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Thread: Ask the Navy III

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    I posted on the Badgers Set, but it has not appeared there. I got the "Thank you for posting..." message though.

    Terri edit: Post approved. If you run into that problem again with a post not showing, let me know by PM. And I'll see if I can track down the reason.

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    hestiajones: It always does that when you aren't a member of a certain part of the forum. Just give it a day or two and it will most likely be there.

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    getting sorted and adoption center

    It's been years since I visited mugglenet so I was thrilled when I saw the new beta boards.
    I was also thrilled when I saw that people can adopt or put up a story for adoption but I can't find that section anywhere. And here I am trying to sort out these story ideas that's been living inside my head for months! I desperately want them to see in writing and since I have this quirk of losing my patience, cool and interest for a novela story, I want others to write it for me. It's all so cool too... my readers and whoever I told to says so.

    Also, how can I get sorted? Is the sorting in this site or in any sub-mugglenet site?



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    Joanne - To get sorted, PM the Sorting Hat.

    The adoption forum . . . I will edit back with the answer. I saw it recently, I just have to fiddle around til it appears again. :-)


    Edit: Hannah (coolh5000) saved me and gave the link for the Adoption Center . . .

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    I have a question, and I'm thinking and hoping that this is the place to ask. I PM'd the SortingHat and filled out the quiz. I did recieve an answer that I was sorted into Ravenclaw, this was about a week ago. So, although the SortingHat told me I was sorted, I haven't been able to access the Common Room or anything like that. Is there something I was supposed to do, or is the Head of House just overrun with new 'Claws? Either is fine, I just wanted to explore the new forums that come with being Sorted.


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    what do you do when you finish a story?

    So im nearly finished writing my first fan fic. And I was wondering what to do when i'm finished with it...

    Do I post it on mugglenet?
    Why do people keep talking about a waiting list?
    And if your on the waiting list do you post your whole story or just your first chapter?

    Mod Edit: Moved this post to here, as think the Navy are better suited to answering it

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    AccioDiadem: You have to wait for the HoH to accept you as a 'Claw, but our HoH is really busy she's been on hiatus fir awhile now. I talk to the Prefect all the time so I can see what she can do. But when you encounter problems like this you just PM the HoH or the Prefect. You did the right thing though you should wait a week.

    lilbells: You post it at in your profile on there.

    The waiting list (or more commonly known as the Queue) is where you wait for the mods to accept or deny your story. They will only deny if there are a lot of errors, but it's better to be safe than sorry, and you talk to anyone on here about this subject and they will all suggest you find a beta for your story.

    Everyone is on the waiting list when you submit a story, but if you want your stories to be in chapters you put it in one whole story in diffrent chapters. I personally only have a one-shot so I don't know how that works.

    I hope that helped and if I missed anything other members of the Navy will come in behind me.


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    lilbells, James is right, but I just wanted to add in that after you first finish your story, you should send it off to a beta to have them look it over. By using a beta, you're minimizing your chances of your story being rejected for too many errors, grammatical problems, briticisms, and things like that.

    You can find information about what a beta is and how to post in that forum here, and you can request a beta here. Or, if you prefer, you can request a PI Accredited Beta here.


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    Originally posted by lilbells
    And if your on the waiting list do you post your whole story or just your first chapter?
    I would like to add, from a mod standpoint, please closely read the submission guidelines. You may only submit one chapter at a time to the queue.

    The wait time on having a chapter validated depends on the category, {some categories are more popular than others} and the mod who handles that category schedule.

    Contacting a beta on these forums is always a good idea. An extra set of eyes is always a plus.

    If your story is in the queue for more than 10 days, feel free to visit the staff page on the archives and find the mod for the category you submitted your chapter into. You can email them and ask them about your chapter.

    One other thing, please make sure you only submit your chapter into one category. Also note, Romance is not a submittable category. You will need to choose a subcategory under Romance in which to submit a romance story.

    If you have any questions that are not answered by the submission guidelines, feel free to PM me directly.
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    In a story if someone calls someone a Mudblood should we put a mild language warning on the story? I know someone who got offended when someone said Mudblood (really, it did happen) so I'm not sure.

    I'm sorry if I should have put this in the ask a mod thread.
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