I really like the idea of this one, being sligthly out there, but have decided that I am too dedicated with adding chapters to my newly accepted story to make it. After writing most of the first chapter, I decided that it would be cared for much more in another's hands.

Characters involved: My OC (Lucia Abbot), Remus Lupin etc

Mood of plot bunny: It's generally going to be slightly light-hearted but will eventually turn into a tragedy.

Plot line: The idea is that Lucia is the rejected, rather dim-witted sister of Demetri Abbot (who will then go on to marry and have Hannah.) She looks nothing like her family members and intends on proving her significance. I'm using this so that she eventually grabs the attention of the Marauders. Because we know that Remus Lupin is single, I was going to have her die at the height of the first war. In a way, it's supposed to be cute in a way as she's proved herself noble and significant. As you can see, I really thought this one through.

Other details: The idea is that it goes from their sixth-year at Hogwarts to the first battle. I would prefer that this only contained the amount of fluff required (especially in the James/Lily department, a couple that just has to be mentioned).

I understand that this is quite a heavy one I'm setting, so I'll understand if this is a bit too much but I'd really like to see this one make it soon.

I would be forever grateful!

Kathleen x x x