a British accent to be one. >.>

    But, if other people like this idea, I'm not against it.

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    I wasn't suggesting just for a British Accent. There are plenty of other stories set in countries not in England, especially the USA. Thanks for the support guys,


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    Thank you for your suggestion.

    As mentioned above, the Mermuggles are from all walks of life. The stories are read by every accent imaginable so I don't see the need for this feature at this time.

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