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Thread: Summary Help?

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    James Jameson

    Summary Help?

    I think it would be a good idea to add Summary Help! to Plot-Potions... I personally find that summaries can be hard to start, so maybe we could have a help option for that.

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    There is a class called Strictly Summarizing here on the boards... it ran last term and is currently running this term...

    however, I do think it might be a good idea to add this to the plot potions. I know summaries are something that a lot of people struggle with and can often be rejected for, so I think it may be beneficial to allow others to ask for help, people that maybe don't have time or couldn't sign up for the class.
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    I think giving help for summaries is a very excellent idea, because bad summaries really drive me away from what could be amazing stories.

    An entire thread dedicated to a title can be redundant. Writers could use one thread to get their summaries critiqued and recieve ideas for their titles.

    If that seems like too much space dedicated to summaries, it would be great if there was at least a sort of essay or some instructions for writing summaries so people could have a reference to look back on.


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    I completely agree with this idea. The summery I wrote for my one-shot was pretty easy to write, but the summery for my story I don't really like. It just doesn't seem to flow that well, though I didn't get rejected for it so I guess it isn't that bad.


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