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Thread: Ask the Navy III

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    RE: werewolf_sympathiser and the spacing of doom

    Also, I have something that might help you, as well. If you use either Internet Explorer (IE) or Firefox (FF) for your browser, you have a neato option that can revolutionize how you use the archives. My friend, let me introduce you to Tiny MCE!

    Step 1: Go to "Account Info"
    Step 2: Click on "Edit Preferences"
    Step 3: Tick the box that says "Use tinyMCE WYSWYG editor"
    Step 4: Click "Submit"

    What this will do is give you a rich text editing box in EVERY FIELD that requires you to type. For instance, you will gain this feature on reviews, allowing you to bold, italicize, add line spacing, underline, etc. merely by highlighting and clicking. The box looks like this:

    The biggest benefit of this, though, is that you can simply copy and paste from Word, and most, if not all, of the formatting that you have in your word document will go along with it (and yes, the amount of text you can see while editing an actual chapter/story is more than the two lines for the review function as pictured above). Sometimes, the italics or centering won't show up, but that takes far less time to edit in than putting line breaks and bracketed HTML commands. By far. Just... trust me on this.

    HTML sucks. It really sucks. It takes forever and can send things haywire if you forget so much as a bracket. This is an ultra-super-ninja way to escape the hassle around it. The cool thing about tinyMCE is that you can simply un-check the "Use tinyMCE" box anytime you choose to use HTML instead. Why you would do that, I dunno, but it gives you far more control over what you're doing, and it requires much less time and effort.

    Unfortunately, if you have Google Chrome or Safari, this feature won't work properly, but in terms of performance with MNFF features. Firefox is by far, in my experience with IE, FF, GC, and Sf, the best and least aggravating.

    Hope this makes someone's day. It sure did when Teh Magnificent BB told me about this.
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    Thanks very much for the spacing info! I will certainly give that a go! Ah that's where I've been going wrong, Nicole, wrong tag! Only thing is I was hitting enter more than once but it was just grouping everything together anyway- not sure if this was because of the tag issue though!

    Will definitely give the tiny thing a go as well- it looks much simpler! Wow, looking at all those exclamation marks, I'd better check there aren't as many in my text lol

    Thanks for your help


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    PHP Code:
    [URL="enter URL here"]text you want your link to say[/URL
    Just use this code to make it. You can also use the little icon that has a globe and a few links of chain just above where the text box is when posting.


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    First of all, I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this. I'm really sorry if it isn't. Please tell me if it's not and where to post this type of question in the future.

    I feel like I should know how to do this, but I can't figure out how to make links (to stories, other pages, etc.)


    EDIT: Wait! Is the post above this one the answer to my question? Doesn't it usually appear below the post? Ahhh!!! If it is, thanks for the response.

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    house points?

    i was just wondering how we earn house points and what the term dates are?

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    The current term ends on April 17th. You can earn points for your house by participating in different challenges. There are many different challenges going on right now. In the Three Broomsticks, a drabble community, there is the Ten Kisses challenge. Every day there is a new prompt and all you need to do to get two points for your house is write a 100 word drabble (short story)! Hurry, though, there's only four more days left! But there is also the February Round Robin Challenge, which involves writing drabbles (short stories) that all connect to form one story. They're written by different people, and you get participation points and everything! Look at these challenges and look for more; new challenges are always coming around!

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    You can ask to be joined, but yes, you'll probably have to wait for confirmation until the start of the next term.

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    Can I still join the students usergroup or do I have to wait for the next term to start?

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    Thank you Annalise I'll wait for the next term to start then, I didn't really remember any of this anymore.

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    Laura creevy

    how do i put a banner on my profile on mnff?

    i was wodering how to put a banner on my profile on mugglenet fanfiction? can someone tell me how to do this?

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